What to Do in a Roofing Emergency

Accidents happen, but wouldn’t you like to be prepared in case one does?  We’ve gathered all you need to know in case of a roofing emergency so you can be ready to act. What exactly is a roofing emergency?  Your roofing system is integral to the protection of your home’s structure. An emergency roof repair is an integral process to recover your roof to a working condition.

Without it, exposure will allow for moisture infiltration, which affects structural integrity and leads to extremely expensive interior and exterior repairs.  A roofing emergency calls for immediate action.  Often times, emergencies are caused by severe weather, animals, or a fire.

Here’s what you need to do:

Remain Calm

Step one is to remain calm.  As soon as the storms, fallen branches, a fire, animals, or whatever has caused damage to your roof has passed, take a few moments to collect yourself and prepare to call your insurance and your professional roofing company.

You’ll bring these parties together to fix the damage to your roof and calling them right away can speed the process along. Consequently, this can prevent your home from being exposed to more damage.

Don’t Try to Fix the Damage Yourself

Your roof is an expensive investment and you might be tempted to grab your tools and get to fixing it yourself.  No matter what the damage to your roof is, it’s already done, and you’re only going to endanger yourself by climbing up there to try to repair it.

Safety, whether you’re the homeowner or the professional roofer, is the number-one priority.  Roofers are trained professionals who are equipped with the appropriate safety gear and tools.  You, on the other hand, are the homeowner, and the wrong step could land you in the hospital.

Document Your Losses

You’ll need to report to your insurance company the losses you’ve suffered in your roofing emergency.  This means documenting all of the damages.  Document everything with photos, videos, and in writing.  Make a trip up to your attic to view the roof from there, checking for leaks and damages.  Visually inspect your roof for damaged or missing shingles (safely, from the ground).

In a roofing emergency, it’s safety first, so don’t try to climb the roof to take pictures because the structure could be weakened, and you could fall or hurt yourself.  You may also cause more damage to the roof.

If you use a ladder to view the roof, have someone spot you and be sure to review the National Safety Council’s advice on proper ladder use.  Be mindful when documenting, especially if there was a storm or a tree limb fell onto your roof.  Wear the proper safety gear—it’s better safe than sorry.

Tell Your Roofers Everything You Know

The more your roofing professionals know about the emergency, the better prepared they can be when they arrive at the site.  While they’re equipped to handle emergencies, all homes are different and may require different tools and equipment to do the job.

Tell your contractor things like where the damages occurred and from what, how severe the damages are and that they must be repaired right away (specify that it’s a roofing emergency), if they need a generator for power, and if your home is equipped with outdoor outlets and extension cords.

Sharing photos of the damages (if the weather allows you to take them) can also help, that way the roofers know how much materials to bring, even if it’s for a temporary fix.

Let the Roofing Company Do Their Job

The best thing you can do in a roofing emergency is call in the professionals and allow them to do their job.  They’ll move fast to protect your home and they’ll do it safely as they’re prepared and experienced in these types of situations.

For the time being, the roofers may install a temporary solution first, especially if the roofing emergency is at night or during adverse weather.  For fires, crews will attempt to make the structure watertight.  Emergency tarps are often used to keep the rain out and preventing further moisture damage from occurring.

The roofing company will then return to assess the damage and install a permanent solution, whether it’s repairs or a roof replacement.

Emergency Roof Repair

The need for an emergency roof repair can strike any homeowner but handling this situation smoothly all depends on your preparation.  Take five minutes to conduct some research on local roofers with emergency services (most roofers offer emergency repairs) that can help out in case the situation arises and be sure to physically write their phone number down.

Store it someplace safe in case the emergency involves you losing power and Internet connection.  Do the same with the emergency toll-free number for your insurance company.  These two contacts are what you’ll need when disaster strikes.

Safety is of equal importance to preparedness.  Be smart in a roofing emergency and leave it all to the professionals.  Use commonsense when documenting the damages and never try to repair a roof yourself.

Replace Your Roof During an Emergency

Altogether, the life expectancy of your roof is short after a catastrophe happens. That’s why you have to think ahead and invest in a long term solution instead of a bandage solution. We’re talking about a complete roof replacement. At Feldco Roofing, we treat your emergency like it’s one of our own.

That’s why we have a terrific customer service to assist you with your roof replacement. We install asphalt shingles that are reinforced with tough woven fabric that will fasten during installation. With triple layer protection, your roof will be protected from 130 MPH winds and catastrophic storms . Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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