7 Window Styles That Will Inspire You

We all aren’t interior decorators and when windows need a makeover, there might be styles we aren’t aware exist. Choosing your windows is a challenging decision; you want the right amount of natural light but with a style to compliment your décor.

Your window style should be functional as well as stylish, offering the ability to open and close with regards to whatever space the room has available to it.

awning window styles

As with anything else, educating yourself on the window styles that are available to you is going to be crucial when it comes time to make the decision.

Bay Windows

Bold, beautiful and picturesque—bay windows are dramatic and compelling, with panoramic views to steal the focal point of any room. Most homeowners are under the misguided belief that bay windows must be installed in large rooms with ample wall space, but that isn’t the case. Even with limited room, bay windows can be installed, like a clear picture frame against a gorgeous backdrop of nature.

Homeowners with a great view and a need to showcase it, should consider the bay window. This is especially true if your decorating abilities have made an impact on a manicured backyard because a bay window can put your hard work on display.

The same is true if your location is compelling and adds a layer of uniqueness to your home, like a peak into a natural setting, a historic part of town or the side of the home privy to remarkable sunsets or sunrises.

Sliding Windows

What to do with the area above your kitchen sink? You’ve always dreamed of having a window to look out while cooking in the kitchen, but the options seem limited. You’re not alone.

Homeowners, especially those in older homes, lament over their kitchen sinks: not enough reachable space for a regular single or double pane window and not enough room to for one to swing due to the obstructing faucet.

In this case, a sliding window is the best solution and now, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Enjoy the idyllic view with plenty of natural light, but also have the ability to slide the windows open and shut without sacrificing space.

Sliding windows are an excellent compromise in rooms with tight spaces but in desperate need of lighting. Adding a window to a room can really give it a feeling of openness.

Hopper Windows

Basements—they’re dark, dingy and musty, right? Wrong! Basements in the modern age aren’t just for storage, they’re for movie nights, equipped with a popcorn maker and a big comfy couch to squeeze friends and family on.

They’re for a renovated bar room, cozy and rustic, with floating tiles and a fridge stocked with the best craft beers. Windows can make or break a basement setting. Old windows collecting cobwebs with rusted frames deflate whatever environment your basement room is striving for.

There’s something about a hopper window. Hopper windows can transform a basement from damp and cold to a room that breathes light. Hopper windows come with an exterior screen which allows you to let the air in and keeps the bugs out.

Double Hung Windows

The most popular choice for windows is double hung. These windows have two movable sashes, one on top and one on the bottom. This allows you to open the window from the top down or from the bottom up. Double hung windows are great for ventilation and easy to clean when necessary.

They’re also great for security. The ventilation latches are staggered and located on inside of the window.

These latches will limit the degree to which you’re able to raise or lower the top or bottom sash. You can have your windows open for the breeze, but still feel safe knowing they can’t be opened any further.

Garden Windows

You might not readily know what a garden window is, but you have undoubtedly seen them before. Garden windows are box windows that jut outwards from your home. This type of window looks like a floating box and is perfect for plant lovers or homeowners looking to add a compelling element to their home’s design.

Plant lovers can rejoice with garden windows, as this style of window is available with ventilation options to ensure requirements are met for the health of the plant, especially in the hotter months. Panels with built-in screens can be installed in the sides of a garden window that can be opened and closed, depending on the plants’ unique needs.

Garden windows just aren’t for those with a green thumb. If you’re partial to displaying knick-knacks or just want an extra space to store some spices, a garden window is an ideal option.

Circle Windows

You need a window but you don’t want to settle for ordinary. Circle windows are the way to go, as this style is not terribly common, and when it is used, you just can’t peel your eyes away from the design.

If you spot a circle window on a home, you might be inclined to imagine the beach—a Cape Cod styled home, painted sea-blue, with circle windows peering out to the ocean like two round eyes.

Circle windows will do that; draw a connection between the portholes of a ship and coastal living. Your home doesn’t have to be on a sandy shore to enjoy the effects of this style of window, however. This window style can transform the exterior look of any home, no matter the location.

Other Architectural Window Styles

Circle windows aren’t the only option you have for architectural styles. You can have half circles, hexagons, trapezoids, triangles, etc. There are so many possibilities for architectural window styles.

Find Your Best Window Styles

You would be surprised to hear that all of these styles don’t skim the top of all that are available to you, but it’s true. There’s a style of window perfect for every home, any type of space and to fit whatever need is required.

window styles for any home

If you’re seeking more light but can’t fit a large window, there’s a style for that, if you’re looking for light in a cramped or awkward space, there’s a few styles for that, too, or if you just want something to embellish your home’s aesthetics, there are several styles for this as well.

Feldco Window Styles

Feldco offers plenty of options when it comes to window styles. We also offer many color options to match any look and style of home. If you’re still not sure about what style would work for you, trust our professionals to match you with the best fit.

Give your home the natural light, breeze and look it deserves. Start your window project today and get a free quote now.

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