6 Eye-Catching Window Painting Ideas

Your windows are a major focal point for your home.  Every room relies on a window as a source of natural light to transform the feeling and look of its space.  Windows are both an important architectural and decorating feature and it can make a world of difference when your windows are treated with a fresh coat of paint.

There are a lot of window painting ideas you can do to bring your windows from drab and dated to eye-catching and trendy.  Not only does this boost the appeal and design of your home, but it will help elevate your home’s curb appeal and resale value.  Painting your windows is a low cost way to transform a room both quickly and cost effectively.  The best part is that anyone can pick up a paintbrush and get to work.

fresh window ideas

1. Invite Nature Inside

Here’s an eye-catching window painting idea: take a look outside and choose a paint color that emulates what you see.  That’s right, nature is in—literally.  Earthy tones will complement the window frame and trim, but this palette of colors will also complement the scenery that the window captures.

Choose greens that echo leaves and grass or light blues that feel like a clear summer sky.  Light and bright paint colors that can be found in nature will make your windows eye-catching.  Not only will these nature themed paint colors look stylish and calming, but they will forever be classic.

2. Gloss It Up

If you really want eye-catching windows, opt for paint that has a high gloss.  High gloss is a paint finish.  In terms of paints, you’ll see different finishes like:

Flat: this paint finish is non-reflective, meaning it will soak up light instead of distributing and reflecting it.  Flat paints are hard to clean because their surfaces don’t have that shiny protective sheen.  Use flat paints in low-traffic, formal rooms.

Satin: On the sheen spectrum, satin falls smack-dab in the middle.  Satin is light-reflecting, but this paint finish doesn’t appear as shiny as other sheens like eggshell or semigloss, but it’s definitely more light-friendly than a flat finish.

Semi-Gloss: A semi-gloss finish will give you a radiant look that does give off a bit of shine.  Semi-gloss paint finishes are great for areas that will need to be wiped down like a kitchen or bathroom and it’s recommended that you at least apply a semi-gloss finish to places like moldings and trims.  Moldings and trims tend to get scuffed and need cleaning, so a semi-gloss finish will make wiping these areas easier.  Your windows also fall into this category—if you’re after a real eye-catching window painting idea, go for semi-gloss sheen at the minimum.

painting a room with semi-gloss

High-Gloss: Finally, there’s high gloss paint finish.  High-gloss has a spectacular sheen and if you really want a window that will catch your eye, opt for a high-gloss paint finish for absolute radiance and light reflection.  Shiny and glossy, high-gloss paint finishes are super easy to clean and are perfect for the trim around your windows.  Window trim can get scuffed and dirty over time and a high-gloss paint will make sure that your paint job will long be intact.

3. Pop of Color

For rooms with neutral walls, a pop of color can really make your windows stand out.  Painting window frames a bright, bold color is definitively eye-catching.  Choose colors like a bright green, bold red, or a cerulean blue. Brightly colored paints will draw the focal point of a neutral room to the window itself, making it the center feature of your décor.

4. Get Artsy with Glass Paint

Here’s a cool window painting idea: actually paint the windows!  Yes, you can make interesting and eye-catching designs on your windowpanes with the help of some glass paint that’s safe and easy to use.

You can opt for a professional look with the use of stencils for a geometric, stained glass effect, or for the kids, turn window painting into a fun activity.  Holiday themed window designs are a great way to spend the afternoon and most glass paint will come right off.  Use acrylic enamel water-based paints or for more durable paints, use solvent-based window paints for a more durable job.

5. Timeless White

You might think that white paint is a boring choice, but in reality, white will never go out of style.  Classic white paint in a high-gloss can transform a room and make your walls and décor stand out.  White is eye-catching in its own right and shouldn’t be overlooked in terms of painting ideas.

white vinyl windows

6. Try Dark and Moody

Maybe your home’s interior décor edges away from bright and white and is more in the realm of dark and moody.  For a window painting idea that complements this style, opt for an equally dark and deep color to match.  Dark greens and blues gives your home a modern aesthetic that is both in style and fashionable.

If you’re in the market for replacement windows in any of our markets across the Midwest, we hope that you’ll consider Feldco for your window replacement project.

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