Decorating Windows and Doors for Christmas

Looking for ways to spruce up your home for the holidays?  Your windows and doors are an often overlooked canvas that when decorated, transforms your home into a winter wonderland.  Utilize these features during your holiday decorating and you’ll notice an undeniable difference in atmosphere.

Decorations don’t have to cost an arm and a leg at a high-end home goods store either.  Many window and door decorations can be made yourself—and with little difficulty and low cost.  Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Christmas Porch Decorations


Top of the Christmas décor list are wreaths.  What better way to decorate your home’s windows and doors than with lots and lots of wreaths? Not only are wreaths an extra cheery way to bring Christmas into your home, but they’re an easy project you can do yourself in a hundred different ways.

Window Sill with New Years

Citrus Wreath

Add some spice (or rather, citrus) to the mix by incorporating dried oranges into your greenery.  Compliment the rustic nature of dried fruit by tying together a bushel of evergreen (either in a circular form for a traditional wreath or in a fan shape for something different) with a burlap ribbon.  If you’ve got other goodies lying around like pinecones, tie them into your citrus wreath, too.  These wreaths make for excellent door decorations so make sure you make plenty for your home!

Ribbon Wreath

An undressed wreath can look dressed to the nines with a simple addition: a ribbon.  Bright bold red, classic plaid, or even simple white can add a Christmas-y theme to your home.  Anyone can create a ribbon wreath—just grab whatever favorites spool of ribbon you wish to use (the thicker, the better), cut off a long strand, and hang a few green wreaths against your windows, and secure them using the ends of the ribbon.  There you go—how easy was that?

Candle Wreath

Candles are a traditional Christmas decoration, lighting up the windows of homes across the country since Colonial times.  Combine a wreath and a candle for a unique Christmas decoration that will catch everyone’s eye.  For a more modern look, use a metal hoop and weave delicate garland or small-leafed foliage at the base.  Secure a battery-powered candle in its center (no wires make for a cleaner look).  Avoid using a real candle as these are a fire hazard, and that’s the last thing anyone wants for the holidays!


There’s not much more that says ‘tis the season than garland.  Like Christmas wreaths, garland is a simple DIY project.  You can save money by using real branches of evergreen to create your garland, or by purchasing undressed artificial garland in bulk and decorating it on your own.

Strung Garland

There are no rules when it comes to Christmas garland.  DIY garland is the best when done by the whole family, so grab your kids and get together some string, popcorn, beads, or dried citrus and create your own garland.  It doesn’t have to be evergreen to be festive, either.  You can even use paper to create long red and green paper chains to hang on windows and doors.

It’s more meaningful when strung garland becomes a Christmas tradition and by hanging it around window frames and doorways, you can elevate the feel of your home for the holidays.

DIY Citrus Garland

Going for a rustic look is simple with a do-it-yourself garland chain of dried citrus.  Not only is it easy to do—the scent of dried fruit makes for a welcomed aroma.  Cut up an orange into thin circular slivers and let it dry out overnight on paper towels or parchment paper, flat on the countertop until it becomes hard to the touch.  Use baking twine for a rustic look and string together your slices.  Finish by hanging the citrus garland across your windows.

Ribbon Garland

Simple garland can make for a natural contrast in any setting but dress it up with a ribbon and you’ve got yourself an easy Christmas decoration.  Hang your garland around the frame of your doorway or windows and at the corners, tie thick ribbons in a bow or a knot to upgrade these otherwise ordinary features of your home to a festive new level.

Ultimate Christmas Decorations: Windows and Doors

Instead of cluttering up counterspace all season long, decorate your windows and doors.  Dressing windows and doors in Christmas garlands and wreaths quickly sends your house into the holiday spirit without making it look messy.  Plus, all of these decorations can be made yourself (and no, you don’t have to be a crafting extraordinaire) with little to no expense.

Many homeowners overlook decorating their windows and doors, but once these essential features are emphasized with beautiful Christmas decorations—you won’t look back.

Before you decorate your windows and doors for Christmas, consider the insulation and energy efficiency properties of your old windows. If you’re windows are drafty then it’s time to consider replacement windows from Feldco. We have many styles and options that will suit your home, get a free quote today.

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