Add Protection and Appeal with Custom Storm Doors

A front door without a storm door is like a window without drapes, a backyard without blooming flowers, or a living room without furniture.  But the absence of a custom storm door is more than an absence of much-needed decoration—without one, you’re missing out on the protection such a door can provide for your home.

custom storm doors

Don’t skip the storm door.  Instead, go all the way with a custom storm door, and here’s why.

Increase Security with Custom Storm Doors

An extra door should, quite literally, sound the alarms. If you’re one of the thousands of homeowners looking for ways to increase security around your home to protect your family and assets, then consider a storm door.

Regardless as to whether or not your house is equipped with a security system, a well-constructed storm door adds an entirely new layer of protection in front of your solid, deadbolt entry door for optimal security.

Anyone on the prowl looking to break-in and enter would be deterred with a custom storm door’s presence.  It’s far too much work for an intruder to attempt to break through two doors, especially if your custom storm door is of durable materials and a high-quality lock.  Intruders are in search of easy access points, and a storm door isn’t one of them.

Front Door Preservation

Your front entry door was expensive, there’s no doubt about that.  Even if you didn’t exactly pay for it and it already existed with your home, you know that replacing such a thing would be a big investment.

storm door protection

So, why leave a heavy-duty, expensive front door exposed to the elements, only to be damaged from a lifetime of abuse from the rain, snow, and ice?  You wouldn’t, of course.  You’d protect it with a storm door.

A custom storm door allows homeowners to double up on their curb appeal.  There’s the appeal of the storm door itself, and the preservation of the condition of the door behind it.  Prevent chipping, dents, cracks, warping, and overall deterioration of your front door with a custom storm door.

A Little Extra Breeze

Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh breeze.  As a homeowner, opening your house up to fair weather and letting a breeze push through the storm door is as refreshing as a cool shower on a hot day.

Especially if the weather is far too lovely to crank the AC, a storm door is the perfect compromise. Go ahead. Open it up.

A Boost to Curb Appeal

You already know that with a storm door, you can expand the lifetime of your main entry door, thus ensuring its shining, high-quality looks, but the storm door itself adds the icing on the cake.  If you’re selling, this is a bell and a whistle for your house, boosting its value with a customized storm door.

custom storm door curb appeal

Features like embellished glass, beveling, high-views, storm doors with mid-views and three-quarter glass, full panels of glass, decorative glass, and ornate hardware are eye-catching designs, ones that will entice and welcome any potential buyer through your home’s threshold.

Similar to walking inside and smelling fresh-baked cookies, custom storm doors are irresistible.  Passersby, potential buyers, and you, the homeowner—everyone can appreciate a customized style of a storm door.

Insulation Means Energy Efficiency

You might be surprised to learn that a good quality storm door can make your home more energy efficient.  If your home is rooted in the Midwest, energy efficiency is the name of the game, and not just in the freezing winters, but in the sweltering summers.

A storm door with insulation prevents air leaks and adds another layer in front of your weather-stripped entry door.  It’s double protection for those extreme temperatures, and for you, it’s less money to shell out on your monthly energy bills.  It’s an overall win-win.

Can’t Beat Natural Light

Appeal is more than design; it’s also about letting the light in.  If your home has a long entryway, the hall could get lost to dreariness without a storm door to filter in the needed natural light.

natural light custom storm door

A bright entryway is inviting, and a custom storm door bridges the gap between the outside and the interior of your home.  Without it, the entry door would be shut, blocking any source of natural light, leaving you with that dark hallway once again.

Custom Storm Doors Are the Cherry on Top

Let’s face it—the front door draws the eyes of passersby.  It’s a focal point that we’re simply attracted to.  Whether that’s due to our constant search for symmetry to make sense of physical objects or just a great mystery is a matter better left to the experts.

That leaves one truth: the front door and its storm door are critical to curb appeal.  It’s where the eyes go, and often times, a front door is not enough for appeal, protection, efficiency, natural light, and insulation. But like a cherry on top, a storm door just hits the spot.

Who do homeowners in the Midwest turn to when they’re in need of custom storm doors? Feldco. We have a selection of beautiful, durable and energy efficient storm doors that you won’t find anywhere else.

Make your home stand out and perform flawlessly with a custom storm door from Feldco. Get a free quote online to start your project today.

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