Home Window Security: Best Tips for Window Safety

home window securityThere’s nothing more terrifying than a home break in. According to the FBI there are over two million home burglary reports per year. Windows are a popular entry point for burglars so it’s important to maximize your home window security.

Another scenario is a glass window shattering near your three year old child. Very scary, but preventable events. Earlier this year we wrote about window and door safety, so it seems only fitting we expand upon it with home window security.

Security Glass Options

The glass you have in your window could be the difference between a safe house or being a victim of a burglar. Shatter proof glass could also prevent any unnecessary injuries to children. Don’t worry, you have a few options that could make your home more secure.

Reinforced Glass Windows

Reinforced glass is stronger glass created for home window security. There are several different types of reinforced windows.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than a normal window because it is created by extreme heating mixed with rapid cooling of normal glass windows. Tempered glass is the most inexpensive of the reinforced windows but isn’t as strong. Also, the tempered glass doesn’t shatter into shards; instead, it breaks into small oval shapes that aren’t sharp.

Laminate Glass

Laminate glass is a little stronger than the tempered glass because it is two or more pieces of glass bonded together in a durable plastic.  Laminate glass is impact resistant, which is preferred for the following:

  • Burglar impacting a windowHurricanes – often seen on coastal homes
  • Bombs and explosions – used in government buildings
  • Extreme sounds – perfect for an inspiring artist’s garage studios
  • Forced entry – burglar-proof your home
  • Earthquakes – California homes love laminate glass windows

If that doesn’t make you feel safe, we’re not sure what will. In addition, being encased in plastic prevents laminate glass from breaking into shards. When laminated glass does break, it remains within its frame.

Bullet-Proof Glass

When it comes to home window security, there is no glass stronger than bullet-proof glass. It is the strongest of the reinforced glasses, but it will cost you a pretty penny. Not only is it bullet-proof, it is also impact resistant, similar to the laminate glass. However, when the bullet-proof glass does break, it can shatter into sharper pieces which could cause severe injuries.

Plexiglas Security Windows

Broken PlexiglasPlexiglas doesn’t fit under reinforced glass, but rather it is its own classification of window. Plexiglas has the same thickness of a normal window, but is ten times as strong. There are many home security benefits to having Plexiglas windows. Similarly to the other examples, Plexiglas doesn’t shatter; it cleanly cracks.

Plexiglas can also be tinted for privacy by applying a thin coat of transparent paint and clear coat (once the paint has dried). This will protect your home from eavesdroppers as well as UV rays.

Other Home Window Security Options

If you aren’t interested in replacing the glass of your windows, but are still concerned about home window security, don’t fret! There are several other ways to burglar-proof your home.

Security Systems

According to the FBI , 73.9% of all burglaries happen in residential areas. A security system is a great way to keep your house monitored when you aren’t around. Many systems today link with the user’s phone or tablet. So if any issues occur, the owner would be notified immediately.

Window Sensors

Window sensors are security systems that are placed by the window and have a sensor that monitors if the window is opened. If the window is opened, the sensor would send an alert to the owner that someone has opened the window. You are also able to check if the window were left open. Window sensors are rather inexpensive, but are limited to only the opening of windows.While it doesn’t happen often, burglars can cut or break windows to force entry If this were to happen, a window sensor would be ineffective in detecting them.

Window Locks

As stated above, most forced entries don’t occur when someone breaks a window, but rather when windows are easily opened. That’s why locks are a crucial part of home window security. A strong recommended lock to keep your home secure would be the vinyl lock. In addition, adding a large, visible lock would detour burglars from victimizing you home.

Lighting Your Home

home window securitySomething small you could to do in order to keep your home safe is have a well lit entryway. For the front of your home, it is recommended to have motion sensor lights. These lights will draw attention to the burglar and deter a break in.


Make sure your front windows have nothing shielding them. Having large bushes or shrubs in front of any windows is discouraged because that gives the burglars something that could conceal themselves.

Window Security Bars

Putting bars on the outside of your windows is a sure way to prevent your home from being victimized. These bars would cover windows so no one would be able to reach them. While they can prevent a home break-in, window security bars come at a cost. Window security bars are expensive and not aesthetically pleasing. In addition, they can drive down the property value of your home because it gives the impression that the area isn’t safe.

Window Security Film

Window film won’t prevent any burglaries but can help hold glass together and prevent it from shattering. This helps prevent unnecessary injuries to younger children. Window film is inexpensive and can be found at most hardware stores.

Whether you are trying to prevent being burglarized or protect your children from shattering windows, understanding security is essential. Changing the glass in your window or adding an extra lock could be the difference between having a secure home and being in danger.

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