6 Smart Door Locks You’ll Want for Your Home

smart door locksThe world moves at a frantic pace. Between work, family, errands, house work and entertainment there is hardly a moment for you to breathe. Anything that slows you down could delay your plans for the entire day. Smart door locks will make your life much quicker!

It sounds small, but when you’re in a hurry, every second counts. If your hands are full or you can’t find your keys, it’s a hassle to unlock your door. We live in a time where your door keys can be a thing of the past. Smart door locks are a game changer in time saving and convenience.   Check out these six examples of smart door locks and how they can benefit your home!

August Smart Locks

Smart and Bluetooth door locks are a relatively new concept and one of the first on the scene was the August Smart Lock. They fit directly over your existing deadbolt to add a great deal of convenience when locking and unlocking your door.

Once paired with your smart device via the August app, the August Smart Lock automatically locks when you leave your home. Similarly, when it senses your device approaching your home from the outside, it will unlock the door.

You can give family and friends access to unlocking your door by adding them in your August app. It’s perfect for visiting family, babysitters or anyone trust worthy individuals who would need access to your home while you aren’t around. The privilege can also be taken away via the app in seconds. There is a log of whose smart device locks and unlocks your door throughout the day.

If you want to lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world, August has an additional piece of hardware you’ll want to consider: the August Connect. It gives you access to remotely access your August Smart Lock from anywhere on Earth. It adds peace of mind because you’ll never have to wonder whether or not you locked your entry door.


The August Smart Lock costs $229.99 but that doesn’t include the August Connect which runs an additional $79.99. The August Connect is an optional feature though.

Kwikset’s Kevo Bluetooth Door Lock

second generation kevoThe Kevo smart lock from Kwikset looks like a normal deadbolt lock, but it’s anything but ordinary.

The Kevo syncs with your smart device much like the August Smart Lock, but when your device approaches, the door doesn’t automatically unlock. Once it senses your device, you’ll need to touch the lock in order for the door to unlock. Don’t worry, the Kevo Bluetooth Door Lock detects whether your smart device is inside or outside of your home so you won’t have to worry about anyone touching your lock and getting in.

Unlike the August, Kevo is a full smart lock solution. This means you get an interior and exterior piece rather than only an exterior.

If you don’t have a smart device or you installed the app to a device that is too big to carry everywhere, Kwikset has you covered! The Kevo comes with a fob for your keys that acts as your smart device. When the fob approaches the door, the Kevo Smart Lock recognizes it the same way it would your smart device and will allow you to touch the lock and enter your home.

The Kevo app is only used for installation and syncing the device to the smart lock.

The Kevo Bluetooth SmartKey Deadbolt by Kwikset


The Kevo costs $199.99 which includes the deadbolt lock, interior lock, two keys and a key fob.

Schlage Sense Smart Lock

schlage sense deadbolt lockThe Schlage Sense Smart Lock gives you many different options for unlocking your door. On Schlage’s app, you can unlock and lock your door from anywhere. If your hands are full and can’t get to your phone but have an Apple product, you can use Siri. Just say “Hey Siri, unlock my door” and she will do the rest.

Lets say you left your smart device in your home and you’re locked out. Oh no! Don’t worry though, the Schlage Sense Smart Lock has a keypad feature. You can set a numerical code using the app (which can be changed at anytime) so you can enter your home without your smart device.

There’s also a keyhole fail safe just in case you do need to use your keys.

Schlage Control™


At $229.99 the Schlage Sense offers you the ability to open your door in a multitude of different ways. There is no way you’ll ever be locked out of your home again.

Haven Lock

haven smart door lockThe locks we’ve mentioned on this list so far have been deadbolts or work with your door’s existing lock. Haven takes a unique twist on locking your door.

The Haven Lock installs across the base of your door to prevent people from picking or bumping your locks. It also protects against someone trying to kick in your door. When engaged, the lock extends from the base upwards, using the structure of your entire home to secure your door. This is the first smart lock we mentioned that adds a great deal of security in addition to being convenient.

Much like the other smart locks, you install the Haven app onto your smart device and sync with the lock. When your device approaches your home from the outside, the haven collapses down so your door can open smoothly. It also comes with a key fob that works like the Kevo.

Haven - Introduction


The Haven Lock costs $249.99 and comes with the base lock and key fob.

Lockitron Bolt

lockitron smart door locksThese next few locks aren’t on the market yet, but will be coming very soon.

The Lockitron Bolt fits right over your existing deadbolt and, with the addition of the Lockitron Bridge, can be accessed anywhere in the world. With a simple swiping motion on your smart device, you can lock and unlock your door with ease.

Much like other smart locks, you can give friends and family unlocking access with the Bolt app. You can set the amount of time they have access by minutes, hours, days, weeks or forever. You can remove anyone from the app in seconds as well.

Lockitron Bolt - Unlock Your Door without Keys


While the other smart locks costs upwards of $200, the Bolt’s $99 starting price tag is extremely attractive. The addition of a keypad, add-on bolt and the Bolt Bridge will each increase the price of your Bolt Smart Lock and could end up costing you close to $200 though. If you’re looking for the basic package, you can’t be that price tag.

Goji Smart Door Lock

Goji might be taking the next step in smart door locks. Much like the others, you’re able to unlock your door with your smart device, give access to friends and family using the app and set it up so the door unlocks automatically when your device approaches your home from the outside. There is one major feature the Goji Smart Lock will have that the other smart locks don’t: video.

The Goji Smart Door Lock has the ability to record who’s at your door when the lock is activated. The video is stored in a log on the Goji app. It will also send your device real-time updates when the door is unlocked and who unlocked it. The addition of these features has slowed production of the Goji Smart Door Lock, but it is expected to become available very soon.


A Goji Smart Lock won’t be cheap with its $324.00 price tag, but it will be the only smart lock with a video camera.

Smart Door Locks Take Your Door to the Next Level

With the advances in technology over the last couple of decades, smart locks have become a desire for many homeowners. These are some of the coolest smart door locks on the market now and the near future. They will provide you with a convenient and easy to use means of entry into your home.

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