What Are the Different Types of Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors.  In this article we’ll do a quick walk through of the different types of vinyl siding available so that you can make an educated decision when it comes time to make your siding purchase.

A Note on Sizes

As a rule of thumb, vinyl siding usually comes in the following widths: 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”.

Clapboard Style

The first style that we’re going to explore is clapboard vinyl siding.  This is a rather old style of siding that has been around since Colonial Times (siding at this point would have been wood in the clapboard style as vinyl wouldn’t have been invented yet).

Essentially, this is just an arrangement wherein narrow strips, in this case of vinyl, are placed one on top of another – top to bottom.  This creates a pleasant look of long horizontal runs overlapping each other.

Traditional Lap Style

This is a very similar style to that of clapboard.  The major difference here is that traditional lap is composed of wider boards (typically 6” to 7”) that have a wedged quality to them (i.e. the boards are thicker at the top and narrower at the bottom).

This quality gives both a more defined look (the lines stand out more) and also amplifies the amount of moisture resistance the siding has.

Dutch Lap

Here is another form of a lap (or siding with overlapping boards).  The key distinctive here is that the degree on the angle of the bevel is sharper.  This produces more pronounced shadows and lines that are more even and also produces a very hand-made aesthetic.

A dutch lap is a very refined look and something well worth considering if the overarching curb appeal of your home is something high on your priority list.

lap siding


The stereotypical understanding of vinyl siding – smooth vinyl siding has no dimension or texture on its surface.  This can provide a very architectural, contemporary look and would be a good option for those who enjoy the Modernist aesthetic.

Log Vinyl

Just as the name implies, log vinyl siding is manufactured in such a way as to mirror and reflect the same design that would be found in a log cabin.  One of the chief benefits of this sort of vinyl siding is that you get the same overall appearance as the traditional log cabin without any of the maintenance needs.

Wood Grain

This is a type of vinyl siding that has been stamped in such a way as to imitate natural wood grain patterns.  This can yield a very warm and comforting feeling in that we as humans have been using wood in our building for centuries and have become quite familiar with its appearance.

wood siding

Half-Round (Scallop)

As you might imagine based on the name – these are vinyl pieces manufactured in a half-round shape.  In many ways the appearance is similar to that of fish scales.  These produce a very classical appearance and are an excellent choice to be used in gabled applications.

Beaded Seam

Basically a beaded seam is a rounded notch that is scored on the bottom edge of the vinyl board.  When most production was done by hand in wood boards in seasons past, this was a very labor-intensive and expensive option so the design has carried with it a sense of class and refinement.

Cedar Shake

These are vinyl siding pieces that mirror what was a very labor-intensive process accomplished by hand in times past.  Back then, a cedar log would be split lengthwise and wedge-shaped segments of cedar would be removed and used for siding.  These have a rather coarse appearance with lots and lots of texture.

Traditional Shake

As opposed to the Cedar Shake style, the Traditional Shake is installed in such a way as to produce clean and crisp lines.  The individual panels themselves may have quite a bit of texture active, but the overarching run is a clean linear one with very defined shadow lines.

vinyl wood siding

Hand-Split Shake

These are very similar to Cedar Shake options.  The major distinction here is that the staggered look of this can be manufactured in full panels that aid in the ease of installation rather than being individual units that have to be installed one-by-one.

Board and Batten

This is a style and pattern that has often been used on barns and similar structures.  Essentially these are vinyl boards that mirror traditional wood siding – in the wood siding there are wide planks installed with narrow strips of wood in the space between the wider planks.

With vinyl, you get this cozy and quaint aesthetic without having to put in the extra work to install each wooden component – everything comes together in a single board/panel.

board and batten siding

Always Go With a Professional for Siding

Always go with a professional for your siding needs so you get something that’s built to last. Look for siding products that are VSI Certified. This ensures you’ll get the best vinyl product and the safest installation.

At Feldco, we offer high-end vinyl siding made up of a full thermal support system that includes quality insulation and energy efficiency. Additionally, the superior appearance of vinyl siding with traditional and architectural colors will drastically improve the curb appeal of your home. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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