Metal Roof vs Asphalt Shingles: Why Asphalt Wins

If you’re in the market for a new roof, you’re probably wondering how to get the greatest value. But you’ve probably been researching lots online and are starting to feel all turned around. How do you even decide? Here’s why asphalt is the clear choice over metal.


Your roof is maybe the biggest decision you’ll make about your house – at least in terms of surface area. You want something that can protect you and stand up to the elements. Moreover, you don’t want to be going through all this just to have to replace it again a few years down the road.

That’s why durability needs to be one of your metrics for buying a new roof. Metal is obviously known to be strong, but it’s not really made for roofing. For one thing, the color isn’t inherent to the material so it can fade or stain in the sun. Your roof can take a lot of abuse from sunlight and weather. By getting a metal roof, you might be dooming yourself to touchups for the rest of its warranty.


Something nice about weatherproofing is it can also be a buffer against noise. So those little annoyances that come with being a neighbor – morning jackhammers, unattended car alarms, and late-night jam seshes – are a little bit easier to shake off.

Not so nice? When the materials you pick for your house actually make things louder. Metal roofs are still metal, after all, so they can cause a bit of a racket. This can be loud during rainstorms. Just imagine hail bouncing off of them in a summer shower. It’s basically like having a trash can as your roof. Every sound gets amplified.


When you’re in the thick of a renovation or remodel, all of the different options for roofing can start to sound the same. You might not have any concept of why one clearly wins over the other. And you might wrongly assume that more expensive means better.

Being pretty much the standard when it comes to roofs, asphalt is the more economical choice over metal. On average, installation costs are more affordable than metal – and that’s including removal, dumping and disposal fees. As a result, metal roof installation and material are more expensive compared to asphalt roofing. Compare this to metal roofs that can cost up to an exorbitant $12 per sq. ft.  


Remodeling projects are always going to have kinks and disappointments. Nothing can gum up the works faster than something with shoddy availability. Synonymous with roofing at this point, asphalt is easily available and offered in many colors – so you can make it work for any project, any time.


One of the biggest ways a new roof adds value to your home is through curb appeal. Style might even be your whole reason for replacing your roof. So you want to pick from options like Architectural, harbor blue, amber, etc.

The main styles asphalt is known for are 3-tab and laminate. 3-tab is the well-known pattern that everyone associates with a stereotypical house. Laminate is also called “architectural” because the tabs lay in a way as to create shadows and depth.


If you’re someone who likes to hop on the ladder and pitch in on the roof, you want to consider the safety element of any roofing material you choose. Metal roofs don’t stop being metal just because they’re a roof.

They can be quite slippery which can turn dangerous during repairs. If you live somewhere that gets heavy snowfalls, snow can slide off and “avalanche” onto decks and cars. The risk of damage is enough that some homeowners outfit their metal roofs with snow guards.


Roofing projects can generate a lot of waste – something you might only realize when the dumpsters pull up and your old roof starts getting torn down. If you’re interested in the green side of things you will be pleased to know that asphalt is actually recyclable.

Asphalt Shingles are Better Than Metal Roofs

Nothing protects your roof like insulated asphalt shingles. Save on cost, kill any excess noise, and enjoy the countless benefits of an asphalt roof. That’s why it’s so widely used for residential homes! 

Getting a new roof is easier than you thought. With Feldco roofing, you’ll benefit from our decades of customer delight and focus on exceptional customer service. Get a free quote today.

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