8 Reasons Why You Need Insulated Vinyl Siding

Spicing up the look of your house can be accomplished in many ways, but few things make the impact like a change in siding. Vinyl siding can be the perfect choice, especially if it’s insulated.

Whether your goal is to fix rotted, old siding or to add some style to your house, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

insulated vinyl siding

Vinyl siding, like all siding, goes on the outside layers of your home. The vinyl is made of long pieces of polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC.  Some vinyl siding can be insulated, which is done by adding a foam backing that is tightly stuck to the vinyl.

The insulation material is often expanded polystyrene, otherwise called EPS. Read on to learn about the top 8 reasons why every house needs insulated vinyl siding.

1. It’s Cost-Effective

There are many reasons why so many American homeowners have been choosing vinyl siding. Not only is it more durable, but it’s much cheaper than professionally installed wood siding. Part of the reason is that vinyl is rather easy to install compared to other types of siding, making the cost of labor much cheaper.

Plus, vinyl is a great retrofit, meaning that it can be placed on top of existing siding. This eliminates the need to remove previous siding, thereby also slashing the cost of labor. Insulated vinyl does cost more than regular vinyl siding, but the benefits make up for the increase in cost.

2. It Comes In Many Different Styles And Colors

When vinyl siding first came out on the market, there was not much diversity in the color and style. Nowadays, with the explosion of vinyl siding on the market, you can choose from a large variety of colors ranging from earth tones like slate and beige to more modern, fun colors like blues and greens.

In fact, they even offer vinyl that mimics the look of wood for those who want a wood style with the durability and efficiency of vinyl siding. There’s even vinyl that mimics the old-fashioned look of a log cabin. In addition, buyers can choose from board and batten styles, clapboard, cedar shake, and more. You can even add half-round shingles for extra flair.

3. It Keeps Heat In Well

Imagine that your body is wrapped in a warm blanket. The extra layer that covers you is what traps in the heat, helping to keep heat from escaping. Insulation works much the same way. Good vinyl insulation sticks snugly to the panels, adding extra layers between the cold outside air and the house. That’s why insulated vinyl siding is said to reduce the thermal bridge, which is when heat escapes through materials used to construct walls.

Wall studs are a common point through which thermal bridging can occur because the heat is able to pass through the insulation in between the interior and the exterior of the home. Insulated vinyl siding can be an excellent way to minimize this thermal bridging, which then saves you money and reduces energy waste.

4. It Withstands Time

Vinyl siding has a much longer life cycle than other siding materials. Wood siding is often touted as being a more visually appealing siding because of the natural changes that occur in the wood’s color over time. Just as this is a positive for some, others find that wood’s tendency to change in appearance to be a negative.

Unlike wood, vinyl siding maintains its look for a long period of time because of its resistance. Many companies will offer a lifetime warranty; others may cover 50 years. That sort of guarantee reflects the amazing durability of vinyl.

5. It Withstands The Environment

Not only can this type of siding withstand the test of time, but it can survive environmental elements. Certain areas may suffer strong winds that impact the exterior of your house.

insulated vinyl siding is durable enough to withstand the elements

Vinyl siding is not phased by winds due to the panels being attached at various points, which provides a more tightly locked fit.

Similarly, for those who live in hotter, dryer areas, many companies offer UV-resistant insulated vinyl. This means that the sun’s rays won’t damage the panels, even in the sunniest of climates. No matter how you look at it, vinyl siding is a more durable product than most any other kind of siding, especially .

6. It’s Resistant To Termites and Pests

No homeowner wants to hear that their home has a termite problem. Termites require expensive remediation and can turn away potential buyers. Similarly, if you’re looking at a home with a termite problem, be prepared to shell out some money to fix the situation if it isn’t detected before closing.

Fortunately, insulated vinyl is a great way to minimize your risk of termites. First, because it’s not an organic material like wood, vinyl won’t be a food source for termites. Second, the foam backing fills in the gap that would otherwise form between the siding and walls. This prevents termites and other pests from creating a home in this gap.

7. It Reduces Noise

Blocking out outside noises can be essential for those who live in more crowded areas with a lot of traffic. Even a noisy neighbor or barking dog can disrupt daily life.

Thankfully, insulated vinyl can help. According to a study conducted by Progressive Foam, insulated vinyl siding can achieve a reduction in noise transmission by 39%.

8. It Maximizes Buying Potential And Curb Appeal

Vinyl siding boosts a home’s value by offering potential buyers a siding option that not only will last a long time but also will resist environmental factors. For this reason, vinyl siding can add to a home’s overall value.

In addition, since vinyl siding comes in a ton of different colors and styles, you can mix and match to complement the look of your home. Rather than having the siding be an afterthought or purely practical, streamline it to add to your home’s appeal.

For a country-style home, faux wood vinyl can be the perfect look. For more modern homes, go for a brighter, retro color.

Insulated Vinyl Siding is Perfect for Any Home

There are reasons why insulated vinyl siding has become one of the most popular choices for homeowners. Whether designing your dream house or deciding to go for a change, insulated vinyl siding offers endless benefits. Its cost-efficiency paired with its diversity in colors and styles makes it an unbeatable choice.

In addition, protection against termites and bad weather offer savings in money and time. For anyone buying a home or simply changing up the look, insulated vinyl is a must-have feature.

Feldco offers Midwest homeowners many options when it comes to vinyl siding. You can get a free quote now and we’ll help you with all of your vinyl siding needs.

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