Front Doors with Sidelights: What You Should Know

Looking for another way to bring natural light into your home? Already replaced and upgraded your windows? Then the answer may lie with your entry door. Front doors with sidelights are a great addition to any home.

front doors with sidelights

Sidelights and transom windows will complete the look of your entryway and give it an elegant appeal. When you combine a beautiful and energy efficient front door with sidelights and a transom window, you’ll surely be making the neighborhood jealous.

What are Front Door Sidelights?

Your entryway can extend beyond just the door itself. What exactly do we mean by that? We’re talking about sidelights. Sidelights are slim windows that can be on either or both sides of your entry door.

Sidelights can be customized in many different ways. You can choose the style, the design and the size of the glass.

Your front door with sidelights can have decorative glass with intricate designs and color patterns. For instance, if you want the elegant look of sidelights but aren’t crazy about having more windows looking into your home, you can choose to have privacy glass installed.

The frame of your sidelights will perfectly match your front door as well. This gives your entryway a clean and complete look. Your neighbors will truly be jealous of your lavish and welcoming entry door.

Front Door Sidelights are Energy Efficient

You already know that a front door with sidelights will look amazing, but did you know the sidelights can also be energy efficient?

In order to have the most energy efficient entryway, you need to go with the right company.

That company is Feldco. Our sidelights are made just like the glass on our windows – double or triple pane and argon gas-filled. And as the leading window company in the Midwest, that says something.

The glass on your entry door sidelights will be low-e glass as well which has many benefits. It’ll help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Your home will look great while keeping the elements outside where they belong.

Front Doors with Sidelights and Transoms

front door sidelights

Adding sidelights to your entry door will no doubt give it an enhanced look and boost your home’s curb appeal. How can you possibly make your entryway look any better?

The answer is right above your front door. Transom windows are the final piece to your entryway puzzle.

What’s a transom window? It’s the window that’s directly above entry doors. It gets its name from being placed right on top of the transom, which is the beam that separates the top of your door from the lower part of the wall.

Adding a transom window to your entryway in addition to front door sidelights will complete the look full-circle. With matching panes of glass and trim all around your entry door, your home will look stunning.

Plus, adding transom windows to front doors with sidelights gives your home maximum natural light from the entryway.

The Best Types of Front Doors with Sidelights

Now that you know what sidelights and transoms are, we’ll go over which types of entry doors go best with them. It’s important that you get the entry door that’s best suited for your home’s design and for your area’s weather.

Fiberglass Front Doors with Sidelights

entry door sidelights

As a Midwest homeowner, you can already rule out wood front doors. They’re susceptible to rotting, warping and expanding when exposed to moisture.

With that being said, fiberglass entry doors are perfect for your home. A fiberglass entry door with sidelights will give your home all the aesthetic appeal of having a wood door without all the negatives.

There are multiple wood grain finishes to choose from to get that traditional look you’re searching for. When you choose Feldco for your fiberglass front door with sidelights, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that your door is superior to any other product on the market.

We’re named America’s #1 door company and with over 400,000 homeowners served, it’s no wonder why we’re number one.

Steel Front Doors with Sidelights

sidelights and transoms

Another great choice for front doors with sidelights are steel entry doors. If you’re looking for added protection and security, steel is the way to go.

There’s nothing quite like a bold and beautiful steel front door with sidelights. It’ll surely stand out and catch the eyes of your neighbors and anyone else passing by.

Steel entry doors are made with thick, 20-gauge steel and feature a foam filled core for maximum insulation and energy efficiency.

Our steel front doors with sidelights can also be finished in wood grain along with many other colors.

Create the Best Front Doors with Sidelights and Transoms at Feldco

Sidelights and transoms can turn any plain entryway into something bold and elegant. Your entryway is the first impression people have of your home, so it’s important to set the tone right away.

Front doors with sidelights and transoms are only as good as the actual door, though. That’s why it’s important that your front door be made of either steel or fiberglass. Both materials will withstand the Midwest climate and look beautiful for many, many years to come.

For over 40 years, Feldco has been serving the Midwest with the absolute best products and service. Our stunning steel and fiberglass entry doors with sidelights will totally transform your home’s curb appeal.

Get a free quote online for your new replacement front doors with sidelights and transoms and start your journey to creating your dream entryway.

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