Is It Okay to Install Replacement Windows in the Winter?

Freezing cold temperatures, snow on the ground, ice on the roof, what feels like five minutes of daylight, and gusts of wind so chilling it stops you dead in your tracks.  Is the dead of winter a good time to hire a professional to install your replacement windows?  It sure doesn’t sound like it, but on the other hand, you’d be surprised at how you can benefit.

You Can Replace Windows in the Winter

First of all, let’s answer the age-old question of: can you replace windows in the winter?  Yes, you can.  Of course, there’s a follow-up to “can you?” and that’s “is it okay to?”  Homeowners worry that with the weather and the season will put a damper on the labor and installation of new windows if this decision, although feasible in the wintertime, is better left to the warmer months of spring or summer.

Replacement Windows

Why Winter Installation May Be Better

There are few myths that should be addressed while on the subject of installing new replacement windows during colder months.  Homeowners tend to think that because of the cold weather, sealants won’t settle properly, insulating foam might fail to expand, or there’ll be expansive heat loss when installers go to change out the windows.  While these are reasonable fears, they’re misinformed ones.

Products for Cold Temperatures

Consider the materials used to install the windows, the same ones you might worry will fail in cold temperatures: sealants, insulating foam, adhesives, etc.  When walking down these aisles at the hardware store, you’ll notice that many of these products have versions specifically designed to perform successfully in cold conditions.  The same holds true for professional grades of window installation products.

House projects don’t stop in the wintertime, and just because it’s freezing outside doesn’t mean you won’t need to apply sealant or an adhesive product.  Manufacturers and contractors alike recognize this and have designed these products to function through the spectrum of temperatures.  It is possible—and beneficial—to install windows in the winter.

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Minimal Heat Loss

A common misconception is that because old windows are being removed and replaced, the home will suffer massive heat loss during the installation, resulting in a pricey energy bill for the homeowner.  Heat loss during winter installations is minimal.  Installers will change out one single window at a time, which ensures maximum comfort for the homeowner while keeping heat loss at bay.

More Thorough Installation

Homeowners are often surprised to discover that a winter installation of replacement windows is actually more thorough than one done during the warmer seasons.  The reason why winter installations are more involved for contractors is because of the materials used, as they’re designed to be more durable and weather resistant than the adhesive products used in warmer temperatures.  Installers are then made to focus on one window at a time, ensuring that these products adhere correctly in the cold weather.  This leaves behind a window that has had an in-depth replacement install and is applied with products that are designed to be more durable and weather resistant.

A Wise Investment for Your Home

Replacing your windows doesn’t have to be a nightmare that it’s so often made out to be.  When you learn about options like vinyl windows, replacements start to not only seem like a good idea, but a smart investment for your home.

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