The Best Window Style to Use in Your Family Room

Your family room is the heart and soul of your house.  It’s a place to gather, no matter the time of day, to catch up, hang out, eat, play, and relax.  If you’re like the average American, you probably spend more time in your family room than you do any other room in your house—even your bedroom (with the exception of teenagers).  It may function as a TV and movie-watching room and it may even take the place of an actual dining room.  That’s why it’s so important to put the energy and time into making sure this space is as comforting and enjoyable as possible.

window styles

Window Styles

There’s no right answer as to which window style to use in your family room.  Really, it depends on the atmosphere and style you want your family room to embody.  There are numerous styles to choose from, all having a different visual effect on your family room.

Certain window types will allow for more natural light while others are smaller sized and will give your family room a cozier feeling.  There are window types that open and others that are non-operable, and there are windows that are angled outward and many styles that are installed flat against an exterior wall.

Double-Hung Windows

One of the most popular styles of window is the double-hung.  These windows have two sashes that move up and down, allowing the operator to open and close the window from the top or the bottom.  Double-hung windows have led the pack in window styles for being both functional and elegant.

Double-hung windows are simple, yet traditional, which is perhaps why they are the top choice in window style used not just in a family room, but as the standard window throughout the house.  These windows are manufactured in a standard size.  Double-hung windows aren’t particularly large, but they serve as a more practical style as you can open and close them at will.

living room double hung windows

For your family room, you can space out double-hung windows for a classic look or install them next to one another to optimize natural light and to give your family room a more open feeling.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are almost always used to elevate the architecture of a home by placing them on either side of a home’s entry door in the front of the house.  Bay windows add depth and sophistication to any home.

For a family room, this not only contributes to the room’s dimension, but the bay window style can also offer windowed seating.  With extra natural light invited in through the large bay window and a built-in nook to cozy up, bay windows are a unique way to transform a family room.

bay windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows offer a modern look to your family room.  These windows open outward with a single hinge on the side.  With casement windows, you’ll be able to enjoy natural light and fresh air while elevating the look of your family room that combines both the elements of nature with a contemporary design.

living room with casement windows

Picture Window

Not all homes can accommodate bay windows, but sometimes you still want to maximize natural light in your family room.  This is where the picture window style comes into play.  Picture windows are extra-large windows that aren’t operable but are the best style for getting the most natural light into a room.

Just as their name suggests, picture windows capture the “picture” of the outside views.  For a family room facing a scenic backyard or a picturesque view, a picture window can transform the atmosphere of the room.  Picture windows, when you have ample wall space, can make your family room look and feel larger.

white picture window

Sliding Windows

An alternative to casement windows are sliding windows, another style that presents a good choice for a family room.  While casement windows open outward, sliding windows instead slide by means of two sashes that open side-to-side.  For family rooms with long and narrow walls, sliding windows are ideal.  You’ll still be able to open and close your windows to enjoy the fresh air while still optimizing as much exterior wall space as possible.

Sliding Windows

Finding the Right Window Style

There’s no wrong choice when it comes to outfitting your family room with windows.  It all boils down to your personal preference.  You can use these guidelines to help you determine which window style is right for you:

-Natural light:  How much natural light do you want to be filtered into your living room?  If you want a lot of natural light, opt for a large window style like a picture window.

-Design: If a fresh design is appealing, consider a bay window that will add dimension and depth to your family room.

-Energy efficiency: Double-hung windows are manufactured to be energy efficient.  Picture windows also excel at energy efficiency as they are non-operable.

If you’re in the market for replacement windows in any of our markets across the Midwest, we hope that you’ll consider Feldco for your window replacement project.

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