Are Fiberglass and Steel Entry Doors Secure?

Your front entry door is the primary means of accessing your home. It can also be the primary means of access by those who mean to do you wrong. Intruders are on the lookout for any weak points in your home and are actively looking to see if the integrity of your entry door has been compromised.

fiberglass and steel entry doors secure

That’s why you need to make sure that your front entry door is as secure as possible. But, there are a lot of options out there on the market to choose from.  There are the standard wooden doors – decent on security and desired for looks.

And there are other, like fiberglass and steel. But are these other options really that secure? In this article, we’ll give you a solid rundown on the security characteristics of both types so that you can feel confident in your next front entry door purchase.

Fiberglass Door Security

fiberglass front entry door security

You may be wondering – what is fiberglass? And that’s an incredibly good question.

Put simply, fiberglass is a plastic material that has strands of glass fiber running through it, which essentially makes it a form of reinforced and strengthened plastic. This stuff can be stout; stronger than metal by weight level stout. Its chemical structure allows it to be formed into flat sheets or woven together into different sorts of fabric. And, it’s cheaper to manufacture than carbon fiber products.

Fiberglass, obviously, can and is used to craft doors.

But the real question is – are they secure?

The short answer: yes. Fiberglass doors are secure and a valid option to consider when looking to replace your front entry door.

But why?

It all goes back to what fiberglass is. All those glass fibers running together in the plastic composition create a shatterproof barrier that gives a great deal of integrity to the door itself. That means it’s going to be very, very difficult for a would-be criminal to fracture and bust the door itself.

Additionally, it’s vital to understand that fiberglass doors are not composed simply of layered levels of glass. Between each glass panel is a sheet of solid insulation that further reinforces them. In many cases, fiberglass doors actually end up being thicker than doors made of other materials because of this layering.

And in choosing a fiberglass door you won’t have to sacrifice the aesthetic – modern fiberglass doors are constructed in such a way that they mirror the beauty and simplicity of more traditional wooden doors without any of the drawbacks.

Steel Door Security

steel entry door security

Steel is a type of metal, everyone understands that. But few probably understand what the composition of steel actually is.

Essentially, steel is just iron that is reinforced and strengthened by the addition of carbon. This is done to increase the hardness and rigidity of the iron as iron, in its natural state, is rather ductile (a fancy word that just means it is soft and easily formed).

Steel, like fiberglass, can also be used to make doors.

You probably have come into this assuming that steel will be fairly secure, and you would be absolutely correct.

Steel is an excellent option when it comes to security for your front entry door. Its hardy, durable composition makes it immensely difficult for potential burglars to breakthrough. And, it’s rigid and whole (meaning the door is all a single unit rather than component pieces) which ensures that you get maximum protection out of your entry door.

Similar to fiberglass, modern steel doors are also manufactured in such a way that they maintain a beautiful aesthetic. You might have it in your mind’s eye that a steel entry door would just be one ugly, bland sheet of cold steel – you would be wrong. Contemporary molds allow the steel to basically mirror the features of traditional wooden doors; just with the added security applied.

How Thieves Penetrate Entry Doors

thieve trying to pry open the door

While the actual composition and material makeup of your front entry door is vastly important for security purposes, it’s only going to be as strong as the components around it.

The majority of burglars and thieves are going to attempt making entry through your front door in one of two ways. First, they will try to bust the connection of the door at the jamb itself. Second, they will work to either pick or disable the lock of the door.

So, you need to ensure that the door jamb to your front entry is stout and secure. One way quick and efficient way of doing this is by upgrading your jamb with a reinforced frame and hinge kits. These are readily available at your local home center and are sure to make great additions to the security of your home.

You also need to make sure that you have high-quality, manufacturer guaranteed locks place on the front entry door itself. If at all possible, move to have a dead-bolt style lock incorporated into your door setup.

By adding these reinforced component pieces you can ensure that your front entry door, whether fiberglass or steel, is optimized to provide you with the most security possible.

New Entry Doors Offer More Security

There comes a time when it’s better to replace your old entry door with a brand new one with a reinforced frame and hinges. You can possibly repair it or replace the hinges for better security. However, the noticeable difference with a new entry door and a repaired one is that you will end up paying more for repairs with the old one.

More than likely, the door frame and hinges are not the only problems. The best alternative is to replace your entry door with a fiberglass or steel entry door from Feldco. We have served over 400,000 homeowners across the Midwest and we have installed over 100,000 doors. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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