8 Best Exterior Paint Color Trends to Try on Your Home

What’s the best way to quickly and cost effectively spruce up your house?  Paint!  Painting is an easy do-it-yourself project that has little to no demand of handyman skills.  You don’t have to be a tool-wielding expert or a contractor to be able to grab a can of paint and brush and go to town. 

exterior paint color

Exterior Paint Color Trends

Potential buyers are always keeping a keen eye out for houses that are stylish, new, and have that undeniable pop.  Buyers are also unintentionally drawn to houses that excel in curb appeal. So boost your curb appeal and refresh your house by checking out these eight new exterior paint trends that are guaranteed to transform your home.

Back in Black

Black is bold.  Choosing black for your exterior paint color is even bolder.  Imagine a house in a midnight-dark monochromatic façade; it’s a stark and striking contrast to neighborhood surroundings.

Going dark will also make your landscaping pop, offering a nice highlight to the greenery you work hard to cultivate.  Compliment your all-black exterior with different textures like wood supports or trim that’s lightly stained.  All black paint is an undeniably modern look.

Garden Green

It’s been well-established that green is a positive color for human beings.  Scientifically, it makes us happy because of the color’s ubiquity in nature—grass, trees, foliage—humans were meant to enjoy and immerse themselves in the outdoors.

That’s why green has always remained a popular paint color for both the interior and exterior of homes.  It’s the same reason houseplants have become wildly popular because a pop of green can transform not just a room, but your mood.

Darker exterior hues go quite well with surrounding greenery, so if you’re going off of the proven idea that green cheers us up because of its closeness to nature, then be sure to go all the way with committed addition to landscaping.  Add flower boxes, planters, and beds with sprouts of green to compliment your new exterior color.  To really land the theme, choose an exterior paint color that’s a bit darker so your greenery really has a chance to shine against it.

Comforting Greys

Grey has never gone out of style.  Like white and off-whites, grey is a classic color that remains in homeowner’s paint arsenals no matter the decade.  There’s so much you can do with this part of the color spectrum—dark grey, light grey, offset by blues or reds.  These options can work for trims, doors, and the house as a whole.

Classy Navy

Navy as an exterior color is popular on the east coast thanks to the New England seaside culture.  It’s a classic color scheme, especially when paired with bright white front porch pillars and window trim.  Because it’s a classic color, it never goes out of style and remains one of the most popular exterior paint trends to this day.

Darker hues are more in fashion, so you’ll want to pick a navy that’s leaning towards the dark blue to dark blue-grey side of the color spectrum. Greys are trending, so pairing with a classic color like navy on the color wheel will take any yawn of exterior paint to one that wows.

Traditional White

White goes with everything, which is why this color won’t ever budge from its most popular exterior paint color spot.  While one may find white boring, others will argue that this color gives you endless opportunities to utilize other colors you may shy away from as one to paint your entire house with.  A white house can pair with any trim or door color, leaving plenty of room for experimentation.

Unique Yellow

Yellow has become increasingly popular in the last five years and homeowners in all different regions continue to play with shades of yellow as an exterior paint color.  Light yellow, dark golds, and sunshine yellow can be spotted in neighborhoods these days, either as a main exterior paint color or for the front door to create a fun, mood-lifting focal point for the house.

Vibrant Doors

For some houses, the real focal point becomes the front door.  Striking exterior paint jobs on a front door can be eye-catching and complimentary to the rest of the house, transforming bland or ordinary into something truly special.

Vibrant Green Door

It will work in your favor if you choose an exterior paint color that’s lighter if your house sports a darker paint.  Light blues or greys can highlight the center of your home, especially if the main paint is darker grey or a deep blue.  For example: a navy Cape Cod house with a vibrant yellow front door or a dark green house complimented with a light green front door.

Conversely, selecting a dark colored door to offset a light colored house can have the same effect.  For example: a white colonial with a black door or a light grey bungalow with a dark navy door.

Bright Pastels

Pastels are soft, yet a bold choice for a house color.  Homeowners are feeling bold more than ever because pastels have rocketed to the top of most popular exterior paints.  Use a lightly colored pink or yellow pastel to soften the look of your house, either painting your house in its entirety, or sectioning the color to just the front door.

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