7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Rain Gutters

Homeowners realize their gutters are a necessary element to their roofing system. For most, having an upgraded gutter system is critical to the health of their home.  Staying with dysfunctional gutters means signing yourself up for some expensive repairs—among other structural ramifications.

Don’t drag your feet when it comes to upgrading your rain gutters.  Here are 7 reasons why you should replace those old gutters and make the upgrade:

1. Prevent the Dreaded Flooded Basement

How many homes have “basement” problems?  You know the type—moisture, mold, dampness, and costly repairs.  Did you know that if your rain gutters aren’t working properly, they can be the cause of interior basement flooding?

Without properly installed gutters, the rainwater isn’t diverted away from your home’s foundation.  Instead, the rain falls and collects at the base of your house, leaking into your foundation.  Soon enough, you’ll discover water in your basement and if you wonder where it’s coming from, you can blame your dysfunctional rain gutters.

And the result is just that: basement problems, a whole slew of them.  These moisture-related issues are expensive to fix, not to mention the hassle of cleaning up if your basement floods.

2. Upgraded Gutters Maintain Your Landscape

No gutters, poor gutters, and clogged gutters are bad news for your landscape.  It won’t take a heavy downpour for rainwater to run off of your roof at high speeds, smacking into your landscaping.  This not-so-gentle runoff can seriously damage your landscaping, including plants, flowers, shrubs, and cause soil erosion.  Landscaping to some homeowner may not be a big deal, but whether you’re a gardener or not, it’s apart of your home’s resale value and curb appeal.

And soil erosion isn’t something to take lightly, either.  Without working  rain gutters, soil erosion can effect the foundation of your home, causing shifting and damage.  There’s also the obvious mention of soil erosion affecting the aesthetics of your lawn and landscaping.  The influx of water pounding away at the soil and pushing it into the grass certainly won’t make a pretty picture.

3. Say Goodbye to that Breeding Ground

Those are some ominous words—breeding ground.  Bugs, pests, and insects are attracted to your old, malfunctioning gutters, the kind that pools water instead of pushing it along through the downspouts to be absorbed by the earth.

Mosquitoes are annoying but nowadays, they’re dangerous.  These insects carry diseases that can be deadly to humans.  Don’t let your gutters be their breeding ground.

4. Protect the Fascia Against Rotting

If homeowners knew that a poor gutter system can easily cause rotting fascia, they’d upgrade their gutters immediately.  Rotting anything has red flags, especially when we’re talking about a structural element of your home that protects it against severe weather.

Fascia boards go hand-in-hand with a correctly installed gutter system, covering the rafter end and establishing a surface that runs along the edge of the roof.

The fascia boards barricade the house against threatening weather and rodents determined to find a way inside your home.  It doesn’t take long for clogged gutters, an absence of gutters, or poorly installed gutters to disintegrate fascia board by means of moisture.  After that, it’s only a matter of time until your home is exposed to the same moisture damage.

5. No More Clogs with Upgraded Gutters

You’re in need of an upgrade if your gutters are constantly catching debris, demanding that you clean them out in order for them to channel water effectively.  The purpose of a gutter is to direct water away from your house, protecting it against moisture damage.

New gutters have hoods that cover the top of the gutter, almost like a hat.  Rainwater races down the roof, runs across the hood, and catches on the curve, collecting inside the gutter.  Newer gutters with these hoods stop leaves, twigs, and debris from interrupting this perfect system.

6. Stop Bowing & Cracking in Concrete Pathways & Driveways

As a homeowner, think of this: how much would it cost you to fix a cracked or bowed concrete pathway?  How about your concrete driveway?  If you’re cringing while thinking about the sky-high expense, consider this: how much would it cost to upgrade your gutters?

New gutters that channel water away from your house and in designated downspout areas won’t cause your concrete to bow or crack.  Gutters that fail to do their job are a different story.  The reason, as always, is moisture.  Failing gutter systems or no gutters at all can cause water to pool on the concrete. It might seem like concrete is impenetrable, but moisture can make it weak, causing cracks and disfigurement.

7. A Happy Exterior

Upgraded gutters keep your home looking clean.  Downspouts direct water into proper locations, minimizing splashing and runoff, all which keeps your siding from getting muddy and dirty.  Not only that, but new, functioning gutters will protect your exterior paint.

A poor gutter system will cause paint to bubble up and peel, chipping away with just the slightest exposure to moisture.  A gutter upgrade will stop you from having to get out the paint, keeping the exterior of your house looking new.

Roof Replacement and Rain Gutters

What goes better with brand new rain gutters? a brand new roof roof! We don’t do rain gutters but we know where you can get a free quote on gutters. At Feldco Roofing, we have all the outstanding asphalt shingles and colors that will increase your home’s curb appeal.

These asphalt shingles come with a triple layer protection and a breakthrough design that will increase your home’s energy efficiency. Speak to a product specialist today and get a free quote online.

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