Garage Door Problems That Should Be Avoided

Your garage door is the biggest opening on your home so it’s important that it’s in proper working condition. Many homeowners experiences garage door problems frequently.

garage door problems

From something as simple as dead batteries in your garage door opener to a more complex problem like suffering from drafts in your garage, there are a multitude of problems that can happen to your garage door.

We’ll go over some of the most common garage door problems and how you can solve them and prevent them from happening again.

Garage Door Sticking When Opening and/or Closing

garage door sticking

One of the most common and annoying garage door problems is when your garage door is sticking or shimmying when you try opening and closing it. It makes opening and closing your garage door such a hassle but it’s also a problem that often goes unfixed.

However, garage door sticking is an easy problem to fix. The causes of your garage door sticking could be that its rollers and hinges simply become stuck or that the track is dirty or clogged.

If your garage door’s rollers and hinges are stuck, try applying some lubrication such as WD-40. This should get your garage door back to opening and closing smoothly.

If you find that the tracks are dirty and clogged, simply clean them out.

Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close

Many homeowners also face the garage door problem of their door not being able to open or close at all. This happens when you neglect your garage door and don’t use it for extended periods of time or don’t maintain it.

You can also have this problem if your garage door isn’t made for the type of climate you live in. For example, if you have a wood garage door in the Midwest, it could become rotted, warped or expand due to the excessive amount of moisture it can be exposed to.

If you have a garage door opener, your problem could lie within that. Most of the time when garage doors with automatic openers don’t operate anymore, it could be because of a dead battery or it might need to be reprogrammed.

One of the only ways to solve this garage door problem is to replace your garage door entirely. If you do decide the time has come for a replacement, you can trust Feldco for the best steel garage doors in the Midwest.

Our garage doors are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and will keep your garage comfortable year round. You can even choose to have a garage door opener installed to ensure your garage door will open and close smoothly and properly.

Your Garage Door Slams Down

Some people also experience the problem of their garage door slamming or falling down when closing. This is one of the most dangerous garage door problems to have as a homeowner especially if you have children or pets.

On a properly functioning garage door, there are springs in place to make the garage door close slowly instead of slamming down.

If your garage door is falling down when closing, you should look to replace the springs. However, if your garage door has been slamming shut for quite some time, it may be damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced. It’s better to have no doubts, especially when your safety is concerned.

Your Garage Door Makes Loud Noises

Your garage door shouldn’t grind or make loud screeches when opening and closing. This is a sure sign of a garage door problem. Most of the time, there might just be debris or dirt in the tracks and all you need to do is give it a good cleaning.

Another reason for a loud garage door could be that its springs, rollers, hinges or bearings are old and even a little rusty. Applying a lubricant can help reduce the noise but only for a short period of time.

Usually, when your garage door becomes obnoxious to open and close, that means it’s passed its prime. Investing in a replacement garage door is a solution that’ll make you and the neighbors happy.

Drafty Garage Door

drafty garage door problems

One of the biggest money-wasting garage door problems is having a drafty garage door. If your garage door lets in drafts, it defeats one of the main purposes of having a garage door – to keep your garage comfortable year round.

You keep some of your most valuable belongings in your garage like your cars or lawn care equipment. If your garage door is letting in cold air during the winter, your valuables won’t be adequately protected.

You’ll also lose money if you have a drafty garage door. If the outside air is constantly entering your garage, you’ll have to crank your furnace or air conditioner more than you should have to.

Sometimes the solution to a drafty garage door could be replacing the weatherstripping or seal on the bottom. Other times it might be that your garage door just can’t perform like it used to. In such a case, it’s time for replacement.

Steel insulated garage doors will keep your garage comfortable year round and block rain, wind, hail and snow from entering.

Get Rid of Garage Door Problems with Feldco

If your garage door is experiencing problems like sticking, not opening or closing, loud noises or it lets in outside air, then Feldco has you covered with the best garage door replacement in the Midwest.

We’ve proudly served over 400,000 homeowners with their home improvement needs. Our premium products and expert installation will provide you with a garage door that’s not only beautiful, but energy efficient and will be able to withstand tough weather extremes.

Get started on your garage door replacement project today with a free quote online!

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