Warped Windows: Everything You Need to Know

warped windowsYour windows play a major role in your home’s aesthetics and functionality. That’s why it’s important that they’re working and looking their best. If you have warped windows, they’re falling short of their expectations.

Warping is a serious problem that occurs in wood windows and can completely ruin your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal. Do you not know what window warping is? If not, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

After reading this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about warped windows. That includes what it is, how it’s caused and how to fix it. There’s even one way to guarantee you’ll never have warping again: get vinyl windows – we’ll explain more about that later in the article.

What Are Warped Windows?

First thing’s first, what’s window warping? It’s a common problem with wood windows where they begin to bend and become deformed. It’ll create large gaps which are ugly and negatively effect your home’s energy efficiency.

Here are a few common types of warping to watch out for:

  • Bow: the most common type of warping. It bends along the face of the window
  • Crook: another common type of warping. It bends along the edge of the window
  • Kink: a more unique crook warping because it occurs in one area of the sash
  • Cup: the window warps inwards or outwards creating a cup-like bend
  • Twist: the edges of the window twist

What Causes Your Windows to Warp?

The next thing you’ll want to know is what causes your windows to warp. There’s one major reason windows warp and that’s because of moisture. Wood absorbs moisture and retains it which causes rotting and warping.

Now you know that moisture is the cause of warped windows, but how does it happen? When moisture is absorbed into your windows unevenly, it causes stress. The stress forces the windows to shrink and expand. The longer the moisture is retained, the more permanent the shrinkage and expanding is.

Many other factors can effect how quickly and dramatically your wood windows will warp including grain orientation, air flow, sunlight, finishing and temperature. However, even in the most ideal conditions, if your wood windows are consistently exposed to moisture, they will warp.

In fact, changing temperatures causes wood windows to expand and contract. This causes them to fit your window opening poorly and can be another factor in them bending.

Why Is It Important to Fix Window Warping?

It goes without saying that living in the Midwest, your windows will experience an extensive amount of moisture. We face all four seasons which include humid summers, rainy springs and snowy winters. In other words, warped windows can become a real problem.

Don’t think friends, family and neighbors won’t notice either. They’ll bend, expand and twist so much that it’ll be impossible not to see them. Your home’s value and curb appeal will plummet with warped windows.

wood warping

It effects more than just looks. Window warping causes gaps to open between the window sash and frame. These gaps allow outside temperatures inside your home and heated and cooled air out. You’ll never be able to reach your home’s desired temperature and you’ll spend a boat load of money on your energy bills trying to staying comfortable.

Warped windows also make it difficult to open and close your windows. This is called sticking and happens when your windows warp, expand and bend until they don’t properly fit within the window frame. What’s the purpose of having an operable window when it doesn’t open?

Solutions for Warped Windows

It’s clear that warped windows are a problem so now it’s time to treat them. There are really only two options: fixing them or replacing them. We’ll go over both of these options and which one is better for your home.

Fixing Warped Windows

Fixing your warped windows may temporary solve the problem, but shouldn’t be treated as the end-all, be-all solution. Think of it like a band-aid – eventually you’re going to want a real solution.

To try and fix your warped windows, start by loosening the hinges. When your windows warp, they don’t quite fit in the opening and this may help solve that problem. Find at what tightness your windows operate easily.

You can also fill gaps with extra weatherstripping. First, close and lock your window. Now examine the the seal and find where the gaps are along your window. Once you’ve found them, open your window and cut weatherstripping to fit those gaps. Seal it and you’re done!

As we’ve mentioned, fixing warped windows is great, but isn’t a true solution. It’s nothing more than something to hold you over until you can truly solve the problem. So, how do you actually fix window warping?

The Best Solution: Replace Your Windows

The only real way to fix warped windows is to replace them. You must completely eliminate the problem and get windows that properly fit your opening and aren’t damaged. Plus, a new set of windows is sure to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Let’s not forget that window warping is caused by moisture which means there’s bound to be other problems. Wood windows also rot when over exposed to moisture which is a real big problem. Rotting wood attracts termites and mold which are both dangerous for you and your home.

Vinyl Windows Don’t Warp

There’s only one way to avoid window warping: don’t buy wood windows. The much better option are vinyl windows. They won’t warp or rot thanks to their resistance to moisture. They’re the perfect windows for the Midwest.

vinyl windows

Not only that, but they don’t expand and contrast with humidity and changing temperatures either. They’re built specifically to withstand any weather condition. That includes heavy rains, high winds and extreme temperatures.

Make Sure Your Home Doesn’t Have Warped Windows

Warped windows are a major problem for Midwest homeowners. They can negatively effect your home’s curb appeal, cost you money on your energy bills thanks to their poor energy efficiency and attract mold and termites.

All of these problems are common with wood windows but can be avoided by getting vinyl. Vinyl windows are resistant to moisture and won’t expand, contrast, bend or warp.

If you need replacement windows, Feldco is the industry’s leader in vinyl windows. We’ve proudly installed over 1.25 million windows over the last 40 years and would love for you to be the next project we work on. Get a free quote now and rid yourself of wood windows!

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