8 Signs You Need to Replace Your Doors

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Doors serve such an important function in a home. It’s not only your means from the interior to the exterior of a home, but also incredibly important in terms of presentation and curb appeal. Furthermore, doors make your life easier by opening and closing properly.

The bad news is that doors withstand a lot of abuse. They get bashed into while you carry groceries into a home from a car. The snow, rain, and wind all yank and beat on their surface. The smooth operation of a door when you first moved in may no longer exist.

There are obvious signs that you need to replace your doors. There are also less obvious issues. Deciding to invest in door replacements takes some considering because of the time, money, and inconvenience of the home remodel. However, it’s the correct decision when these eight signs make it obvious you need to replace your doors:

#1 Doors Are No Longer Functional

Do you have difficulty opening, closing, or locking your doors? The operation of a faulty or old door is the number one sign you need a replacement. Doors need to operate without much hassle.

Some opening and closing issues can get resolved without a full door replacement. However, there are plenty of circumstances where the problems are way more severe than basic maintenance, like adjusting the doorstop or changing out a lock.

Even if you can make quick repairs, the amount of maintenance spent on the issue over time will become exhausting. Exterior doors like front doors, especially in harsh climates, may only last 30 years before a replacement is your only logical choice.

#2 Doors are Falling Apart Before Your Eyes

They say the eye test usually doesn’t fail you when it comes to home remodels. When you glance at your doors, particularly important ones in terms of presentation like front doors, how do you feel about its look?

Obvious signs of door replacements include issues like cracking, peeling, and warping. Painting or staining a door can help spruce up its appearance. But other issues, especially with wood doors, do not get properly addressed even with a few adjustments and a fresh coat of paint.

Doors are subject to an uncanny amount of abuse since they are used heavily by homeowners and get exposed to both exterior and interior elements. Certain types of doors (steel, fiberglass) are better for maintenance and hold up longer over time. Trust your eyes because they usually don’t lie if the signs are obvious that you need to replace your doors.

#3 The Type of Door is Outdated

Keep in mind that something being vintage, or retro, is different from an outdated door. Outdated doors no longer serve a purpose on standard, modern homes because a different type and style have become more efficient at the same purpose.

Fiberglass door replacements cost more money, yet the long lifespan and maintenance-free guarantee are refreshing. Metal doors also provide outstanding durability and dependability. Wood doors, on the other hand, while stylish, is not wise from a maintenance and upkeep perspective.

rotted wood door

If you still have wood doors, it may be time to make the change and update to a modern door replacement. The long-term solutions outweigh the initial cost of replacements and install. It also will do wonders for your curb appeal, especially if you are considering putting the home on the market.

#4 Dated Doors Make the Rest of Your Home Uncomfortable

Drafty doors are just as bad as drafty windows. It not only creates an uncomfortable experience for anyone lounging by an exterior door, but it’s not good for your wallet.

Drafty doors contribute to higher energy costs because more controlled air from the interior of the home escapes to the outside. Winters in cold climates also complicate the problem by feeding chilly air into the home via drafts.

Once your energy bills start to go up, consider window and door replacements. Once again, while the upfront costs are expensive, it’s a wise decision for the long-term because you’ll save month to month on energy costs.

#5 Doors Feature Window Frames with Damage

Plenty of doors have windows that help add to the presentation of your home. But like other places where there is glass in your home, it can present several problems. Drafts also enter through door windows. Water leaks are another common issue which impacts the maintenance and care of your interior.

When you inspect your old doors, check for window frames that are soft, chipped, or water damaged. Also, conduct a draft test to see if the window is contributing to higher energy costs. The frame, along with the glass, or the overall door frame, can also add to the issue. You want to avoid rot and mold at all costs.

#6 Doors Become Noisy

Doors produce a loud noise when they open or shut hard. It’s not all that unusual. However, old doors that need replacing do get louder over time because it no longer blocks out noise near as well.

Door frames and the actual door don’t provide the same sound barrier over time. If you have old wood doors, especially in loud places like inner cities or by highways, you’re going to hear a lot of ambience from outside.

It’s distracting if you’re trying to work from home or relax at night. Fiberglass doors and steel doors are far more effective at reducing noise even in busy spots. Vinyl doors are also more effective at noise reduction compared to wood doors.

If you still want glass on your door, you can also buy a heavy door with double-pane or triple-pan windows to assist with noise control.

#7 Safety Has Become a Concern

The way a door locks is connected to how it fits against the door frame. Old doors that are loose and not snug do present a safety concern. It may be easier for thieves to break into your residence.

Cheap, old doors withstand a lot of abuse. If someone wants to break into your home, they are going to find a way. Fiberglass, metal, and vinyl doors all present a bigger upgrade. Therefore, you can have a lot of peace of mind with door replacements when you know they will help protect your loved ones and belongings.

#8 Small Issues are Becoming More Prevalent

Along with not having to struggle to open and close your doors, homeowners also need to pay attention to small problems that become more significant over time. For example, glass on doors that condensate more over time. Frosty windows mean that seals are no longer effective, and the door is slowly getting exposed to more water damage.

You also shouldn’t overlook rust and corrosion. Subtle evidence of insect damage is important to inspect. Pest control is only a short-term option for inspects that are getting into your doors or windows. The first sight of termites and other pesky pests is an important contributor to door replacements that many homeowners overlook.

Benefits of Replacing Your Doors

Home improvements are costly yet well worth it. The upfront costs for door replacements are not cheap, but over time you’ll save money on your energy bills and reduce maintenance. Door replacements also contribute to peace of mind as you improve the safety and security of your prized possessions and loved ones.

At Feldco, we have decades of experience with great quality doors, local services to accommodate customers with products, and great installers who are factory trained. That’s why over 500,000 homeowners went with Feldco for their home improvement needs.  We replace your doors so you can feel good about your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote today.

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