Home Organization Ideas to Keep Your Home in Order

home organization ideas

Most people don’t pay too much attention when organizing their home. They believe they have “their own system” that works for them. However, many times these are the same people who are constantly forgetting things or looking for various household items.

Actually putting a plan in place to organize your home will make your life tremendously easier. We’ve gathered these simple yet effective home organization ideas to help you become a more efficient homeowner.

Whether your living room is in need of an overhaul or your bathroom looks like a war zone, keep reading to find out how you can kick clutter to the curb.

Keep the Family in the Family Room

living room organization

Your family room is the central hub of your home and it can often become littered with everyone’s possessions. Sharpening up the living room can totally transform the atmosphere of your home.

The days of sitting together at the dinner table are becoming a thing of the past. Many people are now chowing down in the family room in the front of the TV.

Something as simple as adding a wastebasket can get rid of messes in the family room. If you know food will be thrown away in the front room, then a can with a lid and deodorizing trash bags will do the trick.

Keeping the table tops flat can make your family room look and feel nicer. Get rid of clutter on the coffee table by using some simple drawers underneath or a two-tier file cabinet of sorts, whichever fits better in the space you have.

Cords are a sore sight and often exposed in the family room. Organizing your TV, stereo, charger and any other cords in your living room can be done in a ton of different ways and can make a huge impact.

Another clever way to organize the family room is to make use of the bench area on your bay windows. If you don’t have bay windows, but like the idea, get a free quote now for some from Feldco.

Say Goodnight to a Messy Bedroom

bedroom organization

Your bedroom is where all of your belongings are. Organizing the bedroom is key to making your life easier.

Storage under the bed is a fantastic way to keep things organized and tidy.

Closets are often synonymous with chaos. Organizing your closet will make getting ready significantly less stressful in the morning as you won’t be fumbling around piles of clothing to figure out what to wear.

One of the most simple home organization ideas around is also one of the most ignored. Making your bed everyday is a great organizational task that helps you get in the habit of making sure things stay neat. It also makes your bedroom look more appealing.

Clean Up the Bathroom

home organization idea

Bathrooms are often one of the smaller rooms in your home but they tend to have the most items in them.

Medicine cabinets can get cluttered very quickly. Taking the time to organize your medicine cabinet and throw out any unused items will go a long way in reducing the amount of time you spend in the bathroom.

Making use of the space over your toilet is an excellent home organization idea. Use the space for storing toilet paper, various toiletries and even towels.

Rethinking your shower caddy strategy can help make things less cluttered while you bathe.

Try These Recipes for Kitchen Organization

kitchen organization

A lot of home organization ideas revolve around the kitchen. There’s nothing more frustrating than fumbling around in the kitchen trying to find the right utensil, ingredient or snack.

If you don’t have as much cabinet space as you’d like, try implementing a peg board to easily hang your most used items. Or you can use stackable shelves within your cabinets.

Garden windows in the kitchen are a great way to help with organization as well. Not only do they open up the kitchen by extending beyond your home’s facade, they also provide a shelf area where you can store spices or other kitchenware. You can get the best garden windows in the Midwest from Feldco.

Other kitchen organization ideas can include utilizing the space above your cabinets or cleaning things up under the sink.

Home Organization Ideas Don’t Have to be Hard

Organizing your home can be done quite easily with just a few simple projects. Set aside a weekend to give your living room, bedroom, kitchen and/or bathroom a much needed face lift.

Or you can go all out and make use of the great space that bay and garden windows provide. Start with a free quote from Feldco or call us at 866-4FELDCO.

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