5 Ways to Keep Bugs Off Your Windows

Your windows play an important role in protecting your home.  They keep out the elements like heavy rains, wind, snow, and all kinds of adverse weather, and not to mention, windows keep bugs where they should be—outside.  No homeowner wants to discover a windowsill or screen full of bugs and undertake the dreaded chore of cleaning away dead insects.  A little bug prevention can go a long way so you’ll hopefully never have to worry about this messy and frankly gross job of cleaning off bugs from your windows again.

removing bugs from your windows

Here are a few sure-fire ways to keep bugs off your windows and away from your home:

Apply a Good Window Seal

Bugs can sneak in through cracks and holes in your window’s frame.  Windows that are decades old will of course have more cracks and crevices for bugs to enter through than a new window.  To stop bugs from getting on your windows and inside your home, you’ll need to seal these cracks with a reliable sealant designed for windows.

Pick up a tube of caulking designed for exterior window use.  You can find caulking at your local home improvement store or online.  Be sure to read the label carefully to make sure the caulking is manufactured to withstand exterior usage, otherwise it won’t last against moisture brought on by weather and outer elements.  Use a caulking gun to carefully fill in any cracks, crevices, holes, and other damaged areas of the window to prevent bugs from burrowing.  Check your caulking seal at least twice per year and reapply when necessary.

sealing a window to prevent bugs from getting in

Spray Insect Repellent

Get right to the point in keeping bugs off your windows by spraying them down with insect repellent.  While this is really just a temporary solution, it does work.  You can utilize this method during the spring and summer months when insects are particularly bad, but remember, rain and wind will end up washing away repellent, so it’s best to use other methods along with spray to keep the bugs off of your windows.

Install a Window Screen

A window screen is essential in keeping out critters and insects.  Many older windows have screens but have holes and damage from age and continued use throughout the years.  Most windows are a standard size, so if your windows have damaged storm screens, you can head to places like Home Depot or Lowes to pick up a new screen (if not, a window company can custom make screens for you, but it will end up costing more.  At that point, you may want to consider a window replacement).

You can also repair window screens yourself with a window screen repair kit.  These kits will come with new wire mesh designed to keep even the smallest of insects out of your windows.  Window screen repair kits can be purchased at places like Walmart, Ace Hardware, or online.

window screen getting installed by a professional

Install Nearby Bird Feeders

Birds are a natural predator to bugs, so what better way to stave off insects than to invite some feathered friends to hang out near your windows?  Hang a few bird feeders near your windows that suffer from insect invaders and keep them full of bird feed.  Use other methods to help seal your windows in combination with installing bird feeders and enjoy the results of your bug-free windows during the warmer months.

Upgrade to Replacement Windows

If you’ve employed other methods of keeping bugs off of your windows like applying new caulking, installing new window screens, and inviting birds to help with your insect problem and you still notice bugs on your windows, then it’s time for a full window replacement.

Replacing your windows can be expensive initially, but in the long run, you’ll end up saving money thanks to Energy Star certified options that will lower your monthly energy costs.  You’ll not only see fewer—if any—bugs on your windows, but you’ll also enjoy the plethora of other benefits like a more comfortable temperature inside of your home, UV protection, and no more drafts or cold air leaks.

installing a new replacement window

Bugs are a Sign to Maintain or Replace Your Windows

Windows are designed to keep bugs out of and away from your home.  Noticing numerous amounts of bugs can be a sign that you need to increase your window maintenance—or upgrade to new windows.

Windows shouldn’t require much upkeep once you’ve installed new sealing, caulking, and have examined the window screen for any needed repairs.  Make a mental note of these tasks and continue to check on your windows’ condition once per season to keep the bugs out.  Making sure the windows are properly sealed and screened will also help with energy conservation.

If you happen to find that bugs are a problem and are consistently on or around your windows (either on the inside or outside) and you’ve tried all other methods of prevention, then it could be time to upgrade to a full window replacement.  Other signs that can indicate you need new windows are the increased presence of moisture and leaks, drafts, and unregulated internal temperatures within your home (which could also be evident with a high monthly utility bill).

When you decide which window to go with, the next step is choosing the right window replacement company. The easy answer is Feldco. We’ve been serving homeowners in the Midwest for almost 50 years with the best window replacement. Get a free quote now to start your project with the Midwest’s best.

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