Cool Sidelight Window Treatments

Looking to jazz up your sidelights?  Sidelights can be a unique feature all on their own, adding a little flourish alongside of a door or a larger window, but by adding a unique window treatment, you can truly bring to life any entryway or room.  These days, there are hundreds of patterns and styles of window treatments, giving homeowners the option of going bold with their decorating or in opposition, a minimalist take.

sidelight window treatments

Sidelights can be tricky to decorate, and if you aren’t well versed with interior decorating, this can be a frustrating task.  Fortunately, there are unique and interesting ways to add flourish to your sidelight windows, or you can even go a classic fabric route.  Window treatments are an excellent method for homeowners to add a little more privacy to their home while maintaining a desirable interior décor.

The Vinyl Cling Window Treatment

Sometimes, you don’t want to have whoever is ringing your doorbell to be able to spy inside your home, so what better way to get some privacy from solicitors than a window treatment?  Vinyl static cling window treatments are an inexpensive yet effective method of creating privacy on sidelight windows.

Vinyl static clings can be found in all different styles and patterns.  From hexagonal shapes to flowered patterns, vinyl clings are a popular option for window treatments.  The style of vinyl window cling you select will determine the cost, too.  A more complex pattern could run about $20 per foot, or on the cheaper side, about $9 per foot.

Window clings can be applied easily.  For most vinyl window clings, the application process includes a specialized spray, wetting solution, squeegee, and a plastic applicator that uses its flat surface to smooth the vinyl against the window.  Measure your sidelight before purchasing a vinyl window cling so you can get the appropriate amount of material.

Frosted Glass Spray

Are you interested in a bit of embellishment on your sidelight but don’t want to use a vinyl cling or put up curtains?  Frosted glass spray is a great solution for those wanting unique details on their sidelights while still maintaining some privacy.  With frosted glass spray, you can finally have the look of etched glass without having to put in an expensive custom order at a glass or hardware store.

Frosted glass spray makes for a simple, easy to achieve project, even for the most novice DIYer.  For sidelights, use painter’s tape to help shelter off the areas of the glass you don’t want sprayed.  You may want to lay down tarps and other material to cover the surrounding areas in case over-spray occurs.  Follow the instructions on the back of canister before spraying.

The spray may need to be applied for a second or third coat.  When applying additional coats, remember to only spray the lightest possible amount.  Also be sure to let each coat dry completely before spraying again.


sidelight treatments

You may think that blinds are too bulky or wide to utilize on a sidelight window, but did you know you can get delicate-looking custom cut blinds for just the right fit for any size?  Don’t count blinds out just yet, it could be just the thing you need for both privacy and to add flare to your sidelight windows.

Blinds come in all shapes and sizes.  For a sidelight windows, choose a blind style that can still let light through but offer privacy at the same time.  Most hardware stores can custom cut your blinds for the perfect fit, even if your sidelight windows are a unique size or shape.  The best part about blinds is the option to raise and lower them, allowing you to change the blinds for both light and privacy.

For those on a budget, blinds may not be the wisest option, as they are typically on the more expensive side of window treatment styles.  Blinds for sidelights are available in numerous different styles and range in price from $15 to $30 depending on material.


Curtains are a classic option for sidelight window treatments.  Available in thousands of colors and patterns, curtains are an excellent and cool cost effective method of decorating sidelights.  Curtains can be a more sheer material to allow optimal light through the sidelights while still maintaining privacy, or a thicker material to block light and keep nosy neighbors or solicitors from peering through.

By placing a curtain rod above the doorway, you can hang curtains directly down over the sidelight windows next to the door.  Not only does this method do the basic functions of blocking light and allowing for privacy, but it also elongates the doorway.  Even if the sidelight windows are not long enough to be covered fully by the curtains, the curtains themselves will make this area look bigger than it actually is.  This is a commonly utilized trick in interior decorating to give the illusion of making a smaller space much bigger or taller than its actual size.

Curtains are cost effective and can even be homemade.  Sheets of fabric are typically priced per foot, from $3 to $15.  There are numerous do-it-yourself tutorials online in sewing and creating the perfect set of curtains, or if you don’t consider yourself to be up to par with making your own, you can always purchase a premade set of curtains for your sidelight windows.

Adhesive Stained Glass

Have you always admired the stained glass in an old cathedral and wish you had a place in your home to mimic its transcendental effects?  In this day and age of do-it-yourselfers and crafters coming together to make house projects easy and creative, you can have the eye catching and beautiful effects of stained glass in your home but without going to a custom glass maker and having to replace your sidelights with expensive panes.

Adhesive stained glass is a popular method in decorating sidelight windows, simultaneously offering privacy from passersby and creating a colorful filter of light as it passes through the sidelights throughout sunnier days.  Ranging in price from $10 to $25, adhesive stained glass can be found in hundreds of patterns and colors.  If your sidelights are uniquely shaped, adhesive stained glass can be cut to fit in your sidelight windows perfectly.

With So Many Options You Can’t Go Wrong

Even for those who don’t consider themselves to be the greatest or most talented interior decorators, there are so many easy ways to beautify sidelight windows.  Products like frosted glass sprays, adhesives, and static clings are all easy to apply with no skill required.  Of course, there is always the classic option of blinds and curtains for those wanting to employ the use of fabric and patterns to bring life to sidelight windows.

Simple decorating tricks and tips can bring to life any area with sidelight windows, which are one of the more challenging windows to decorate.  While you may think that custom window treatments would be an expensive route, don’t let your sidelights stay undecorated.

Sprays, adhesives, curtains, and even most blinds are cost effective and can provide much needed privacy in areas where sidelight windows tend to be located.  From minimalist window etchings to bold patterns, with so many different options for sidelight window treatments, there’s something for all decorating tastes.

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