5 Reasons Why 3 Panel Sliding Patio Doors Are Awesome

One way to take your home design to the next level and make your home more appealing for entertaining is to replace your existing French doors or old worn out sliding door with new 3 panel sliding patio doors.

Beautiful and elegant 3 panel sliding patio doors will completely change the way that your patio looks and functions. With options that include a huge range of frame finishes and hardware you can customize your 3 panel sliding patio doors to fit the design of your home the way it is now or the way that you want it to be in the future after you upgrade your home’s exterior.

3 panel sliding patio doors

Check out these five reasons why 3 panel sliding patio doors are a great option for your home:

Better Function And Access

One of the biggest benefits of sliding panel doors is that they provide better access to backyard and patio spaces and they have better function than old broken down sliders or French doors. Modern sliding door panels are built to glide easily within the frame.

That means that anyone can use them with ease from small children to seniors that have arthritis or other issues that make gripping a door handle and turning it, like the handles on French doors, difficult.

Seniors that use assistive devices like walkers or wheelchairs will find that using wider 3 panel patio doors gives them much better access to the outdoors and makes it much less awkward for them to get outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

3 panel sliding doors are so much wider than a traditional door that they make it easy for guests to interact both indoors and outdoors. They also make it much easier to bring furniture and large items into the house or to remove large items from the house.

Bringing in that big Christmas tree or moving furniture out of the house is easier with 3 panel sliding patio doors. Pets also can go in and out of the house much easier with larger 3 panel sliding doors. When you have parties bringing platters of food or more chairs outside is going to be much easier too.

Better Security

Security is very important. French doors can be difficult to make secure, especially if they’re older doors. Even some old sliding doors that aren’t fitting tightly into their frame anymore are easy to jiggle off the track and open. But modern 3 panel sliding patio doors were designed with security in mind.

Overlocking security bars and other security features make these elegant doors deceptively secure. They might look like they would be easy to break into because they’re beautiful and simple but they have great security features that make them practically impenetrable.

If you have old French doors leading to your patio from a dining room or bedroom upgrading those French doors to secure sliding doors is highly recommended. Especially if you have a main floor master bedroom that has access to the patio.

They’re Beautiful

Gorgeous 3 panel sliding glass patio doors come in a wide variety of glass finishes and frame styles with customizable hardware. You can turn your three season room into the beautiful escape of your dreams by adding a stunning 3 panel sliding glass door that will essentially turn an entire wall into one big window.

Available in glass screens and blinds, you can use your 3 panel sliding doors to let in loads of fresh air and sunshine or use the blinds to reflect the sun away when the summer days are just too warm. These doors will give you the seamless indoor and outdoor entertaining space that you always wanted and your friends and family will love them.

Imagine how great your summer barbecues and parties can be when your family and friends can move easily between the kitchen and the patio with drinks or food in their hands. All the people inside will be able to easily converse with the people outside and the 3 panel sliding glass doors open wide will make the entire house seem open and inviting.

Summer nights spent hanging out on the deck or in the backyard or the patio with your friends and family and neighbors will never the same after you have replaced your patio doors.

glass patio door

They Are Energy Efficient

Replacing the old sliding glass doors on your patio or those French doors that are leaking air can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. 3 panel sliding glass doors are designed to fit tightly into the frame and there are weather seals that cover any existing gaps so that you get maximum energy efficiency. The heavy glass on the panels insulates and protects so that there is less air loss.

When the summer sun gets to be too hot use blinds to reflect some of that heat out and avoid running up your home’s electric bill to cool the home off. In the winter you can enjoy the sunshine and a great view of the outdoors without worrying that cold is leaking into your home and increasing your heating bills.

They Add Value To The Home

Upgrading your patio doors from French doors or old sliding glass doors can increase the value of your home. Anytime that you replace something like windows or doors you can be sure that investment is going to pay off in the long run.

Whether you decide to sell your home or you want to keep increasing the value of the home, replacing your patio doors with new energy efficient 3 panel sliding glass patio doors is a great way to do that. The doors don’t cost a fortune to install and you will get such a great return for that money that it’s well worth the cost.

If you are planning on selling your home in the next year, being able to show that you replaced the old patio doors with energy efficient and attractive new 3 panel sliding glass doors will get you a better price for your home.

Compared to some of the other investments that you can make in the value of your home, the up front cost of replacing the sliding class door is relatively low so that you won’t have to break the budget in order to make repairs.

This year make your home the house where everyone wants to gather because of the openness and beauty of your patio, thanks to 3 panel sliding glass doors. Get a free quote today to find out more about 3 panel sliding glass patio doors.

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