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How to Replace Casement Windows with Double Hung

There are pros and cons to all window styles, but for most people, the main decision-making factor of a window is the way in which it opens and closes.  Casement windows open with a crank, allowing one side of the window to angle outward for fresh air.  Double-hung windows work by means of a window sash.  Lifting the sash upwards opens the bottom portion of the double-hung window and vice-versa.

Double-hung windows are the most popular window style for homes.  This classic window style is cost effective and energy efficient.  The good news is that if your home has too many casement windows where you’d like to have double-hung windows, you can change them out.

Double Hung windows


Your first step is simple: take measurements.  Before you make the switch, open your existing casement window and take the measurement of the width.  Measure across the window’s opening where the sash meets the frame.  Next, subtract ½ inch from your measurement.  Your second measurement will be the casement window’s height.  Again, subtract ½ inch from this and take note.

With the height and width measured minus a ½ inch for each, you’ll need to use these numbers to order your replacement double-hung window.  Make sure your measurements are correct otherwise you’ll be stuck with a double-hung window that will not fit into the opening.

measuring window width for replacement

Remove the Old Casement Window

You’ll need to take out the casement window you’re wanting to replace with the a new double-hung.  For this part of the process, you’ll need:


-Pry bar

-Screw gun

-Reciprocating saw

-Cutting blade

Using your hammer and pry bar, remove the trim that surrounds the inside edge of the window’s opening.  Be careful when removing the trim, you’ll want it to remain intact and avoid breaking it as you’ll use the trim for later.

Remove the hardware from the casement window frame with your screw gun.  Take out all of the hardware, including the crank mechanism.

Next, take out the window frame.  Using the reciprocating saw fitted with the cutting blade, cut around where you just had removed the trim in the step before.  There will be screws that are meant to secure the window casing, but you can cut through them and continue taking out the frame.

Install the Double-Hung Window

Place your new double-hung window unit in the opening you’ve just created when you removed the old casement window.  Set the window properly in the opening.  You can make sure you’ve set the window correctly by making sure the window is sitting on the sill and adjust the window upward and in towards you.  The window should sit on the inner edge on the trim.

installing a double hung window

Check your work with a level.  Use the level by holding it alongside the double-hung window unit.  Use shims in the middle of the window frame until the unit measures level and stands straight.  Make sure you check all sides of the window with the level before you secure it.

Securing the New Window

New securing screws should’ve come with your double-hung window unit.  If you didn’t receive new screws, purchase a few long mounting screws at your local hardware store.

Use your screw gun to install the screws in the premade holes you’ll find on the new unit’s sides.  Secure the window.

securing a double-hung window in

Finish with Foam

You’re almost finished!  Your last step is applying insulation around your new double-hung window.  This important step is one that shouldn’t be skipped.  Your new double-hung window is manufactured to be energy efficient, especially if is Energy Star Certified, however, you’ll still need to insulate around the window so it can perform at its best.

Use low expansion foam insulation around the edges of the unit and the casing where there may be gaps and space.  The inner border you removed earlier will cover this foam filled gap that surrounds the window—or you can install new trim.  Nail the trim to the window frame.

Finally, complete your window project by applying a bead of caulk around the window and its trim.  Caulking will further seal the window and create a seamless look.

Replacing Windows

Although switching a casement window out for a double-hung window is entirely possible to do yourself, even if you don’t have much experience in window installation, you can call the professionals if you don’t feel comfortable with this project.

In a window replacement project, the window styles of what you’re taking out or installing doesn’t matter as long as the structure of the frame in the wall stays the same.  That being said, casement windows are a little harder to remove due to its crank hardware that needs to be taken out, but once removed, an updated double-hung will fit right into its place in about an afternoon.

Replacing Casement Windows with Double Hung Windows: The Results Vary

Double hung and casement windows each offer advantages. However, in order to really assess which window is best for each room, you will have to factor in energy efficiency, the view, ventilation, and the style of your home when making your decision.

You will also have to decide if you want to mix and match based on the room and its location within your house, or if you want to keep the window choice consistent throughout the facade.

When you decide which window to go with, the next step is choosing the right window replacement company. The easy answer is Feldco. We’ve been serving homeowners in the Midwest for almost 50 years with the best window replacement. Get a free quote now to start your project with the Midwest’s best.

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