Patio Doors with Built-in Blinds

Make your patio door both an accessible and attractive passageway to your deck. Built-in blinds are useful in patio doors and can add that extra touch of style and convenience you need. Learn the ins and outs of patio doors with built-in blinds and consider them for one of your next home improvement projects.

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The Basics of Built-in Blinds

You may be wondering what exactly built-in blinds are and how they work. To put it simply, they are blinds placed inside two panels of glass on a door. They are tightly sealed so air cannot get through and are designed to eliminate the hassle of exterior blinds. They can be controlled by your fingertips using a slide, rather than by pulling strings. Built-in blinds can be a valuable alternative to regular blinds due to their ease and style.

Types of Patio Doors with Built-in Blinds

There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing the right patio door with built-in blinds. Any type can be a great fit for your home based on your space available, budget and preference. Here are two of the most popular options to consider.


Sliding patio doors with built-in blinds are a perfect option if you have limited space since the doors don’t swing in or out. They present a wide view onto your patio and adding blinds built-in can enhance the look. Built-in blinds are considered a smart choice for these patio doors as exterior blinds would make them very difficult to slide open.


Hinged patio doors with built-in blinds are a great choice if you have plenty of room to open and close them. They can swing in or out and can also come in a French style, which is a very common option to have on a patio. Built-in blinds could be especially useful as they won’t get in the way while opening and closing the door.

Built-in Blinds Benefits

The purpose of any home improvement project is to make your home more valuable and your daily life easier. Patio doors with built-in blinds have many advantages that will do just that. From being low maintenance to looking attractive, they have a wide range of benefits. Read on to see why built-in blinds are useful in patio doors and why this investment is worth it.

Easy to Maneuver

Adjusting blinds is a simple task when they are built-in. You no longer have to deal with the hassle of pulling strings and risk getting them tangled. Built-in blinds can be raised, lowered and tilted with an easily accessible slide located on the side of the glass panel. This trouble-free operation allows you to manipulate the blinds smoothly and effortlessly. Say goodbye to the chaos of strings!

Energy Efficient

Since you can control the amount of sunlight that peaks through the built-in blinds, they can help keep your home at a stable temperature. Energy efficiency is important when it comes to your home’s windows and doors. They give your home a boost in efficiency, so that’s an added bonus for having blinds built-in.

Safety Precautions

Dangling cords can be a safety hazard for children and pets who like to play with everything in their reach. Built-in blinds prevent the potential risk of kids and animals getting caught in or even choked by loose cords. Keep your home extra safe by getting rid of dangerous cords and choose a patio door with built-in blinds.

Added Privacy

With built-in blinds, you can not only keep out excess light but also prevent prying eyes from peering in for a more private feel in your home. These blinds are secure with virtually no gaps in between, so it’s easy to block out the outside environment. They allow you to get as much or as little privacy as you prefer.

Keep Clean

Since the blinds are in an enclosed space, you don’t have to worry about frequent maintenance to keep them looking like new. Dusty blinds will no longer be a concern, which therefore lowers the amount of allergens in your home. Built-in blinds require minimum care and attention as the airtight space resists dirt and grime. There’s one item off your cleaning to-do list!

Look Sharp

Built-in blinds have an overall neater and more attractive look than regular blinds. They don’t get bent out of shape or damaged because they rest safely in a confined space. They also won’t get in the way or get stuck when doors slide or swing open and closed, making for a less chaotic entry and exit. Your blinds won’t be at risk for damage, so they’ll always look sharp without extra effort. Even if you redecorate the room and the door, you don’t have to worry about replacing expensive window treatments. You have a neutral, classic option already built-in!


Patio doors with built-in blinds aren’t a home feature that must be replaced often. Since the blinds are trapped in between windows and are out of the way, they are built to have a long lifespan. Damage and defects aren’t usually an issue. As a result, most companies warranty their products for about 10-20 years.

Built-in Blinds Are Useful in Patio Doors

Patio doors with built-in blinds can be a worthwhile investment for your home. Stop worrying about the dusty blinds and dangerous cords, and instead look forward to the easy adjustments and lower energy bills. Built-in blinds can be beneficial for any style of patio door and improve the overall look and feel of your deck!


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