How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement

Getting your roof replaced is a big deal.  It’s an investment and a time-consuming project, one that usually takes a full day.  Depending on how big your roof is, workers may even need longer than a day to complete the job.  How can you help prepare your house to ensure everything goes smoothly?

Consider Your Family During the Roof Replacement

Roofers aren’t the quiet type.  When you have your roof replaced, you can definitely prepare for a cacophony of loud noises: tools smacking against the roof, the sound of your old shingles being thrown off, roofers stomping around on the surface, equipment being run incessantly, and the hammering of new shingles getting installed.

It’s a good idea to prepare for your replacement roof by scheduling to have the job completed when the kids aren’t in the house, as these loud noises tend to raise anxiety levels fairly quickly.

For pets, it’s best to keep them inside.  Roofers need space to throw off old shingles, set up ladders and other equipment, and pets will surely get themselves in the way—or hurt—if they’re outside running around.

Cats, on the other hand, can be ushered off to a friend’s house if you’re concerned about them reacting to the noise levels, but otherwise, they always find the best hiding spots.

Take Down Your Priceless Art

Believe it or not, but all of that hammering affects your entire house.  That means the walls will react to the pounding your roofers are doing during the replacement and anything you have hanging on the walls can slip right off their hooks and smash into the floor.  Any paintings, pictures, or wall decorations that look as if they’re one tremor away from falling should be removed when you’re preparing for your roof replacement.

The same can be said about any fragile knickknacks, decorations, vases, china, or other items that could tip over and smash due to the roofers exerting the use of heaving machinery or vibrations from their hammers.

Store these in bubble wrap some place safe for the time being.  Even if you’re not sure about something like a chandelier or a crystal light fixture, take it down anyway.  You’re better safe than sorry.

Tackle the Attic

When you’re having your roof replaced, the area of your home that will need the most preparation is your attic.  Roofers will be hammering outside, so the ceiling of the attic will get the worst of the vibrations.  Dust and debris will be shaken loose from what’s bound to be years of collecting, so prepare the attic to the best of your abilities.

This means find every drop cloth and old sets of sheets available to you and start covering.  If you really care about something getting coated in dust while your roof is being replaced then remove it from the attic entirely.  Although you’ll still be stuck having to vacuum when the workers have wrapped up, all of your storage will be protected.

Take Off Your Roof’s Antennas or Dishes

If you have a satellite dish or antennas attached to your roof, they’ll need to be removed before your roofers come to do the project.  Prepare for your roof replacement by calling the company that provides your satellite dish or cable company that is responsible for the antenna and have a utility worker remove them.  You’ll need to make these arrangements well before your roof is scheduled for replacement.

Store Your Patio Furniture

Workers aim to get your roof replaced in about a day, and that means things can get a little messy before it gets better.  Shingles will be flung off the roof, ladders perched around your yard, and tools of every shape and size stationed in close proximity to the worksite.

What’s in danger of getting smashed to bits and pieces?  Your patio furniture is, and even if it’s not vinyl, it’s still going to be in the way of your roofers.  Do them—and yourself—a favor and stow your patio furniture in the garage or a safe distance away from their worksite, otherwise, it’ll be thrown elsewhere and undoubtedly broken.

Seek Out Power Outlets

Having your roof replaced requires power.  Make things easier for the workers by identifying outdoor outlets so that when they get started, they know exactly where they can hook up their equipment.

If you don’t have any exterior outlets, they’ll need to run extension cords, but in a way that minimizes tripping hazards.  Find interior outlets ahead of time that will allow the roofers to have power through a window or a door to the outside, without causing a tangled mess.

Do Your Yard Work

Yes, you’ll have to do your yard chores before workers come to replace your roof.  This means pruning back any low-hanging tree limbs that would prevent workers from starting the project.  If you have a large tree that hangs across your roof, make sure to ask your roofing contractor if it’ll need professionally trimmed in order for them to start the replacement.

Be sure to cut your grass a day or two before your roof is replaced.  Debris will be strewn across your yard while they work to replace and install a new roof, and clean up will go much quicker if the grass is short.  Short grass enables workers to see any debris that needs to be taken care of.

Schedule a Roof Replacement

Last but not least, you’ll want to schedule a roof replacement with a reputable roofing company. At Feldco, we focus on great products, local services, and professional installation. We have top quality underlayment and asphalt shingles that are made for the midwest.

This means that your home will be sealed with triple layer protection that will be excellent against rain, snow, and wind. We help homeowners with trustworthy support and service. We make sure that homeowners are 100% satisfied and delighted with their new asphalt shingles. On top of that, we have factory trained and licensed installers ready to replace your roof with careful precision.

Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote today.

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