What is the Standard Size of a Patio Door?

Whether it’s iced tea in the shade or evenings of laughter and barbecue, a patio can change how you use your outdoor space. And the right patio door makes all the difference. But as you plan your remodel you’ll run into different specifications that can be confusing.

standard size patio door

How should your new door measure? The standard size of a patio door with a 2-panel configuration is 6’8 x 6. They also come in 5 x 8 and 8 x 8. 

How To Choose a Patio Door

Let’s first get clear on what we mean by the patio door. Patio doors generally come in two styles: sliding and French. Sliding glass doors are two glass panels, with the operable one moving on a track. Since they open horizontally, they don’t break off the flow of a room.

They also come in a 3-panel configuration which gives you the appearance of floor-to-ceiling windows. Sliding patio doors are known for their ease of use and contemporary style.

French patio doors are a Renaissance-era design known for their beauty and symmetry. They’re made up of two doors that are hinged on opposite sides. These Renaissance-era doors make a stylish yet classic statement. But they’re more than just pretty: installing French patio doors is also a great investment. Because they’re so timeless, they increase the resale value of your home.

french patio door in a master bedroom

The Standard Size of a Sliding Door or French Exterior Door

There are some standard guidelines for the dimensions of a door. But just like how no home is the same, no door is quite the same either. The standard size of a patio door with a 2-panel configuration is 6’8 x 6. They also come in 5 x 8 and 8 x 8. But your door may require a custom fit – be sure to start your project by measuring the rough opening of your doorway.

Ensure The Best Fit For Your Patio Door

Patio doors provide easy access to the outdoors and make your home feel like a resort. But you want to be sure of your door’s size for a perfect fit. Remember that door replacement always calls for a professional.

This will save you time and ensure the best job, fast installation and the correct tools. Like windows, you want your door to fit right. This keeps the elements outside where they belong so your home stays safe and sound.

Patio Door Measurements

Finding the standard size for your patio door replacement takes time and precise measurements. Generally speaking, you can always measure the rough opening with your own measuring tape. Anytime you find yourself with a project this important, the best way to approach this is with preparation. Here are the steps for measuring your patio door today.

1. Remove Interior Patio Door Molding

You’ll want to remove the interior trim around the patio door and measure the rough opening for width and height. Try to find spare blades, 3 in. wide putty knives, utility knives, pry bars and nippers. These household utilities can be found at home or you can ask your neighbor if you can borrow these tools for the day. The video tutorial to remove the interior molding around the patio door can be found here.

2. Measure the Patio Door

Next, you’ll want to take out your reliable measuring tape. Make sure it’s enough length to measure the width and height of the opening. You start by measuring the width of the patio door rough opening. You want to measure to the framing right near the doorjamb.

Take down the measurements and write them down. Next, you’ll want to measure the height. Make sure you start the measurement from the top of the rough opening. Run the tape measure down to the subfloor. The subfloor is the wood or concrete that the doorsill actually sits on.

Professional Patio Door Measurement & Replacement

Overall, the likelihood of this project going wrong can be costly. Especially if you don’t have the right tools and equipment to get this DIY project started. For this case, it’s better to call the experts and let them measure the opening of the patio door.

sliding patio door inside a kitchen

At Feldco, we have a team of great installers that are factory trained to measure the rough opening of the patio door. Replacing your patio door with Feldco is easy. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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