Favorite TV and Movie ‘Window’ Moments

Regardless of your favorite TV show or movie, there are scenes that may stand out to you as more pivotal or memorable.  Characters don’t only play a large role in these scenes, but sometimes parts of their homes and neighborhoods are just as important to the scene or overall plotline of the show or movie.  Windows are no exception and whether they are being opened or just provide a familiar backdrop, these windows definitely enhance our memories of these shows and movies.

 1) The Window in the Friends Apartment

friends looking out of the windowWhile most people immediately think of Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler and Phoebe and Joey, parts of Monica’s apartment almost act as a character of the show as well.  From the purple walls to the frame around the door’s peep site, many characteristics of the dwelling played a role.

The unique window in the back of the apartment, overlooking their small balcony (which was only accessed by window as well), provided a beautiful backdrop for many of the show’s favorite scenes.  To the gang watching the city below during the blackout, to them staring across the street at ‘Ugly Naked Guy’, that window is kind of like the show’s 7th friend. (Just don’t tell Marcel the Monkey or Gunther at Central Perk!)

2) Say Anything’s Boom Box Scene

window scene in say anythingOne of the most memorable scenes from Cameron Crowe’s 1989 movie “Say Anything” was the one where John Cusak’s character, Lloyd Dobler, stands outside Diane’s bedroom window holding his boom box above his head.

As Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” filled the air, Diane awoke, but did not go to the window. She knew it was Lloyd.  Viewers all wanted her to run to the window and reunite with Lloyd right then, but we all had to wait a little longer.

3) The Window in Rear Window

poster for rear windowNot only is the word “window” in this classic film’s title, but more than one window played a role in this movie.  James Stewart’s character, Jeff, is confined to a wheelchair, and passes his time staring out of his apartment’s rear window across the courtyard into the windows of all his neighbors.

As he passes the time, he stumbles upon a crime, and then tries to convince others he is not just concocting a random conspiracy theory as a result of his boredom.  It turns out he was correct, had uncovered a crime and as the film nears the end, the killer he had discovered ends up pushing Jeff out the same rear window where he had spent so much time.

4) Sex and the City: Carrie Bradshaw’s Window

sex in the cityMuch like Friends, a window in this HBO Series makes many appearances throughout the series.  As Carrie Bradshaw waxes poetic and pens her single gal articles, she is often found sitting at her desk in front of one of her apartment’s windows.

Carrie frequently stares out the window, contemplating the trials of tribulations of dating and relationships in New York City.  Many associated with the show considered New York to be a character as well, and what better place to catch a glimpse of New York than through Carrie’s window?

5) Storefront Window in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

breakfast at tiffanys intro sceneWhile most people think of windows in their homes, there is no more famous store front window than the store front window at which Audrey Hepburn’s character stops at in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

When things get a little too hectic in Holly Golighty’s life, she heads to Tiffany’s and finds great comfort by staring at the sparkles and baubles found inside the store’s window.

The movie actually opened on one of her window shopping scenes, and Hepburn was actually rather nervous as crowds watched the filming!

The windows at Tiffany’s are always popular for window shopping, and many will think back to this classic film while the sweet sounds of “Moon River” fill their memories.  Some of the tiny windows of Tiffany’s were also featured in Sweet Home Alabama and Sleepless in Seattle.

6) The Many Windows of the Mad Men Opening

mad men themeThere have been many theories as to what the title sequence in AMC’s Mad Men symbolizes.  Regardless of your opinion, there is no doubting that windows are a mainstay of the show’s introduction.  You first see the black and white Don Draper in his office building and then falling slowly in front of New York buildings.

Images of different advertisements cover the buildings’ windows as Don slowly falls in the sequence.  The windows provide a backdrop and introduction to advertising in that era in a very unique and visually appealing way!

7) American Beauty’s Drive-Thru Window

drive thru scene in american beautyWhile this Oscar winner is famous for many things, red roses among them, you can’t forget the iconic scene where Kevin Spacey’s character discovers his wife is having an affair. He makes the discovery while working at fast food joint, Mr. Smiley’s.

His wife and her lover pull up to the restaurant and low and behold, her husband is on the other side of the drive-thru window.  She was certainly not expecting her affair to be exposed at a drive-thru window when all she wanted was some curly fries!

8) Two Featured Windows in Scandal

scandalFans of this show are die-hard to say the least, in fact fans are known as “Gladiators” in reference to what the folks at Olivia Pope & Associates call themselves.  One main character, Huck, played by Guillermo Diaz, is a troubled and tortured soul.  He longs for a more normal life.

In several episodes, he parks his car in front of an idyllic suburban-looking home and stares through the front window.  He is observing a family, and goes so far as to make up a story about all the family members.  Huck misses his own family and the scenes with him staring through that living room window are well acted and symbolize his character’s struggle on the show.

Also on Scandal, in the main Olivia Pope & Associates conference room, the Gladiators use the frosted angled window to display all the information pertaining to their current case.  The window wall becomes a sort of bulletin board as they solve the problems of Washington DC’s most elite, and bizarre, cases.

9) The Sound of Music: Window Curtains and More

the sound of music window sceneThis Academy Award winner for Best Picture featured the beauty of the Austrian countryside, the amazing songs performed by Julie Andrews and some iconic scenes and quotes involving windows!  One of the most famous scenes is when Andrews’ character, Maria, wants play clothes for the children.

She finds inspiration looking at the windows in her bedroom – more specifically – the window curtains.  She transforms those curtains into coordinating outfits for the Von Trapp children.

Another pivotal moment in the film is when Liesel sneaks back into the mansion after a rendezvous with Rolfe.  Maria discovers her after she sneaks in and the pair share a lovely moment together.

Finally, as the love story between Maria and Captain Von Trapp unfolds, Maria often thinks back to her time at the convent.  She relays one bit of the Reverend Mother’s wisdom to the Captain – “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.”  How’s that for a symbolic quote and moment for this cinematic masterpiece!

These are just a few of our of favorite TV and Movie moments featuring a window.  There are countless more and set directors for both the big and small screen have their work cut out for them to compete with great backdrops for future productions.  Where will the next famous window show up?

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