Use These Bay Window Ideas to Transform Your Home

Bay windows are one of the most elegant styles of windows available. They’re big, beautiful and bold. Bay windows open up the room they’re in to many design possibilities. The amount of bay window ideas you can utilize is practically endless.

bay window ideas

From different curtain designs to adding a little resting nook, bay windows have the most potential of any style.

What exactly is a bay window? It’s a combination of three windows that extend beyond the exterior of your home. Their counterpart, bow windows, are similar except they contain more windows and have a rounded shape to them. Bay windows are not rounded.

However, if you do have bow windows, you can still use these bay window decor ideas for them.

The reason they have so many benefits is because bay windows take up a large section of the wall and create a ledge in which you can decorate.

We’ll go over some of the best bay window ideas so you can decorate them with style and enhance the beauty of your home.

Endless Bay Window Curtain Ideas

With other window styles such as double hung or casement, there isn’t much room for intricate window treatments. On the other hand, bay windows have a large area to work with and you can go all out with curtains, drapes and shades.

When deciding what kind of curtains to decorate your bay windows with, you should keep in mind how much light you want in the room, the shape of the window, and the color scheme of the room.

One of the most popular and elegant bay window treatment ideas is adding silk drapes to them. When you choose silk drapes for your bay windows, be sure they match the rest of the room’s decor.

You can choose to use the same color for all your silk drapes or you can mix and match to create a pop.

Another bay window decor idea is to hang a valance at the top. Valances are treatments that hang above the windows. Think of them as a hat for your windows. There are a ton of window valance ideas out there from traditional to modern designs.

You can create a warm and cozy room with darker and calmer colors or brighten things up with curtains that provide a splash of color.

Create a Mini Garden

Since bay windows provide a ledge, you can utilize that space in many ways. If you like to have plants and greenery in the house, the ledge on your bay window is absolutely perfect for displaying them.

The array of plants is totally up to you and how you want the room to look. By being right next to the windows, the plants will get plenty of sunlight.

Also, the ledge is convenient and it won’t be hard to change around, replace or water your plants. It’s a great way to create a fresh-feeling and calm home.

Bay Window Seating

how to decorate bay windows

Bay and bow windows are widely know for the ledge they create, or that you build, because they extend beyond your home’s exterior. With that being said, people have come up with a plethora of bay window ideas utilizing that space for seating.

If the space permits, you can turn your bay window ledge into a little nap nook. With cushions and pillows, you can turn it into a spot for rest and relaxation.

Depending on where the bay windows are in your house, you can use the ledge as more seating for people to eat, work, do homework, etc.

With the use of comfy cushions and placing a table in front of the window, you got yourself a nice place to sit and eat breakfast or for your kids to finish their homework.

Most bay windows are found in the living room, so it only makes sense to use the ledge as extra seating. You can never have too many places to sit. The last thing you want to do while having guests over is have to bring in dining chairs to the living room so everyone has a seat.

Extra Storage or Desk Area

The space underneath bay windows usually goes untouched. However, that’s a lot of room not getting used. One of the most creative bay window ideas is to turn that extra space into storage.

You can create a place to store books, pillows, blankets or anything else you have in mind. If there’s not already a ledge, you can build one or have one built. You can gut out the bottom area and install shelves or any other storage idea you have in mind.

Another great use is to create a desk area. You’ll have a nice view of the outdoors and ample natural light to get anything done. You can do the same thing as making a storage unit by gutting out the bottom area to make legroom.

Make Sure You Have the Best Bay Windows for Decorating

It’s important to make sure your bay windows are in good shape and look great. If not, you’re just covering up an eyesore. Plus, if your windows are old and worn out, you’re losing out on a lot of money that’s going towards rising energy bills because your windows aren’t energy efficient.

If you plan on using your bay windows for a seating area or nap nook, you’ll want them to be able to keep the elements outside. There would be no point to make a seating area in front of drafty windows.

If you need to replace your bay window, or any windows for that matter, you can trust Feldco. As the Midwest’s leading window company, we’ve served over 400,000 homeowners with their home remodeling projects.

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