Does Siding Increase Home Value?

You’ve worked hard to invest in your home and you want a nest egg for your family. As the biggest purchase of your life, you’re thinking about what returns you might see on it if you put it back on the market.

You might be expanding your family or moving somewhere smaller as your needs change. Siding is a cost-effective way to protect and update your home. But does it really increase home value? Re-siding with vinyl is estimated to increase your home’s value by 78.2% of the project’s cost. Find out why below.

Siding Is Made To Last

Many things around the house require constant upkeep. Dust reappears every week on the furniture, the grass is always growing back on the lawn, and laundry has a way of sprouting up everywhere too. Take one thing off your list with durable, low maintenance siding. It adds value to your property because you don’t want to worry about it degrading with time.

Every other option for your exterior requires an endless regiment of touch-ups. Brick needs re-mortaring and pressure washes, while cement, stucco, and wood owners are locked into a schedule of repainting and caulking. Vinyl siding requires no painting or staining – the color is part of the deal. Certified vinyl siding promises unbeaten color retention due to its UV radiation resistance.

Siding Adds Curb Appeal

Imagine your house in a Cape Cod Gray, Autumn Red or Vintage Wicker, popping against snow white frames. Probably the biggest way siding adds value to your home is with its beauty. In addition to its efficiency and durability, vinyl siding totally changes the look of your home.

Add some shake siding and your house becomes a vintage cottage. Whether you choose a country chic board and batten style or spring for a classic Dutch lap, siding is a quick change that lasts long.

dutch lap siding increases home value

Our vinyl siding projects outward to cast clear shadows, giving the look of real wood. It also boasts oak grain detailing for added realism and charm. Throw some soffit and fascia in to really complete your project and make it look even more expensive.

With all the styles to choose from, you can bet on a timeless look that will hold up to trends if you put it back on the market. And with 400 colors certified for color retention, the options are truly endless.

You admire the classic architecture, but not the decay that comes with it. There’s nothing worse than when a home’s exterior starts peeling, fading and flaking away. Vinyl siding offers many features to stand up to weather, so it will stand the test of time.

Our pure virgin vinyl resin won’t shrink or swell with the seasons, and its titanium dioxide coating acts as a sunscreen. By choosing vinyl your home will look beautiful and stay beautiful for years to come.

Siding Is Cost Effective

Vinyl siding is cost effective. In addition to being lightweight and low-cost, it’s energy efficient. Your neighbors might find themselves having to take on ponderous projects to bring their homes up to standard. But you can sit pretty knowing your house is made with the finest materials.

shake vinyl siding increases curb appeal and appearance

Siding puts money back in your pocket by reducing your energy bill. That’s because it’s insulated, making it resistant to cold weather and battering winds. Vinyl siding insulates your home with the best technology, keeping the warm in and the elements out. You’re losing money when you don’t have up to date insulation.

Insulation also protects against other things you wouldn’t want to have to tell a prospective buyer. It defends against termites and even muffles noise. If your house is by the highway or under an airplane route, this noise reduction will be quite welcome. Maximize buying potential by choosing vinyl siding.

Always Go With a Professional for Siding

When you bought your home you weren’t just buying a house, you were building a future. Always go with a professional for your siding needs so you get something that’s built to last. Look for siding products that are VSI Certified. That ensures you’ll get the best vinyl product and the safest installation.

At Feldco, we offer high-end vinyl siding made up of a full thermal support system that includes quality insulation and energy efficiency. Additionally, the superior appearance of vinyl siding with traditional and architectural colors will drastically improve the curb appeal of your home. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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