Door Screen Replacement: A Step-By-Step Guide

door screen replacement

Over time, your door screen may become worn out or even ripped and need replacing. Luckily, door screen replacement isn’t a difficult task and can be knocked out in no time.

It’s important to have a door screen that’s in good shape. They’re an excellent source of ventilation and help keep animals and pests outside and your own pets and children safely inside.

Instead of paying someone else to do the task for you, we’ll go over the simple steps to replace a screen on a door so you can do the job yourself and save some money.

What You’ll Need

You won’t have to break the bank in order to replace the screen on your door. All it takes are a few simple tools, some you may already have, and you’ll have a new door screen in no time.

  • Window screening (available at any home improvement store)
  • Spline (rubber material used to hold screen in place)
  • A spline roller (looks like a pizza cutter, used to set the spline in place)
  • A flathead screwdriver 
  • A sturdy pair of scissors
  • Utility knife (box-cutter, exacto)

Steps to Replacing Your Door Screen

All you’ll need to complete a door screen replacement is a little bit of free time and a few materials. Below, we’ll go over the simple steps to replacing the screen on your door:

1. Make Sure You Have Everything

Every project is made a whole lot easier when you’re fully prepared. First and foremost, you’ll need the new screen. You can get door screen material from your local hardware store. Be sure to measure how much screen you’ll need.

Also, double check that you have all the tools that we mentioned above so you won’t have to run back and fourth while replacing your door screen.

2. Remove Your Old Door Screen

To make this process as easy as possible, you’ll need to remove the door from the hinges so you can lay it flat on a surface.

Removing the old screen is fairly simple. If you have any handle hardware that covers the screen, remove that as well. Once you’ve done this you can start to remove the screen by taking out the rubber spline.

Using a screwdriver or pick, gently remove the spline so you don’t damage it. If you find that it’s already damaged, you should replace the spline for your new screen.

After removing the spline, the screen should come out pretty easily. When the screen is completely off, clean out the inside of the frame to get rid of any dirt, dust or debris.

3. Cut Your New Door Screen

It’s important to buy more screen material than you actually need. You can always cut any excess off, but you can’t add any if you’ve cut too much.

Lay your replacement screen over the door and cut the edges to leave at least a couple inches of overhang. You can cut the screen using sturdy scissors or a knife of your choosing, whichever you prefer.

4. Secure the Screen into the Frame

replace screen on door

Using your spline roller, carefully press the screen into the grooves of the frame. Make sure you pull the screen tight enough on the edges so that you don’t get any waves in the screen.

Roll the screen into all four sides to secure the screen in the frame before you install the spline.

5. Install the Spline on Your Door Screen

replacing door screen

Once your screen is set securely in the frame, you can roll the spline into the grooves. Before rolling the spline into place, you need to measure out the right amount. Use the same method as we discussed with the door screen – leave some excess material so you can cut it down to the right length.

Once you’ve measured out how much spline you need, you can roll it into the grooves over the screen using you spline roller. Remember to keep the screen taut while rolling in the spline and don’t use too much pressure as you don’t want to cut the screen.

After you roll the spline around the entire frame, cut any excess material and secure it in the grooves. It’s good measure to go over once more with a screwdriver or spline roller to make sure it’s in place and tightly secured.

6. Trim Away the Excess

After installing the spline on your door screen, now you can cut off the remaining screen material. Be sure to take your time while doing this so you can keep the edges as clean as possible.

Use your box cutter or exacto knife to get as close to the frame as you can. No need to rush your door screen replacement because then you might scratch your door frame, over-cut the screen or even accidentally cut yourself.

7. Reinstall Your Door

After your door screen replacement is complete, you can now put your door back to where it belongs. If it’s a storm door you can simply re-screw the door into its hinges and put back on hardware on that you took off before replacing the screen on your door.

If you replaced the screen on a patio door, you may need to go through a couple extra steps such as reinserting the rollers.

Your Door Screen Replacement Is Complete

Replacing your screen on your door is a simple process that can be knocked out in an hours time depending on how handy of a person you are.

While replacing your screen you might notice that the whole door is a little worn. In such a case, you can get a free quote right now for the best storm doors in the Midwest.

When you do choose Feldco for your new screen door, you’ll have the assurance that if anything were to happen to your screen, we’ll re-screen it for you. In such a case, contact your local showroom and they’ll handle it for you so you don’t have to worry about replacing the screen yourself.

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