Vinyl Siding vs Brick: Why You Should Go with Vinyl

The siding of your home is essentially the external walls of your home. It’s a very important part of the building process for new homes. After some time, you may notice cracks or other signs of broken siding, such as leaks in your wall. That’s when you know it’s time to update your siding. Ultimately, you’ll find out for yourself what’s better, vinyl siding vs brick.

vinyl siding vs brick

Siding can be made out of a number of different materials, so how do you know what material is right for you? We will be looking at vinyl and brick.

Comparing Vinyl and Brick

Vinyl and brick are two of the most popular options for siding. They both have pros and cons that will make one the better option for you and your family when you are building a new home or replacing the siding on a new home. Let’s take a look at some of the differences right now.

Price: Vinyl

Vinyl and brick seem to be on the opposite spectrums when it comes to price. Vinyl is less expensive than brick, which is one of the most expensive options available. This makes vinyl a popular option for people on a budget. Vinyl only costs about $2 per square foot, but brick can cost anywhere from $4 – $10 per square foot.

Even the cheapest brick option is double the cost for the material! Brick is seen as a luxury material. Not only is vinyl a less expensive material, but it’s also less expensive to install. Vinyl is easier to move, and it’s easier to put up.

Brick allows water to go through, so installation requires a waterproof membrane, and the bricks are much heavier.  Therefore, when you hire someone to install new siding or replace your old siding, vinyl is going to be cheaper to install as well as cheaper for the materials.  Finally, vinyl will require more upkeep than brick. Be sure to keep future repairs in mind when you consider the costs.

Environment: Vinyl

For people who are concerned with the environment, vinyl has a much lower negative impact on the environment for several reasons. One main reason is its smaller size. Vinyl only makes up less than 2% of the waste on a construction site, but brick makes up more than 12%.

Another reason is that making vinyl only generates 10% of the amount of the poisonous gas dioxin compared to the amount generated during the manufacturing of brick. We live in a world with factories and cars putting pollution into the world every day. Vinyl is a way to contribute to the environmental cause.

Mobility: Vinyl

Some people decide that they want to use their vinyl for a different building or move it for conservation reasons.

Unfortunately, bricks are extremely heavy. Because of the weight of the brick, this requires more time and manpower to move it to another location. Vinyl is lightweight. This makes it easier to reuse and recycle. This is extremely important on a construction site.

Strength: Brick

Vinyl is strong. It will generally hold up against standard circumstances.

However, extreme temperature and hail can cause potential problems.  Brick is much stronger than vinyl. While it could potentially be damaged by tornadoes or other extreme circumstances, it’s going to withstand more than vinyl. That makes brick great for a location that gets a large amount of extreme weather.

Longevity: Brick

Vinyl will generally last 20 – 25 years.  Brick can last as long as 100 years. Being sturdier, brick is best for people who want their house to outlive them and be passed down to future generations. People who plan to move again in the future may choose vinyl because that will suit their needs while they’re living in the home.

Consider your personal needs. Is this the house that you’re going to live in for the rest of your life? What are you going to do with your home when it’s time for retirement?

Appearance: Brick

Vinyl comes in a large number of different colors that will likely match your home perfectly. However, if your heart is set on the rustic brick look, brick is going to be the only way to give you the authentic look that you want. Many companies offer a vinyl option that looks like brick, but it’s not authentic.

It also doesn’t provide the strength or longevity that you would want if you opted for brick. Siding is arguably one of the first things that people notice about your house. If you are looking for amazing curb appeal, brick will stand out. The only downside is that brick limits the options to the type of look. Brick only provides a classic or rustic look, but vinyl can open your options to more contemporary styles.

Home Value

When you get new siding, it will increase the value of your home. Brick will increase it slightly more than vinyl. Frankly, it won’t make a big enough of a difference if you’re planning to sell the home. Get vinyl unless the buyers really want brick- then let them get new siding on their own.

vinyl siding vs brick


Insulation: Brick

Brick takes in the hot and cold weather outside and prevents it from getting inside. That means that you won’t need to use your heating and cooling as often as you will with vinyl. This will save you money on energy bills. Remember, though, that brick is only about 2% more energy efficient than vinyl, though, so it won’t make a huge difference.

Previous Material: Vinyl

If you are moving into a house that needs the siding repaired or replaced, you might find that it’ll be significantly less expensive to use the previous material. Talk to a professional to determine how much of the siding needs to be replaced. At this point, you can determine whether you want to replace all of the siding or repair and match what is already there.


Ultimately, vinyl and brick are both great options for your home. That being said, there are some things to take into consideration. While vinyl comes in a variety of colors, some people really want the look of the brick. It is quite beautiful after all.

However, the beautiful look may not be worth the price to you. If you’re on a budget, consider vinyl. Finally, vinyl is significantly better for the environment, and in today’s industrial world, every little thing that we can do will help. Vinyl wins the most important categories, so that’s why it is the most popular material used.

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