What are the Benefits of Awning Windows?

Are you looking to upgrade your windows?  There are numerous styles to choose from and although you may be tempted to go with the standard and ever-popular double- or single-hung window, consider the awning window style.

Adding a mix of different window styles throughout your home can pique the interest of potential buyers and contribute to a more interesting architectural design (which will play into your home’s curb appeal and resale value).  The awning window is an elegant choice.  Often overlooked in the mix of window styles, the awning has a surprising number of benefits.

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What is An Awning Window?

Let’s start with the basics.  What is an awning window, exactly?  Awning windows open from a top hinge and swing outward.  These windows are typically screened on the inside and have a chain winder that allows you to crack the window open as wide as you’d like.

You can have an awning window installed anywhere in your home that suits an operable window.  These windows are ideal for areas that need a touch of ventilation like the bathroom or kitchen because they can be placed higher up on walls, which is ideal for smaller spaces with fewer design options.  Awning windows can also complement their window styles.  You can place them alongside double-hung windows to mix styles and features.

The Many Benefits of Awning Windows

Awning windows are versatile and have a surprising number of advantages.  If you’re looking to mix up window styles, don’t overlook the many benefits awning windows can offer.


Awning windows tend to be smaller than other window styles.  Double-hung windows are often long and rectangular, picture windows take up entire wall space, and bay windows are also just as large and complex.

Awning windows are small enough to be installed higher up on walls, making them the perfect choice for bathrooms.  Because of this, privacy glass is often used in an awning window’s frame, creating the best solution for a bathroom that requires privacy, security, and ventilation.


Awning windows are operable, meaning you use a crank to open and close them at your will.  Other window styles like casement or block windows are inoperable and cannot be opened or closed.

Although permanently affixed windows serve their purpose, most homeowners will want to have an operable window throughout the majority of their homes Awning windows are perfect because they offer ventilation by swinging open at their top hinge, letting in a breeze during the warmer months.

Due to the fact that awning windows open outward, you can leave these windows open no matter the weather outside without fear that rain will drip inside.  With awning windows, you can enjoy the breeze and the sound of a rainstorm all while saving your home the energy on cooling.


Awning windows have a versatile design.  Because their standard sizing is smaller than other window styles, they can fit higher up on wall spaces.  This means that tricky rooms that have limited space but still need natural light aren’t doomed to be dark.  You can use awning windows in these difficult spaces, getting the best of both worlds with privacy, natural light, and ventilation.

Pairing with Other Window Styles

Going hand-in-hand with their unique design that allows this window style to fit nearly anywhere, awning windows pair well alongside other window styles, too.  Thanks to their ability to fit in awkward rooms, awning windows can fill spaces next to other window styles like picture windows or double-hung windows.

Pairing awning windows alongside other styles create a more interesting architectural aesthetic.  This mix can boost your resale value and curb appeal as it changes a home from falling victim to having the same window installation in every room.


Awning windows won’t compromise design, ventilation, or natural light for security.  That’s good news for your home and keeping it safe.  Awning windows have a top hinge that allows them to open outward, making it extremely difficult for an outside intruder to take advantage of their opening.

Just like any operable window, awning windows are tightly secured when in the locked position so you won’t have any concerns should the window be closed.  If you decide to leave it cracked open for a breeze, many newer awning window styles also have a locking mechanism a allows the window to stay in place.


Replacing or upgrading windows often depends on your budget.  Fortunately, one of the many benefits of an awning window is that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Some other window styles are more difficult to manufacture, especially if they aren’t standard size.  Awning windows are smaller sized and don’t require special installation, so your cost of labor won’t break the bank.  You’ll end up saving on the initial investment as well as long-term with the energy efficiency awning windows will provide.

If you’re in the market for replacement windows in any of our markets across the Midwest, we hope that you’ll consider Feldco for your window replacement project.

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