A Guide to Cleaning and Operating Your Feldco Windows

How to Clean and Operate Your Feldco Windows

Different styles of windows have unique ways of being operated and maintained. In this video we’re going to go over the proper way to clean and operate three of our most popular window styles: the double hung, casement and sliding window. Let’s get started.

Double Hung Windows Are the Most Common Window

Double hungs are Feldco’s most popular window. They open up and down. It is important to open double hung windows using the lift rails so you don’t pull and tug on the wrong part of your window.

The child safety locks on our double hung windows are located on the face of the window. Simply pop the tabs open with your finger to prevent the window from opening fully.

how to open a double hung window

Double Hung Windows Tilt in for Easy Cleaning

Cleaning our double hung windows is very easy. Each sash tilts inward for access to the outside of the window pane.

Open both the bottom and top sash slightly. Next, push the tabs on the top of each sash inward toward each other to unlock the sash from the frame of the window and carefully tilt it inward.

how to clean a double hung window

To remove that screen, you’ll need to open your windows. On the bottom corners are two tabs. You’ll need to pinch those tabs and twist the screen out.

how to take out a double hung screen

Casement Windows Crank Out for Greater Control of Air Flow

Feldco casement windows are both attractive and easy to operate. They open and close with a hand crank.

To open a Feldco casement window, first pull on the locking latches on the side of the window to unlock it.

Then simply pull out the hand crank at the bottom of the window and crank it to open and close the window.

How to open a casement window

It’s Extremely Easy to Clean Your Casement Windows

Cleaning your casement window is simple. Start by opening it as far as you can. This should create a 90 degree angle between your window frame and the window itself.

As the window opens, it moves towards the center of the frame so you’re able to reach both sides of the window from inside.

how to clean a casement window

The screen to a casement window is a bit different. There are four tabs on each side. Move them inwards and then you can pull the screen out.

casement screen tabs

Sliding Windows are Made for Hard to Reach Places

Sliding windows are a great option for hard to reach areas like above sinks. With a gentle push of a handle, the window sash moves along a sliding track to open from side to side.

Our sliding windows open and close from left to right or right to left. We have a 2 light window as shown but a 3 light sliding window is also available.

Much like the double hung window, sliders have child safety latches on the sides. They prevent the window from opening too far.

how to open a sliding window

You’ll Need to Remove the Sashes to Clean a Sliding Window

In order to clean both sides of a sliding window, you’ll first need to remove one of the sashes. First, slide open the window so you can get a grip on both sides. Push upwards so the sash is removed from the track on the bottom. Then you’re able to pull it out.

how to clean a sliding window

With sliding windows, the screen comes out much like the windows. First you will need to remove both sashes. Then grab the screen on both sides, push up so the bottom of the screen comes out of the bottom track and then pull down and out.

how to take out a sliding screen

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