How to Extend the Life of Your Roof

You don’t have to be told that a roof is an expensive investment and that it does a lot for your home.  Your roof allows your home to be energy efficient, wards off the elements, and it’s when it’s in good condition, it can dramatically increase the home value. If you take care of your roof, it will take care of you.

Professional Roof Inspection

The best thing you can do for your roof’s longevity is to schedule a roof inspection.  Homeowners will need to have this done every two to three years.  Storms can cause tree limbs to fall, resulting in disrepair. High winds can uproot shingles that will require replacing. Lastly, snow, cold temperatures, and ice can cause some shingles to break from brittleness.

A professional roof inspector will analyze the surface of your roof and take notes of what must be done to enforce a good standing condition.  Small repairs might need to be made or even resealing weak spots that tend to develop along with the flashing.

Only a trained professional will be able to look into the finer details of your roof’s anatomy as well as utilizing their high-quality tools and roofing materials to complete the repairs to prolong its lifespan.

Clean Gutters Extend the Life of Your Roof

You probably didn’t want to be told this, but if you want to extend the life of your roof, you’re going to have to get outside and clean your gutters.  It’s a chore that no one particularly wants to dedicate their Saturday morning to do, but think of this way: clearing out debris from the gutters will easily prevent damage to your roof.

Water takes the path of least resistance, and most commonly if gutters are clogged, water will seep through the lower deck board, the fascia, and the soffit boards that run the length of the gutter line.

So, when the fall season has wrapped up, try to get out there one last time, weather permitting, and scoop up the last of the leaves to prevent water damage to your roof.  You’ll thank yourself in the winter—and spring—when your roof isn’t leaking and you aren’t facing an expensive replacement.

All About Your Attic

It’s not surprising the role your attic plays in the longevity of your roof.  It’s right beneath it, and if it’s poorly ventilated, you could be cutting your roof’s lifespan unnecessarily short.  A ventilated attic is critical to your roof’s long-term health.

During the summer, unventilated attics can be like ovens, reaching up to 160-degrees, and this cooks the shingles directly above.  As you can imagine, this isn’t good for your poor shingles.  It quickens their decay, causing them to crack.  The same situation goes for the rafters holding them up, which are also subject to warping and weakening.

For an unventilated attic, it’s not any better in the winter, either.  During the colder months, moisture can linger in the attic and penetrate the underside of the roof.  The culprits behind excess moisture is actually your household appliances, things like your shower, dishwasher, bathtub, and kitchen stove all contribute to the attic’s moisture build-up.

The water in the air soaks the attic’s insulation, and your roof will underperform in energy efficiency without reliable insulation beneath it. But having soggy, moisture-ridden insulation affects your roof in more ways than just poor energy efficiency.

Insulation has an important relationship with prolonging the life of your roof.  It supports and protects the structural elements of your home, and while you already know that it keeps your home warm and cool throughout the appropriate seasons, it also works to reduce heat transfer and reflect away radiant heat.  Essentially, insulation is like a shield that fights off the intense heat of the sun and its UV rays.

Spring Cleaning…For Your Roof

Yes, your roof does need occasional cleaning.  Those black streaks that run down the slope of your roof?  The streaks aren’t a sign of aging.  It’s a sign of algae.  It won’t hinder your roof’s integrity, but it’s a clear—or rather, not so clear—sign that your roof needs to be cleaned.

Moss, however, is a different story.  Moss is the greenish mass that forms on your roof and it’s partial to shaded areas.  While the algae won’t affect your roof’s longevity, moss can.  Moss is a moisture blanket and it traps excess water directly onto your roof, rotting it.

This will cut your roof’s lifespan short, so if you happen to spot moss growing on your roof, you’ll want to take care of it right away.  You can have your roof cleaned by a professional, which is recommended so you don’t damage the shingles.

Everyone Wants to Extend the Average Life of Their Roof

Your roof’s life depends on one thing: you.  Keeping an eye on its condition, scheduling a roof inspection, having it professionally cleaned, and making sure your attic is properly ventilated and insulated can make your roof last its lifetime.  Don’t cut it short by neglecting it.

The average roof life can be extended if you have the right materials and it’s properly installed into your roof. You want to have something that’s durable and appealing. Asphalt shingles are possibly the best for energy efficiency, durability and curb appeal.

That’s the type of roof you get with Feldco. On top of that, we have factory trained installers that are ready to install asphalt shingles with the correct precision. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.


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