Is It Better to Replace All Your Windows at Once?

If you’ve decided to bite the bullet and upgrade your windows in your home, you might be asking yourself if you should just go ahead and replace all of your windows at once.  It’s a common dilemma for homeowners because after all, you’ll already have the installers on-site and will be paying for the labor for installation.  However, many homeowners take pause, wondering if having all of their windows will truly be worth their investment.

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Check for Signs It’s Time for Replacements

The biggest reason homeowners replace windows is the simple fact that the windows are no longer performing as they should.  It boils down to their draftiness and poor functionality costing money in energy bills rather than saving money by serving their purpose.

If it’s hard to make the decision to replace all of your windows at once, consider scoping out these signs that it might be time for replacements:

  • Your windows are drafty, a problem that becomes far more noticeable in the winter months.
  • Your energy bills are high due to windows not keeping in the heat or air conditioning.
  • Your windows are hard to open and close.
  • Your windows are visibly old and look as if they need repaired.

Why Replace Windows?

There are several benefits you can reap when you replace your windows.  Because homeowners usually replace old windows that have become problematic in stopping drafts and keeping in energy, the main advantage in a window replacement is a new unit that conserves energy.  Retaining heat or air conditioning have fringe benefits, too, like lower monthly energy bills and noticing a major difference in the hot summers or cold winters.

However, there are other perks that come with new windows.  You’ll have an immense boost in your home’s curb appeal.  It’s great to have a home that looks good on both the outside and inside for aesthetics, but curb appeal serves a greater purpose when it’s time to sell your home.  Potential buyers look for major upgrades and investments, with newer windows being one of them.  It’s one less big project that’s off their plate they’d need to invest in upon buying the house.

Security is something to consider, too.  Newer windows are designed with security measures in mind, unlike windows manufactured from a century ago.  Newer, modern windows have locks that allow them to be opened slightly for a fresh breeze but prevent someone from the outside from opening it further.  These new designs also make for much easier cleaning as windows can be flipped inward for a quick wipe down.

Replacing All of Your Windows at Once

If you’re sold on replacing your windows, you’re probably wondering if you should do one room, one floor, or the entire house at one time.  It’s a tough decision and there’s no wrong answer because the bottom line is that it depends.

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Here are a few factors to consider if you’re thinking of doing a whole-house window replacement:

  • Style & Sizing: if you’re replacing basic single- or double-pane windows, then it may be cost effective to replace all of them at once.  These window styles are usually in stock and are standard sizes, which will mean you won’t have to pay extra for special sizing or styles.  For special windows like picture, bay, or other non-standard shapes, the costs will be higher and you likely won’t want to replace more than you need to.
  • Price Breaks: some window installation companies will bump the per-window cost down if you’re able to hit a certain quantity threshold.  So, in the long run, it might end up being cheaper per window to replace as many as you can.  It is also common for companies to do one room at a time with a pay-as-you-go deal.
  • Labor: you might think you’re saving money by replacing as few windows as possible, but with the cost of labor involved, you’ll probably be better off by at least replacing a full room or entire floor.  You’ll already be paying for the time and labor for the installers to schedule and come out, so it’s better for your wallet to make use of their day.

If You Can, Replace All of Your Windows

In the end, it’s probably more bang for your buck to at least replace as many windows as you can, if not the entire home.  Many window installers offer discounts if you choose to do a full-house window replacement.  Plus, you can rest assured knowing your home won’t have to be under constant construction to catch up on future replacements. 

Also, you’ll also have the reassurance that all of your windows will be identical and uniform.  Feldco is the most trusted company for window replacement with over 500,000 delighted customers across the Midwest.  Get a free quote now!

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