How to Prepare Your Roof for Storm Season in the Midwest

Storm season strikes hard in the United States and the Midwest often bears the brunt of the damage it inflicts.  Tornados and severe thunderstorms along with high winds and reckless debris are far from a strange sight for Midwestern homeowners.

Storms and adverse weather can wreak on a home’s roof if it’s not prepared and the last thing any homeowner wants on their project list is a new roof replacement.  Although your roof is designed to withstand nasty storms, you still want to take care of it so the roof system will last as long as it’s meant to.

Fortunately, there are a few proactive measures you can take to prep your roof in time for storm season.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Storm season or not, you should have your roof inspected in order to maintain it and prevent issues from worsening.  Preventative maintenance will ensure the longevity of your roof and a healthy roof system will put a stop to expensive and frustrating water damage, a problem that can impact your entire home over time.

Hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof before storm season strikes.  That way, you can have any needed repairs done before your roof sees adverse weather.  Small repairs like shingle replacements can go a long way when strong weather occurs, and you’ll find that the price is small for preventative maintenance versus fixing the damage from a storm.

inspecting a roof for storm season

Trim Your Trees

Debris can be blamed for much of the damage wreaked by storms.  Where else does that debris come from but the trees that reach over your roof?  While it’s wonderful to have big branches shade your home during the summer, keeping your home cool and your air conditioner from working overtime, the downside is that a deadly gust of wind can send branches smashing down onto your roof system.

Hire a professional tree trimming service to prevent this from happening before storm season is at its worst.  Not only will a good tree trim keep your trees healthy and happy, but it’ll reduce the amount of threatening debris, which will keep your roof intact for a long time.

man trimming trees to prepare for storm season

Remove Diseased Trees

Speaking of trees, you might have diseased and dying trees on your property that could pose a major threat toy your home and you may not realize it.  Instead of worrying about the occasional branch that could be torn off during a storm, you’ll have to deal with the damage caused by large limbs or the worst case scenario of the entire tree coming down.

Although it can be an expensive task to hire a professional tree removal service to take down diseased trees, it’s cheaper than the alternative, which is a tree coming down on your house and causing even more damage during a storm.  Tree removal is a proactive measure you can take to help prepare your roof for storm season in the Midwest.

Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts

It’s a chore that no one looks forward to, but cleaning your gutters and downspouts is essential in not only preparing your roof system for the upcoming storm season but making sure it can do its job in preventing water damage.  Overflowing gutters can cause water to sneak into places it doesn’t belong like beneath the shingles.  Once it accesses the underlayment of the roof, water damage can take hold.  Troubleshooting a leaking roof is as expensive as it is frustrating because often times, the leak starts in one place and appears in another.  If unaddressed, the water damage can lead to pricey repairs.

cleaning gutters to prepare for storm season

Secure Outdoor Furniture

A simple measure for storm season is to make sure your outdoor furniture is secured.  Don’t underestimate gusts of wind because it doesn’t take much for a strong storm to make your outdoor furniture into flying debris that could damage your home.  If you can, tether and secure your outdoor furniture or try to bring some pieces inside should a storm occur.

Double Check Your Home Insurance Policies

One of the most important things you can do as a homeowner is to check your insurance policy to make sure you have adequate coverage should something happen.  Also on your checklist should be keeping your roof’s warranty handy in case you need to produce documentation to your insurance company if damage were to occur.

If a storm does damage your roof, you’ll need to provide photographic evidence, complete documentation, and provide proof of the damage caused by the storm.  Be proactive and download forms ahead of time and always keep your phone charged so you can provide this information for your claims.

Have Storm-Ready Items and Equipment

Preparing your roof also means prepping to make sure you have the necessary items on hand in case of a severe storm.  Have equipment and items like flashlights or a headlamp, batteries, a ladder, and plenty of tarps.  These items will come in handy if your roof is damaged during a storm.  Remember, never climb on your roof after a storm, especially if you know it’s suffered damage.  While you can use your ladder to take pictures for an insurance claim, it’s safer to let the professionals fix and inspect any damage.

At Feldco, we provide a breakthrough design and triple layer protection to keep your roof healthy for whatever mother nature decides to throw at it. On top of that, we have factory trained installers that are ready to install asphalt shingles with the correct precision. Get a free quote today to start your project.

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