The Best House and Roof Color Combinations

You’re thinking of an exterior makeover but aren’t sure where to begin.  You’re not alone, there are many homeowners starting fresh on their exterior designs with not a clue where to start.

With so many combinations, the options can seem limitless, but there are some pairings of roof and housing colors that never go out of style—and some that are so unique, you’ll be clamoring to try it on your home.

Black and White

Ah, a classic—the black roof and white house color combination, a staple that dates back into our Colonial history, so much so, that even our president resides in the traditional White House.  You can’t go wrong with black and white, which is exactly why it’s at the top of the list.

It fits in all climates, all seasons, and in all eras.  White siding never goes out of style, and another perk—it’s also extremely energy efficient because the color doesn’t absorb the UV rays like darker colors would.

White looks good on just about any style of home, too, from Cape Cod, ranch, symmetrical and everything in between.  Like a good old-fashioned tux dress your house up in black and white, you won’t regret it.

Farmhouse Red and Forest Green

Red and green might equate to Christmas in your mind, but do a quick internet image search and reconsider—the effect of both colors combined together is really quite homey.  How could you not feel invited with the comforting green roof and farmhouse red beckoning you inside its doors, just knowing that something delicious has got to be cooking in the kitchen?

The combination is ideal for a rural little farmhouse sitting tucked away on its field, and if there’s a metal roof involved, all the better.  Green roofs are all the rage, and the best part is that they last forever.  Nothing says “farmhouse” more than tractor red, and nothing says “welcome home” more than forest green.

Classic White and Forest Green

Take a turn on the classic and instead of a black roof, opt for hunter green.  You would be surprised what a difference the color of your roof makes with the overall appearance of your house.  Hunter or forest green is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing and comforting colors you can select, and having it for your roof will dramatically change the aesthetics of your house.

Green asphalt roofs on a home are also becoming increasingly popular, and the choice of color avoids the industrial look that many metal roofs tend to give off.

Cobalt Blue and Light Gray

It’s that dark, royal blue with the white window trim, you know, the one you drive past and every time, you turn your head in awe.  There’s something about this cobalt blue that is so deeply striking, especially when a home’s windows are outlined in stark white for the ultimate contrast.

When opting for such a dramatic color for your home, your roof should be slightly lighter, preferably a light gray, as to not detract from the impressively dark midnight blue.

Apricot and Charcoal

Apricot might not be a color that’s on the top of your mind for your house, but once you see this sunset orange paired with charcoal shutters and a speckled gray roof, you’ll absolutely change your mind.  With fern boxes beneath every window for a pop of green, this dreamy bright color is a call back to the sophisticated streets of Italy and even in the posh neighborhoods of England.

Apricot paired with charcoal will bring a certain delight to every season, especially if you must slug through the dreariness of long winters with dark nights, you can at least look to your home for a constant, comforting sunset.

Sun Drop Yellow and Terracotta

There are parts of the Southwestern United States that have architecture that’s entirely unique to their desert region, and terracotta is a prominent building material that is a part of it.  In the desert-bound cities in Arizona and New Mexico, you’ll find the suburbs lined with cactus and red mulch instead of evergreens, oaks, and grass as green as emeralds.

Roofs on houses in this part of the states are an unmistakable reddish brown, often rounded to keep rain at bay.  Paired with a bright yellow house, a home can look like a piece of paradise in an otherwise dry landscape.

Shades of Gray

Not everyone is into bright, vibrant colors, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Perhaps you’d rather enjoy your home as a light gray, sitting under a darker asphalt roof that’s described as a midnight black.

A darker roof can make the rest of your house sharply stand out, but with gray, the color is inoffensive and calm, putting you in a nice level of your comfort zone.  If you feel like jazzing up the exterior, you can add in primary colors for your shutters.  But there’s no obligation here, it’s your home, and you can go as wild or as laid back as you want.

Pale Yellow and Kelly Green

Is your home blessed with a big Southern porch?  Perhaps it’s a Cape Cod style, or maybe it’s taller and skinnier—more of a townhouse design.  Either way, consider painting your home a light yellow, just enough for it to project warmth on a cloudy day, and pair it with a Kelly green roof with matching shutters.

The effect will make your home have all the right accents in all of the right places.  Green and yellow are separately inviting colors, but paired with each other, it’s a perfect marriage in color scheming.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

When it comes to choosing your roof and your house color, there really aren’t any wrong answers.  With the internet available to you these days, you can virtually view any possible combination of roof and house colors you could possibly imagine.

This is your home, so feel free to get as creative or as low-key as you feel.  You would be surprised what even the slightest exterior update can do as far as making over your home is concerned.

You don’t have to set any trends if you don’t want to, and going classic or traditional can be just as fun and clever as choosing something unique or unheard of.  All and all, it depends on your personal preference and the style of your home.

It can certainly feel like a big commitment at first, but remember, there are plenty of experts available to you to help you along the way when it comes to this kind of project.

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