Best Ways to Keep Windows Clean in the Summer

The hardest part of cleaning your windows is starting.  It’s a simple job, but homeowners tend to dread this ideally twice-a-year chore.  But when you ditch the paper towels and get the right materials, you’ll find that cleaning your windows can be a breeze.

Dirty Windows, Warm Season

Windows tend to get a little cloudier and dustier once the warmer weather hits.  Plants spring back to life and with that comes the natural effect of pollen, traveling through the air and getting stuck on your once-clean window panes. There’s not much you can do about stopping pollen, but you can make cleaning your windows easier during the summer.

Cleaning Windows

The Wrong Way

Here’s what not to do when you go to clean your windows: use wadded-up paper towels and rub the windows.  You’ll almost always end up with a worse view than when you started.  This method only moves the dirt around, creating streaks and smudges.  It also creates a static charge on the glass surface, unbeknownst to homeowners, which can attract even more dirt and dust in the long run.

The Right Way

What kind of windows does your home have?  There are different methods that work best for certain styles. 

Clean Windows

Double Pane Windows

That extra pane can make cleaning a double pane window seem tricky, but it’s not when you’ve got a good method to employ.  For any window cleaning, the squeegee is going to be the best tool for the job, especially during the summer months when you’ve got pollen and dust working against you.

The best squeegee to use for multi-pane windows is one that’s customized to fit within the panes.  You can get a large squeegee from any hardware or home improvement store and use a hacksaw to cut it down to size, then use a utility knife to trim the rubber blade to fit the pane’s width.  This makes cleaning double pane windows much easier and faster.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are large windows that you’ll definitely want to be streak-free.  As their name suggests, their view is picturesque, so keeping them clean is ideal.  Use a strip applicator, a tool with a large cloth head that can soak up a lot of water, covering a large area without scratching the glass surface.  Don’t use water that’s too sudsy—just a squirt of dishwashing fluid in a bucket of warm water will do the trick.

Squeegee the picture window dry after you’ve washed it down thoroughly with your strip applicator.  Doing this in an organized fashion will keep your windows picture perfect, so begin at one top corner, wiping the squeegee blade with a microfiber cloth between each pass.

Dry off any remaining water with a chamois, which will soak up leftover liquid without leaving any streaks.

Screen Cleaning

With the pollen getting kicked up to high gear in the summertime, you might notice your screens looking a little worse for wear.  It’s nice to have the windows open during these warmer months, but the screens and the windowpanes are subjected to the high pollen the season produces.  Even if your windows are clean, they might appear dirty because the screens have collected debris.

Clean your screens to retain that perfect view for your windows.  When you go to wash your windows, simply add its screens to the cleaning checklist.  It takes all but a few minutes to remove the screens, grab a non-abrasive scrub brush, and wash down either side with a hose.  Make sure they are completely dry before putting the screens back in.

Dust Your Blinds

As you clean your windows, take a moment to also dust your blinds.  Use a duster and if you want, apply an antistatic spray after your finished.  Dust loves to collect in the most inconvenient spots, and you might not realize how much can impact your window’s view.

Tackle Mildew

Older windows are vulnerable to mildew growth.  The summer is when this becomes a prevalent problem, with increased moisture and heavier rainstorms, the perfect environment to invite mildew growth on windows.  Use a mixture of bleach, laundry detergent, and water to stop mildew growth on and around your windows while wearing rubber gloves to protect yourself against the chemicals.  Rinse well and avoid getting the solution on nearby landscaping.

You don’t need to spray for mildew every time you clean your windows in the summer, but once or twice during this season can help keep your windows clean and free of mildew.  In the long term, this protects your windows’ integrity, ensuring their longevity.

Clean Windows Transform Your Space

Cleaning your windows is the quickest and easiest way to make your interior space feel transformed.  You’d be surprised at the effect dirty windows can have, as well as the possible hardship your windows endure when they go without cleaning.  This is especially true in the summer, when dust and pollen are at their height.

When it comes to windows, you want something that will be energy-efficient all year round, working parts that are conditioned to last for a long time, and a secure window that won’t invite intruders. All those qualities and perks are found at Feldco. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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