5 Reasons Why Winter Could Be the Right Time to Replace Your Storm Door

When is a good time to replace a storm door?  Your first guess may not be in the winter season, but there are actually more than a few advantages to replacing your storm door in the colder months.

white storm door in the winter

1. Competitive Pricing

Who doesn’t love to save money?  Choosing to do certain house upgrades in the off-season, like replacing your storm doors when it’s cold outside, can save you money on installation and labor costs.  Contractors are hungrier for sales and customers, and so companies are more likely to offer ongoing winter deals and special pricing that you can take advantage of.

You might also have wiggle room for negotiation.  Depending on the professional door installers you’re working with, you may be able to discuss special pricing—even if there aren’t any ongoing sales.  In any market, it’s all about supply and demand.  If you’re savvy enough to take advantage of this off-season for home installs, then it could pay off in the end.

2. Shorter Lead Times

Again, have supply and demand work in your favor.  When you replace your storm door in the winter, the less busy season for many contractors, you’ll practically be first in line for both receiving the new product and its installation.  Not only will you end up getting a new storm door much faster than you would’ve in the warmer months, but you’ll also be able to enjoy all of its advantages just in time for the extreme temperatures, snow, and icy weather brought on by the winter.

3. Energy Efficiency

Whenever you decide to replace your storm doors, know that the choice to add one to your exterior door will ultimately help your home conserve energy.  This boost in energy efficiency will be significant during the winter when the cold must be kept out and the heat in.

Newer storm doors will have weather stripping that’s just as new, creating an impenetrable seal that staves off cold air drafts.  Preventing these air leaks is key in protecting your home during the winter.  Storm doors are also an additional barrier for your exterior doors and with the freezing winter winds, this extra protection goes a long way in insulating your home.

4. Savings on Your Utility Bills

New storm doors are manufactured to act as an insulating barrier with their high-quality materials.  This will be your first line of defense against the extreme winter temperatures.  You’ll notice a tremendous difference in your utility bills and in the temperature of your home during these colder months.

saving on utility bills

Replacing your storm door during the winter will be noticeable in your energy savings as this is the peak time of the year for higher energy costs.  Running the furnace and heating your home will be more efficient with an extra door to seal off the cold air.  Over the course of a few winters, your energy savings will offset the initial cost of your replacement storm door.

5. Resale Value

Never underestimate the little additions to a home because these investments, no matter how big or small, will contribute to its resale value.  Adding a brand new storm door to your home’s exterior door is one less thing potential buyers would have to do themselves.  In regions with extreme winter temperatures, heavy snow, and ice, a new storm door goes a long way.

It’s worth noting that a new storm door also boosts your home’s curb appeal.  With a new door that passersby will see on your exterior entryways, your home can attract potential buyers by becoming more aesthetically pleasing.  In climates that see harsh winter temperatures, a storm door is an attractive option that homebuyers keep their eyes out for.

Replacing Your Storm Door in the Winter

It’s a common mistake to believe that storm doors can only be replaced in the warmer months, but storm doors can be installed in any condition so long as the temperatures meet the sealant’s minimum requirements, which is usually a threshold of minus 10-degree Celsius.  Any colder and the sealant used to install the storm door won’t adhere properly, Caulking joints would become inefficient if installed in seriously cold temperatures, but otherwise, storm doors can be successfully replaced in nearly all conditions.

Plus, it’s worth noting that actual installation can take at most an hour to complete, but usually it’s even shorter with an install of a half an hour.  If you’re wondering about how long your home will be exposed to the cold, it won’t be very long, making a winter storm door installation well worth the better pricing.

Heavy spring rains and intense summer heat have the same affect as a big winter snow or freezing weather.  Bad weather happens year-round, so take advantage of the perks of installing a storm door in the winter with seasonal deals on pricing, shorter lead times, and better savings on utility bills thanks to increased energy efficiency.

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