Warning Signs of Bad Window Installation

Windows are an expensive investment.  This is a sentiment that every homeowner understands, so when you pay the money to have your windows replaced, upgraded, and renewed, you expect the job to be done correctly and efficiently.  Sometimes, you get what you pay for, and that could mean that you’re suddenly left with window installation gone wrong.

How do you tell that your windows have been installed properly?  There are numerous indications, and understanding when they are visible. You can save money on high energy bills and a slew of other costly problems that can occur.  If your windows have been installed incorrectly, then keep your eyes out for these warning signs below.

bad window installation on a leaking window

Gaps in Your Windows

You don’t have to be a window installer to spot obvious gaps in your windows.  Gaps are a clear sign that your windows have been implemented poorly.  You’ll notice these gaps if you look between the frame and the windowsill, and if it’s been done improperly you will be able to tell right away.

This is a clear indication that the technician assigned for your home did not take the window measurements down correctly.  A gap between the frame and the sill means that the window’s frame is too large for the glass, or the installer simply installed a glass that was “close enough” to the frame’s measurements.

Hiring a trusted window installer is critical in receiving the best results. You shouldn’t have to shell out a fortune for windows that are installed correctly but do be sure to read the company’s reviews before committing.

Drafty Windows

You went through the trouble to have your windows replaced because your home was drafty and was lacking some serious energy efficiency.  Now that the windows are updated and installed to new standards, you still feel drafts.  Is this normal?  No! Newly installed windows should decidedly not be subject to drafts or breezes of any kind.

Windows that are manufactured to today’s energy-conscious standards should have panes that resist the outer elements and strive to keep energy inside of the home.  Double and triple-paned windows especially excel at locking in a home’s energy.  What will happen with drafty windows is that your home will work harder to heat or cool the inside, a losing battle if the windows are not installed properly.  Energy bills will become a costly nuisance and internal temperatures will fail to be regulated.

The second you feel drafts or the effects of a passing breeze come through your newly installed window, you should know that something is wrong.  Contact the window installation company right away because the sooner you can get it fixed, the more energy your home can conserve, and that means lowered utility bills.

Water Damage Around Your Windows

What happens to a window that’s not installed effectively and it begins to rain?  The answer is water damage.  If you own a home, you know that water damage is the root of all evil.  Moisture seepage can lead to a slew of problems, like the formation and growth of mold and mildew, which can have hazardous effects on the health of you and your family.  Not only that, but when your home’s construction becomes wet and there’s a lingering presence of moisture, you are looking at possible structural damage, only to be weakened over time by a continual water problem.

When a window isn’t installed right, a casual rainstorm can become a problem.  Rain will trickle in, and you can spot this by checking to see if the walls beneath and around the window are becoming stained.  If your walls are covered in wallpaper, you’ll notice that it’s becoming yellowed, stained, or wrinkled.  Similarly, paint will bubble and chip due to the moisture.

Water damage is one of the worst cases of a bad installation job and should be addressed immediately before structural damages ensue.

Operational Failure

Even if the other indications of a bad window installation fail to show, the operation of the window is essential in determining if it was put into place correctly.  A window that doesn’t open or close is no good at all, and for what you paid to have the windows replaced should guarantee a functional window.

You will notice if the window fails to operate when you attempt to open it and it quickly becomes stuck or won’t budge at all.  But in some cases, operational failure means that the window opens, but remains stuck and refuses to shut.  Either way, this is a troubling sign that the windows weren’t installed properly.  You paid to have functional windows, so be sure to bring this to the attention of the company who took on the job.

Messy Caulking

What does it mean to be a professional window installer?  It means taking the time to do the job correctly, yet efficiently, with an outstanding product and results that speak for themselves.  What it doesn’t mean is a sloppy job, a poorly installed window, and the mess to show for it.  A warning sign of this is a bad caulking job, one that can be spotted right away, even if you’ve never picked up a caulking gun in your life.

Sloppy caulking is easy to spot, and what it means is that the installer didn’t take the time and energy to do it correctly.  Caulking requires patience, a steady hand, and skills, and it can be extremely evident when someone lacks one of these three necessities.

A messy caulking job will show that the installer took shortcuts, was in a hurry, or simply didn’t care.  For you, that’s not only incredibly unfair, but it means that your home could suffer in terms of energy efficiency.  Caulking acts as a seal, ensuring that the window is in place, looks professional, and retains the energy inside. It helps hold the frame together, and is most definitely something that should be done right.

Foggy Inside the Panes

It’s not foggy outside, so why are your windows fogging up?  This is a common warning sign of a bad installation job and it means that the seal that is often inserted in modern windows between the panes to keep the gas inside has been compromised.  Yes, gas is used to heighten energy efficiency, and a good installer knows this, realizing that a correct application of a new replacement window relies on being careful enough to ensure the gas stays intact.

So, if the next morning you come downstairs to find that it seems to be foggy between your windowpanes, you will absolutely want to follow up with the installation company.

bad window installation on a poor ventilated window

Windows Out of Level

If it seems a bit crooked inside your home when you are looking at your newly installed window, then it might not be just you—it could be a bad installation job.  Windows should be beautiful, picturesque, and of course—leveled. While it isn’t your job to take out a level and see if the window company installed your new windows correctly, you may have to.

You Should Trust Your Window Installation

In a perfect world, all windows would be installed properly and beautifully every time, but we don’t live in a perfect world, do we?  Before selecting a window installation company, make sure you do the research to select the best, most reliable, and skilled in the business.  Don’t suffer from a bad window installation!

No Bad Window Installation Found Here

Getting a bad window installation can set you back thousands of dollars a year on electricity and energy costs. It can be devastating once you find out that your windows are out of level or there are gaps around your windows.

At Feldco, we take preventive measures to ensure that window installation is done properly. Everything from double hung windows to picture windows, we have the right product and installation team to get the job done. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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