5 of the Most Popular Home Siding Colors

Installing new siding is a big undertaking for a homeowner, but it has its rewards.  A distinctively clean new look, professionally installed, and intended to last decades.  Choosing your home’s siding color seems like an arbitrary task, but never underestimate the power of resale value and curb appeal.  A popular siding color can boost your home’s value instantly—so, with that being said, here are the 5 most in-demand siding colors.

row of colorful siding colors and townhouses


Nothing beats classic white.  A traditional look, white siding truly goes with everything.  If you’re thinking about a color that will stick around forever, you can’t go wrong with selecting white siding.  It’s especially true if you have a colonial style home, where white siding really shines.

Pair your new white siding with a jet-black roof and matching shutters (and during the holidays, don’t forget to place candles in the windows in true colonial fashion).  This choice will also boost your resale value and curb appeal, as white siding will appeal to a greater pool of potential home buyers.  Plus, another benefit is that future homeowners can pair different roof colors and shutters with white siding.


Coastal homes have long favored blue siding.  Cape Cod style homes fitted with colored siding to pair with the bodies of water they overlook is a trend that is built to last.  Blue siding—sky blue, royal blue, navy, and the hues in between—isn’t just for New England homes anymore.

This siding color choice has crept into the favorite color swatches across the States, from the Midwest to the Low Country.  Pair blue siding of any shade with white trim, light or dark grey trim, and a speckled grey roof to make the color pop.  If you’re feeling a bit daring with your blue siding, go dark navy and pair with a copper roof for an unparalleled look.


Are you on the fence about your siding color choices?  If you think that white is too basic, but you don’t want a particularly loud color, then consider neutral grey.  It’s an up-and-coming popular siding choice these days and like white, it pairs with just about anything.

Choose grey because it’s a soft, welcoming color, easy on the eyes, and pair it with white or light grey grim, or for light grey siding, pair with midnight-black trim for an exciting contrast.  Choose a roof that has alternating dark and light shingles to add dimension to the aesthetics, really making the neutral exterior of your home stand out.


Feeling bold?  Look no further than red siding.  Farmhouse red, rustic red, or deep burgundy has stepped up as one of the most popular choices for siding colors.  Red siding of any shade immediately conjures the feeling of the rolling rural countryside, a barn by a pond, knee-high corn, and home-cooked meals—who doesn’t want that?

And if you look around, this rustic chic look is in.  Farmhouse sinks, barn doors, and country-styled decorating began as a hot new trend nearly a decade ago and it has decidedly stuck around.  Red siding is extremely popular throughout the Midwest where this lifestyle prevails, but has its colonial roots in New England, too.

Homeowners and home buyers can be picky about what siding colors pair well with metal roofs, but with its farmhouse feel, red siding is one of them.  Trim choices are abundant—black, white, or grey can make red siding stand out.


You can’t get much more natural than green as a color choice.  Like red, green evokes an emotional response that connect people to nature in an indescribable way.  It’s calming, but as a siding choice, it’s edgy.

Forest green has become increasingly popular because of its striking aesthetics reminiscent of course of lush fields and pinewood forests, paired with white, black, or brown trim.  Often, homeowners will contrast their green siding with a stone façade or lighter hues on the second story of homes like cream, white, or light green.

Nothing Beats the Classics

classical siding color

Siding your home is a big investment, just like getting a new roof or windows.  That’s why choosing your siding color is far from being an inconsequential decision.

It’s worth examining the current popular trends of siding colors because it shows what home buyers are interested in—a reflection of the current market.  For resale alone, these trends are significant as they can boost your curb appeal and home value, making your house more appealing to the next homeowner.

As you can see, these popular colors aren’t obscure, but rather common primary colors that have lasted time and time again in housing trends.  These popular siding colors have long-lasting allure, so when it’s time to choose your siding, consider how these classic colors have held onto their popularity and why they’d make an excellent choice for your home.

Most home improvement companies don’t have the colors and styles that increase curb appeal. Fortunately, Feldco has been replacing and installing siding for over 40 years and we have many siding colors and styles that you can choose from. Speak to a product specialist about our siding colors and get a free quote online today.

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