7 Factors That Go Into the Cost of Replacement Windows

Windows are an integral part of a house. They provide natural light, aesthetic appeal, natural ventilation, and a variety of other benefits to a home. When you need to fix a window, it can be difficult to decide whether to repair it or replace it. It’s important to consider multiple factors when looking at the cost of replacement windows.

cost of replacement windows

Below are the 7 most important factors that will impact the cost of replacement windows.

Types of Windows

There are so many different types of windows that are offered to homeowners. The typical window is a double-hung. It has two sashes that each move up and down.

Another popular option is the casement window. It works much like a door that opens up on the side with the help of a lever or a crank.

An awning window is basically the same as a casement, but it opens up the other way horizontally. Awning windows are popular in basements.

A slider window slides open on a track. The type of window that you go for will absolutely impact how much it costs to replace it.

Number of Windows Installed

Many window companies will offer you a discount if you get more than one window replaced. It’s always a smart idea to check out the condition of all of the windows in your home so that you can see if you can get more than one replaced at a time.

It’ll especially help if not much time would pass in between replacements. If one window still has a year or two left in it but another needs to be replaced, it’s worth checking out the cost of two.

Financing can also impact the cost of the window replacement. For example, it may pay for you to finance the cost of replacing all your windows. Some companies have felxible financing offers that help make any project affordable.

Trim Repair

If trim is needed, the replacement cost is going to increase depending on the extent of the trim work. For example, trim may be decaying on the outside, or the trim along the sill may need some work.

Depending on what needs to be done and extent of the damage, the price could be minimal, but it’ll add to the cost of replacement.

Type of Installation

replacement window cost

How your installer goes about installing the windows will make an impact on how you much pay. If you get new construction installation, that means that the window opening has to be shaped in order to fit the windows that have been purchased.

This can be more expensive than retrofit installation, which is when the windows are purchased so that they fit the same size as the current opening. This can be cheaper since no changes have to be made to the opening.

For full-frame tear-out, not only does the window need to be installed, but the old window along with the trim, moulds and jam extensions have to be torn out. This can be by far the most expensive since you’re not only installing, but also uninstalling.

Type of Frame

The type of frame that you choose will certainly have a large influence on the cost of replacement windows. Vinyl, aluminum, wood and fiberglass are the most common types. The frame encases the window and goes all around it, having a major impact on the visual appeal and energy efficiency.

The type of frame you choose can change the whole look of the room. In addition, they will play a role in how much light and air comes into the room so they do have an impact on energy-efficiency.

Aluminum or metal frames are often the cheapest and certainly are fairly durable. However they don’t provide the energy-efficiency that other types of windows provide. Many homeowners are opting for vinyl because of the energy-efficiency it provides along with their longevity and durability.

Vinyl windows are bright and come in a variety of options. Fiberglass is another choice, although less common than vinyl. Fiberglass is excellent at insulation, but it can have somewhat of a duller look than other types of frames.

Wood has been a favorite for years, although wood does require a lot of maintenance. If you go for wood, be prepared to repaint and check for changes to the wood due to weather and changes in temperature.

Type of Glass

The type of glass that you want to go with will impact the price of the window replacement. As you can guess, someone who opts for cheap glass is going to pay less, but there are so many reasons people are going with energy-efficient options nowadays.

Double-pane or triple-pane windows are windows that have multiple panes, with gases in between. If these gases escape, no health risk is posed because they’re non-toxic.

However, the gas works to keep the cold outside air out during the winter and to keep the air conditioned air in the house from escaping during the summer. These energy-efficient options are more expensive technology, so the glass will cost more and thus increase the window replacement cost.

Another popular energy-efficient option is heat mirror technology, which have miniscule metal particles covering films that are inserted between window panes. In addition to gases, these films provide a super energy-efficient option.

Both types of glass are more expensive than the average window, bringing up the cost of replacement; however, you will save money in the long run because of what you’ll save in energy costs.

Amount of Experience

It’s no surprise that hiring someone to do the installation who doesn’t have much experience would be cheaper than an installer with a ton of experience. While replacing windows can cost a lot of money, it’s a wiser decision to go with the more experienced professional.

The reason is that faulty window installation can cause problems for the whole window. It can lead to window seal failure or require another installation. So while it may seem cheaper to go with the guy who promises to do the work for less money, it’ll save you more in the long run to go with the more seasoned professional.

Of course, there’s no reason to overpay. It’s probably a good idea to get several estimates so that you can look at the range of prices and compare that to installers’ reputations to pick the best.

The Cost of Replacement Windows Relies on Many Factors

Replacing your windows can be an excellent way to boost the look of your home and reduce your energy costs. Since it can be costly, it’s important to consider all of the factors that go into increasing the cost.

By thinking about the glass, frame, type of installation and other factors, you can make the best decision when it comes to window replacements.

So, if you’re in need of window replacement, Feldco is here to help. We’ve served over 400,000 homeowners across the Midwest and would love to help you with your project. Get a free quote online to start your replacement window project with us.

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