Top 10 Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products You Should Know About!

environmentally friendly cleaning productsWe all like to keep our house looking spotless and clean. Sometimes we’re willing to do anything to achieve that pristine look we’re aiming for – even using cleaning products filled with chemicals. Though these cleaning products are easy to use and readily available, it’s time they are switched to more environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Despite what you may think, it’s not hard to find green cleaning products. Not only will they do the same great job cleaning up any messes, but they’re safer for your family, your home and the environment as well. There isn’t a large price tag attached to them, either! Read on to learn more about the environmentally friendly brands that make up our top 10 list.

1. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation has been around for over 25 years and has a variety of non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products in their line of products. Their products are plant and mineral-based and can be used on most surfaces in the home. Among other popular products, the Glass & Surface Natural Cleaner is the perfect go-to when you’re looking for a sparkling and clear surface. It will leave a brilliant, streak-free shine and is completely safe to use on windows, mirrors and stainless steel.

2. Dr. Bronner

Dr. Bronner is mostly known for body and hair care products such as soaps, sanitizers, shampoos and conditioners. However, they carry an all-purpose cleaner called Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner that is a popular item. This cleaner, like all of Dr. Bronner’s products, is made from plant-based solvents and essential oils. Not only is it made of great, environmentally friendly ingredients, but the soap is also biodegradable and gives your home a spotless look without leaving behind any grimy residue.

3. Eco-Me

eco-me from the companySince 2006, Eco-Me has been developing cleaning products that not only powerful and effective, but also natural and safe for our environment. All of the ingredients found in their products are food and plant-based, with no sulfates or harmful preservatives. If you have tough bathroom and kitchen stains, you’re sure to get good use out of the Scrub Cleanser. It has a fresh lemon scent and works hard to clean tubs, toilets, sinks, ovens and more.

4. J.R. Watkins

bio friendly cleanerWith a wide range of products from gourmet food to home care, J.R. Watkins is the one- stop shop for homeowners looking for the best in environmentally friendly products.  You’re sure to find all-natural, chemical-free ingredients no matter what you end up buying. J.R. Watkins boasts that their All Purpose Cleaner will “quickly remove remove grease and grime from all surfaces” and is completely safe for your family and environment. Additionally, not only will it rid your home of all dirt, but it also comes in a variety of scents that will fit any homeowner’s preference!

5. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

With a variety of garden scents and products that are full of plant-derived ingredients, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is the way to go when looking for a product that’s good for the earth. All of the cleaners are made with natural essential oils, are phosphate-free and never tested on animals. So, you can be rest assured that all the products are good for you, your family and the environment. Whether you choose the cranberry or lavender scent, you can’t go wrong with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Everday Cleaner if you’re looking to safely remove grime and odors on any surface!

6. Green Works

From their All-Purpose Cleaner to their Compostable Cleaning Wipes, you are sure to find the perfect, eco-friendly cleaning product for you with Green Works. With a 98% approval rating, it’s no secret why the Compostable Cleaning Wipes are one of the company’s best sellers.  The wipes are safe for most non-wood surfaces and leave behind a spotless clean once you’re done using them. Plus, they are all-natural and biodegradable so you don’t have to worry about polluting the environment every time you clean your home.

7. Common Good

Common Good carries a variety of household cleaners in their product range. A great one to use on non-porous surfaces is the All Purpose Spray, which is free of any synthetic fragrances, dye and chlorine bleach. In addition to natural cleaning products, the packaging for all Common Good items is green as well! Most of the products are encased in glass and it is encouraged to reuse them. Common Good has refill stations across the country where you can use your existing packaging to get more product.

8. Shaklee

holding eco friendly cleaning productThough popularly known for their all-natural weight lost supplements, Shaklee offers much more than just fitness enhancement products. All of the products in their range, including household cleaners, are made from earth friendly ingredients. If you don’t know what product to choose from, no worries. Shaklee offers a Get Clean Starter Kit, which is a line of nontoxic cleaning products that is safe for you, your family and your home.

9. Ecover

Ecover introduced the world’s first phosphate-free laundry detergent back in 1979, showing everyone that you can get the same powerful clean but with much safer ingredients. They currently have 35 products in their line and distribute in over 40 different countries around the world. Ecover’s All Purpose Cleaner is not only made with eco-friendly components, but it’s also wallet friendly. The 32 oz cleaner goes for just $6.99! Ecover recommends you mix the solution with water for a gentle clean or use unaltered on tougher to remove stains.

10. Method

If you’re looking for a company that’s climate conscious and cruelty-free, Method is the choice for you. Their mission is better the world by producing natural, all-around good for you and the earth products. Method also realizes that one product might not work on all surfaces across the board. Between their Daily Granite Cleaner and their Wood For Good Daily Clean, you’ll easily be able to find the perfect cleaner that will fit your home’s needs.

It’s a Win-Win with These 10 Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Now you know what environmentally friendly cleaning products to look for when you’re out and about shopping. By buying one of these cleaners, not only will you get a powerful product but one that’s environmentally conscious, as well. It’s a win-win for you and the environment going with one of these eco-friendly brands!

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