Are Window and Door Screens Really That Necessary?

window and door screens

Door and window screens don’t have much of a priority for homeowners when you think about it. While windows and doors are extremely important to maintaining a presentable home that’s in good maintenance with a high curb appeal, people rarely talk about screens.

The chances are you either moved into a home with or without screens and have maintained the same appearance. Doors and window screens have a purpose, but many homeowners don’t understand the extent of their value.

Perhaps you’re considering removing door or window screens and don’t even know if you need to replace them with something new. Are window and door screens really that necessary? Here are the advantages and disadvantages for installing window and door screens.

Door and Window Screens: Settling the Debate

There is surprisingly a little debate when it comes to the value of home screens. Some experts agree that window and door screens are necessary and have several benefits. Others argue that screens are not necessary and need to get removed.

What should you do? Like anything, it doesn’t hurt to weigh the pros and cons of the situation. There are a few major advantages in keeping or adding new screens to a home:

  • Protection
  • Comfort
  • Critter Control

The good news is that unlike door and window replacements, it isn’t that costly to replace screens. As a result, it makes the home improvement project cost-effective, easy to DIY, and practical for many reasons.

Advantages of Door and Window Screens

window screen getting installed by a professional

First, let’s examine the advantages of installing window and door screens on your home. Replacing old screens is a quick, simple, and cost-effective way to help with curb appeal. It’s also a good idea if you bought a home that didn’t include screens from the previous owner.

Keeps Your Home Protected

The primary advantage is that door, and window screens keep your home protected. Screens might not look or feel like much, yet they are incredibly effective. It serves as the primary barrier between the exterior and interior of your home.

Window and door screens are mandatory if you like to let fresh air into your home. Screens also protect glass and doors from abuse like a ball flying at a window from your children playing outdoors. It’s also another obstacle a burglar needs to remove to access the inside of your home.

Along with protecting your interior items like furniture from damage, you should also remember how it keeps glass cleaner and protects the lifespan of your windows and doors. Once again, screens are a flimsy barrier, but they collect much of the debris that would otherwise cling to the glass. Removing a screen from a window or door is simple and easy to clean off for a nearly maintenance-free protective barrier.

Financial Savings and Filter Control

Secondly, screens help with financial savings. It allows you to open your windows day or night, without the fear your possessions get damaged inside. Wind can blow things off desks and stands. While screens aren’t bullet-proof, they do withstand more of the abuse from the elements compared to not having any barrier on the window or doors.

Screens also filter out airborne junk in the fall and winter when you may still need some fresh air in after several days or weeks of the interior being dormant. Consequently, it keeps you and your family safe and protected from allergies or illness.

Lastly, door and window screens are excellent for critter control. It keeps your pets like dog and cats inside a home. Meanwhile, it obstructs unwanted animals and pests from gaining access. You can’t keep every single insect out of your home, but screens go a long way. They are especially effective during the summer months where you need a cool breeze at nights without inviting in countless mosquito and other pests.

Disadvantages of Door and Window Screens

door screen is getting replaced by a homeowner

Despite evidence that door and window screens are a good thing and help compliment your home, some theories argue they aren’t always necessary.

For example, winter conditions (especially in certain climates) makes having screens more of a hindrance than anything. Regardless, it doesn’t mean they aren’t a good solution just more of a seasonal solution.

Some homeowners choose to remove their door and home screens in the winter. Why? Removing screens takes seconds and is a good idea when winterizing to:

Replace Screens on Windows with Storm Windows

It’s especially important on single-pane windows to provide an extra barrier from the cold. Homeowners with double pane or triple pane windows don’t face the same degree of a problem. The extra thermal barrier of a storm window is a preference over window screens in chilly climates.

Snow and Ice Can Get Trapped Between Screens and Windows

If that is the case, the build-up can lead to long-term damage to the sill and window frame. Snow is heavy, and ice is destructive, so it also bows the screen and makes it less effective over time. For this reason, many choose to bypass having screens on windows and doors during the winter altogether.

Door and Window Screens Block Light

While it’s not a tremendous difference, screens do inhibit natural light. Homeowners usually value sunlight the most on the south and east-facing doors and windows. These types of facing windows and doors can increase temperatures by as much as eight degrees. Thus, deciding whether to have screens on the south and east-facing windows or doors is a personal decision.

Using Screens Creates a Different Look

Screens do block a full view inside or outside a window. The minimal privacy from the outside is usually wanted but not so much from the inside of a home. It will spruce up your view by removing them.

It also is a preference for some because while screens act as a filter for glass, it doesn’t take long for them to get filthy. Taking out screens on second and third-story windows isn’t always that simple. Removing a screen eliminates most debris that gets trapped between screen and window.

Door and Window Screens Are Mostly Necessary

The answer for most homeowners is ‘yes’, especially during the warm months of the year. However, the climate where you live may influence your decision. There is also personal preference which weighs a final decision.

Truthfully there is no wrong or right answer. Utilizing door and window screens makes sense for all the listed advantages. However, during the winter months, they are less accommodating, especially if you don’t ever plan to crack open the windows for fresh air until the spring.

Installing or removing screens is an easy process. The DIY job can help add protection to your doors, windows, and interior of your home. Window and door screens also are easy to remove during times of the year, where they seem less practical.

Window and Door Replacement

Going all in on window and door replacement will boost your home’s curb appeal, increase energy efficiency, and lower the cost on your energy bills. You should consider door and window replacement before installing screens.

However, you don’t want to go with a company with a poor reputation for quality windows and doors. That why over 400,000 homeowners go with Feldco for their home improvement needs. At Feldco, we deliver on great windows and doors that will be presentable and energy efficient.

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