9 Essentials for a Home Nursery

There’s no greater joy than being a new mother or father but there are also many new responsibilities that come with it. Having your own home nursery is a great way to start this new adventure.

Having a nursery in your home gives you a place to play with and care for your new baby. You’ll be able to store their clothes, toys and everything you need to make sure your child is happy and healthy.

home nursery

By the sound of it, you’re going to need to a lot of stuff for your home nursery. We’ve narrowed it down to the 9 essentials you’ll absolutely need. We’re not going to mention obvious items such as a crib or toys so we can focus on items you might not have thought about.

1. Night Lights

You might be thinking, “Why is a night light so important?” That’s a great question since your baby is at least one year away from being afraid of the dark.

Night lights aren’t as much for the child as they’re for you. When your baby is crying during the night, you’ll want to turn on a softer light so you don’t stub your toes or run into anything.

They do have one important benefit for babies – teaching them the difference between day and night. The softer light keeps the room dim and differentiates for the baby when it’s day light and when it’s nighttime.

2. Large Windows

home nursery windowsHaving natural light in the room is great for everyone – especially infants. According to a study preformed by the Department of Family and Protective Services in Texas, natural light is linked to the part of your brain that affects mood. It also gives the child a chance to see and learn about the outside world. Both of these benefits help your baby develop.

When choosing a window, you’ll also want one that opens such as a double hung or casement window. Both styles allow more fresh air into the nursery so it isn’t as stuffy for the baby. You can also easily regulate the temperature in the room.

Vinyl windows are a great option for your home nursery. They have foam insulated frames and argon gas-filled glass which make the room more energy efficient and prevents the baby from hearing outside noise. This may help your baby sleep through the night. Don’t worry, argon gas is harmless to everyone, even babies.

3. Changing Table

You may feel this falls under the obvious “category” with cribs and toys but we felt it was worth mentioning. You’ll definitely need a changing table for your nursery. Where else are you going to clean your baby and change their dirty diaper?

It’s a good idea to find a table that has storage underneath it. You’ll be able to store diapers, powders and anything else you’ll need. It’s better if the shelves don’t have drawers or doors for easy access. The last thing you want to do is take your eyes off of your baby for a second.

The Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table from Amazon is a fantastic option. It has a rail along the edge to help keep the baby in place and an iPod dock so you can listen to music.

4. A Place to Put Dirty Diapers

Speaking of dirty diapers, don’t put them in your garbage can – they’ll stink up the entire house. You should purchase a specific garbage can made for the smell of dirty diapers.

Our recommendation is the Diaper Genie.  It has a clamp on the top that traps odors and prevents your house from smelling bad! The Diaper Genie can hold many used diapers at once but you should clear it out regularly. You can also use it for cleaning up after your dog.

5. Mommy’s Area

No home nursery is complete without a mommy area. What’s a mommy area, you ask? It’s a place for the mother to feed and play with the baby. Somewhere she can enjoy in the room.

mommy space

Usually this area consists of a rocking chair and a small end table. It’s important to get a rocking chair so you can rock the baby to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night. The table is a place for you to put things you’ll need like snacks and bottles. It’s also a nice place where you can bond with your baby.

6. Video Baby Monitor

You don’t want your baby to leave your sight even for a second. They never will when you have a video baby monitor. Many monitors have HD cameras and microphones which will allow you to hear and see everything in your home nursery.

Sometimes, children are distressed without crying. They’ll toss and turn in their sleep and will be restless. Since infants need more than 12-14 hours of sleep per day, it’s important for you to see and correct this problem. You’ll be able to do this thanks to your video baby monitor.

baby monitor

7.  An Electric Fan

Electric fans are great because they help circulate air in your home nursery. This will make the room more comfortable for both you and the baby. What if we told you that an electric fan has more benefits than that?

A running fan is a great source of white noise to help calm your baby and get them back to sleep. It’ll also mute noises from your home such as chatter and doorbells. With multiple functions, an electric fan is an absolute essential for your home nursery.

8. Open Storage Containers

When you have a baby, time is of the essence for everything. Every second counts and you don’t want to take your eyes of your children for one second. That’s why keeping toys and essentials in open storage containers is a great idea.

If everything is in drawers or closed containers, it’s going to take more time to get what you need. In fact, you might not know where something is and will have to shuffle through multiple drawers before you find it.

Don’t worry, it may sound cluttered and messy but it’s not. There are some really nice ways to make open storage containers look neat.

9. Journals

You already know that raising a baby is hectic. You’re constantly on the move, running everywhere. You may find yourself forgetting things more often because you’re so scattered, especially in the first few months. You can help prevent this problem by keeping a journal in your home nursery.

Journals allow you to log how much you’ve fed the baby, when you’ve changed them last and how long they napped. You’ll be able to schedule everything so your baby’s life remains consistent (or as consistent as it can be). It’ll also be easier for you to remember prior engagements.

Make Sure Your Home Nursery is Baby Proof

It should go without saying, but make sure your home nursery is baby proof. That means putting foam pads on all of the corners, a baby rail in front of your windows and have cordless window blinds. It’s supposed to be a safe space for you and your baby so you need make sure there’s no dangers in there.

There are many different things you can do to prevent any baby mishaps. You can check out Parent’s video below which will show you how you can baby proof your home nursery.

Babyproofing Your Home: Nursery | Parents

Get Everything You Need for Your Home Nursery

Raising a baby isn’t easy, especially right at the beginning. You can make it easier by having the essentials in your home nursery. From having a nice night light to a baby monitor, you’ll be ready for almost anything.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a large, operating window in your home nursery. Feldco is here to help you with our energy efficient, vinyl windows. Get a free quote now and complete your home nursery today!

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