How to Fix a Loose Sliding Glass Door Handle

It’s one of those projects that’s lingered on your perpetual to-do list for ages, but today’s the day—you’re finally going to fix that loose sliding glass door handle.  The job is a simple one, and if you’ve got a common handle on your sliding glass door, you’ll really only need a screwdriver to complete it.

Door Handle

Here’s how it’s done:

Remove the Screw Covers

Your loose handle in question will be attached to the sliding glass door via screws.  The screws might not be outright obvious, and the manufacturer could have installed covers or tabs in a matching color scheme overtop the screw heads to make the handle more aesthetic.

After you’ve located the screws that attach your problematic handle to the door, remove these tabs.  In the meantime, place these tabs someplace safe so you don’t lose them.

Use a Screwdriver to Tighten

A novice do-it-yourself-er can fix a loose sliding glass door handle with ease.  The only tool this task demands is a flathead screwdriver (or for some handle styles, you may be required to use a Phillips-head screwdriver).  Now that your screw heads are exposed, you’re able to tighten them, thus successfully troubleshooting the problem of your jiggling handle.

Don’t be overzealous in your tightening.  By over-tightening, you can actually inflict some damage on your door handle, specifically upon the screws themselves.  For some door handles, over-tightening the mounting plate binds up the inner mechanisms, forcing the lockset to not work at all.  Just tighten the handles enough so that by testing your sliding glass door handle, it no longer wiggles.

Replace the Screw Covers

Finalize your project by replacing your screw covers back on your door’s handle.  The covers should be flush with the rest of the handle, as they were before.

For one more good measure, test your door handle by grabbing it and seeing if it’s still loose before replacing the covers.  Is it tightly secured and in place?  Good, you can now put your covers back overtop the screw holes and check another household chore off of your list.

Sliding Door Handle

Different Handles, Same Problem

You might have a unique sliding glass door.  Perhaps it’s older and the style is outdated enough for you to worry if a loose handle means having to replace and update the entire component.  Or maybe you’ve got a newer, custom-built style and the handle has come loose—does this mean dropping some serious cash to fix it?

No matter what type of sliding glass door you have, if the handle is loose, there’s a good chance it can be fixed with the same simple three-step process of tightening its mounting screws.  Lever handles allow for an easy access of their mounting screws, round doorknobs might require you to remove the knob to access its faceplate mounting screws with a screwdriver, but no matter the style of handle, their solution remains the same.  On most newer locksets, the faceplate typically offers two exposed screws that tend to loosen from daily wear but can also be tightened easily

When in doubt, remove your sliding glass door handle’s hardware and take it to your local hardware store.  Store associates will be able to assist you in diagnosing the problem.

sliding door handle sticking

Troubleshooting Common Sliding Glass Door Problems

A loose handle might not be the only issue plaguing your sliding glass door.  Check to see if there are other common problems your door is experiencing before wrapping up for the day:

  • Difficulty Sliding: a sliding glass door that’s difficult to slide?  That goes against the very purpose of your sliding glass door.  If this is a problem, first check its rollers for the common issue of debris build-up.  Dirt, mud, debris, and animal fur are culprits of causing your door to no longer slide so smoothly.  Try this for a solution: remove the door off its track, check its rollers and reinstall clean ones, wipe down its tracks, and then replace the door.
  • Broken Latch: if your door’s latch isn’t loose but broken or not catching, you might need to replace the entire component.  First, try oiling the latch to see if that will allow the door to catch properly.  If that doesn’t work, remove the lock and purchase a new one that’s compatible with your sliding glass door.  Install according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Misalignment: every now and again, a sliding glass door gets knocked off its track and fails to align properly.  Realignment is an easy task: remove the door and reinstall it.  Make sure when you realign the door in its tracks that the rollers at the top are aligned first, moving the bottom into its place after.  You might be required to rotate the adjustment screws to make way for movement, but when the door is back in place, you’ll need to re-adjust these screws.

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