How Long do Vinyl Windows Last Compared to Other Materials?

When you’re investing in replacement windows for your home, the last thing you want is for them to need replacing again in a few years. You probably have many questions swirling in your head such as “How long do vinyl windows last?”, ” What about wood?” and “Is aluminum a better option?”

how long do vinyl windows last

It’s alright, we’ll help you answer those questions to ensure you get the best windows for your home. You’ll learn how long each window material lasts. Getting replacement windows has never been so easy.

Wood Windows Don’t Last Long

Many homeowners initially gravitate towards wood windows for the beautiful looks. Wood has always given off the air of elegance that has caused homeowners to love them in the past. However, homeowners have realized that there are many problems with wood windows and their looks don’t last long.

One of the biggest problems with wood windows is their life expectancy: they only last 10-20 years (3-5 years if you get a cheaper model). What makes wood windows crumble under the pressure?

wood windows

For starters, wood absorbs moisture unlike other window materials. This moisture is the reason why wood warps and rots. If it goes untreated, your windows could even start developing mold. With the humid summers and heavy precipitation, moisture will be a huge problem for your wood windows.

Maintaining your wood windows isn’t easy either. The paint peels when facing the elements and they begin to lose their luster. You’ll need to repaint and stain them every 3-5 years which will end up costing you a whole lot of money.

Overall, wood windows have the shortest life expectancy of the three major window materials. With their warping, rotting, peeling and bending, they aren’t a great option – especially for Midwest homeowners that experience heavy amounts of moisture each year.

Aluminum Lasts Long But Damages Easily

You might be thinking, “Wood may not be the best option, but aluminum might work well.” Aluminum is a much better option than wood windows. You won’t have to worry about warping or rotting and mold isn’t a problem at all.

That being said, aluminum isn’t maintenance free. With the potential for hail and heavy winds, your aluminum windows are in constant danger of denting or dinging. It doesn’t take a huge hit to damage your aluminum windows either.

Getting the dent out isn’t easy and you’ll probably need to hire a professional. This can end up costing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to fix when the problem could have been avoided by not getting aluminum windows.

Moisture can still be a problem for aluminum windows as well. While they won’t warp or rot, they can still rust from the condensation or morning dew. If you don’t wipe down your windows every single time they start to sweat, your windows are closer and closer to rusting.

While it’s much better, aluminum can last for around 20-25 years. If you live in a climate where the weather can be more hectic (ie. the Midwest), then it might not last as long. Denting, dinging, rusting and scratching are all major problems that are unavoidable with aluminum windows.

Will Vinyl Last Much Longer?

Now we know wood and aluminum windows aren’t great for Midwest homes. How long do vinyl windows last? Finally, we have a bit of good news for you. Vinyl windows are build specifically for the Midwest and will last longer than other materials.

Why do vinyl windows last so long? Simple – because they’re moisture resistant. You won’t need to worry about warping, rotting or rusting because the moisture isn’t absorbed and has no effect on vinyl.

vinyl windows

Not only that, but the colors or paint won’t fade over time. Since the colors are baked into the windows when they’re made, they’ll look good whether it’s installation day or 20 years later. That also means you’ll never need to paint or stain them.

Vinyl windows are also very durable. They’ll be hit with hail and debris from heavy wind but fear not. They won’t dent, ding or scratch. They’ll stand tall and pass the test of time.

You’re probably still wondering, “How long do vinyl windows last”. They can last anywhere from 30-40 years with minimum maintenance and that’s being conservative. It’s not unheard of for them to last up to 50 years.

What Else Do Vinyl Windows Have to Offer?

While we’re singing the praises of vinyl, there are a few other things they offer that you won’t be able to enjoy with other window materials. For instance, they’re way more energy efficient than anything else on the market.

All three have the option of double and triple pane windows but only vinyl can have foam insulated frames. This prevents heated and cooled air from escaping your home and allows you to be comfortable no matter the temperature outside.

No only that, but energy efficient windows can save you money on your energy bills. With the heated and cooled air trapped inside, your furnace and air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to achieve your desired temperature. This will save you money on your electric and heating bills.

Vinyl windows are also extremely customizable. There are many grid, glass and color options available. You can even get wood grain finishes that look identical to real wood windows. Even a wood window’s elegance can be mimicked by vinyl windows.

Don’t Forget to Check Your Window Glass

Before we wrap up, there’s one last thing you should know. Your window glass has a life expectancy as well. Double and triple and glass can be found in wood, vinyl and aluminum windows and is filled with argon gas which helps make it energy efficient.

Over time, the argon in your windows slowly decreases (about 1% ever year). That being said, the glass will still be energy efficient for about 40 years.

However, if your seal fails, the argon gas escapes fast and you’ll need gas replacement. The way you tell is when condensation forms between the panes of glass. If you can wipe it off, then you have nothing to worry about but if you can’t, you’ll need to call a professional immediately.

How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last? Long Than Other Materials

How long do vinyl windows last? Much longer than wood and aluminum windows. With up to a 50 year life expectancy, you know you’re getting windows that can withstand the test of time. Combine that with their energy efficiency and beauty and there’s no question which window material is right for your home.

Feldco has been offering vinyl windows to Midwest homeowners for over 40 years. Our product specialists measure your window opening and work with you to pick the style and features that suit your needs. All of our windows are installed by industry professionals who are factory trained and certified.

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