Should I Repair My Storm Door or Replace It?

There’s a constant dilemma homeowners face: repair or replace?  So many house projects on a to-do list can constraint any budget, but what’s better in the long-run?  Either you perform a patch job to get you by for the next few years or decide to bite the bullet and do a costly upgrade or replacement.  Your damaged storm door might fit this exact scenario and you could be on the fence as to whether repairing or replacing is the better plan.

storm door replacement

Signs Your Storm Door Should Be Replaced

If you know what signs to look out for it can be quite easy to tell whether or not your storm door needs to be replaced.  Repairs on a storm door can only limp it along so far and in some cases, it’s a much better idea to replace it instead.  Not only will this put you money ahead in the long run, but you’ll end up saving time by skipping repair after repair and the headaches that accompany them.


The biggest argument for replacing a storm door is that the door is damaged.  Storm doors don’t have to be damaged beyond repair to “qualify” for a replacement.  For example, if there’s a small hole in the storm door or a part of the door has some damaged or is bent, scuffed, or warped, then it would make better sense for you to replace the door rather than attempt timely and costly repairs.

Exposure to the outer elements will eventually create wear and tear on the storm door over time.  The integrity of the storm door can suffer and although it’s tempting to try to repair it, it’s better for your home and for your pocketbook to go ahead with a full replacement.  A new storm door may be a cost up front depending on the quality and style, but in the long run, you’ll end up saving on a replacement versus several repairs to limp along a damaged door.

The Fit

If you’re a veteran homeowner, you’re already aware that not everything in a house is installed correctly.  You know that the previous occupants may not have selected the material or size for certain features of the house and now you could be faced with the aftermath, and that exact scenario could be the case for your storm door.

A storm door that fits poorly in a doorframe needs to be replaced.  Ultimately, there is no way to repair an ill-fitting door.

Signs that a door isn’t fitting properly are:

-Noticeable gaps around the storm door

-Rattling and shaking during windy weather

-Insects are finding their way inside

-Excess dirt and grime inside your home within the interior of the storm door

A storm door that doesn’t fit and exhibits all of these signs will mean you need to replace it entirely.  No number of repairs can resize your ill-fitting storm door.  Once you do replace your storm door with a new one, you’ll notice a vast difference.  Say goodbye to insects, excess dirt, gaps, drafts, and the rattling and shaking noise of a poorly fitted storm door.

Failure to Properly Close

Going along with the fit of the door, you’ll need to replace your storm door if it doesn’t close all of the way.  It may look as if the door is the correct size—and it may be—but a storm door that isn’t installed correctly won’t close, even if it the right size.

Doors that don’t close correctly will get stuck frequently, be difficult to open and close, and end up being dented, scuffed, scratched, and damaged from their failure to function.  Regular use under this incorrect installation will cause further damage to the storm door.  In the end, you’ll need to replace a door has never closed correctly.

When to Repair Your Storm Door

There are some parts of your storm door you can easily repair without wondering if you should replace the entire door like its weather stripping.  Weather stripping doesn’t affect the overall integrity of the storm door and can quickly be updated without much effort or cost to you.

You can purchase new storm door weather stripping kits at your local home improvement store or online.  Simply trim the rubber seal to the length of your storm door and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.  Weather stripping will stop drafts and air leaks, saving you from shifting temperatures and costly energy bills.

You can also replace damaged glass if your storm door has a glass panel.  However, this may be a custom glass job and end up being more expensive than it’s worth to fix your storm door.  It’s advisable to get a few quotes or to see if the glass panel is standard size that can be purchased online or in a brick-and-mortar store.

Weighing Repairs or Replacement

The bottom line is that for most problems a storm door can suffer from, it’s better to replace it.  Your storm door is designed to protect your entry door and your home from the outer elements like damage from debris and adverse weather.  When your storm door is damaged, doesn’t fit right or close correctly, or wasn’t installed properly, it cannot serve its purpose.  Repairs can be costly and merely mask greater problems.  For most of these issues a storm door can have, it’s best to opt for a replacement.

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