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Windows, Siding and Doors in Mount Vernon IA

Mount Vernon is located just outside Cedar Rapids IA and in 2009, Budget Travel Magazine voted Mount Vernon one of America’s coolest small towns.  Feldco can make homes all around the Midwest look even cooler with our replacement windows, siding, or doors.

Homeowners in the Midwest especially in Iowa have very nice homes with an old fashioned look and great architecture, with that being said, the windows, siding, or doors may be out of date, worn out, the colors have faded, normal wear and tear associated with aging throughout the years.

There’s beauty to be found in an outdated home by doing simple home renewal and replacement.  You can restore a home to it’s former glory, admire the beauty of it’s past and at the same time, reap the modern benefits of energy efficiency and easy maintenance.

Front View of Home

Windows for Mount Vernon

Feldco offers Mount Vernon windows that are energy efficient and made from very sturdy virgin vinyl.  They provide double pane, even up to triple pane glass with insulated argon gas.  There’s compressed foam all around the framing so there’s no issues of air leaking through.  The cost benefits that come with energy efficient windows are tremendous, as heating and cooling bills drop and put more money into the pockets of Mount Vernon residences.

There’s plenty of window styles to choose from whether you want them to open sliding up and down, side to side, or crank out.  Also, there are many grid patterns, colors, wood-looks, so many options can add curb appeal to any home in Mount Vernon.

When it comes to windows, there’s no better provider than Feldco who has the highest standard when it comes to window replacement. They’re installed by our Feldco trained installers who carry out the installation with ease and efficiency.

Siding Mount Vernon

As with Feldco’s windows, the siding is also made from virgin vinyl, which is energy efficient, durable and long lasting.  The money lost on high energy bills affects all homeowners, especially in the Midwest where temperatures can be quite extreme.  There’s foam insulation underneath the siding for extra insulation which aids in keeping those energy costs down.

Not only will a home in Mount Vernon be protected from the harsh weather, but neighbors will be in awe of how beautiful the home is year round.  They won’t even know how much you are saving in energy costs.

There are many styles of siding available:

Feldco makes sure that the siding will be properly installed the first time.  The contractors are factory trained and professionals in their field so there’s no need to worry, Feldco will take care of everything in regards to siding for Mount Vernon residences.

Replacement Doors in Mount Vernon

There are many types of doors and choosing the right door can be a daunting task,  Feldco walks through, step-by-step, the process in making the correct decision that better suits the taste and preferences for Mount Vernon residents.

Entry Doors

Entry doors are the focal point.  When visiting a friend or a family member’s home, walking up to the entry door, the first thing you do is ring the doorbell, or knock on the door, pause, wait, and stare at the door for several seconds, sometimes longer (no answer), waiting for them to answer noticing every detail of the door in front of you.

Feldco Entry doors are made from either steel or fiberglass with foam core insulation.  There are glass options in the door, or sidelites/transom for around the door.  The glass comes in many designs for aesthetics, but can also be obscured/frosted for more privacy.

Hardware options for entry doors are vast.  For security, there’s locksets and deadbolts, latches and twist-knobs.  There are the options to include door knockers, mail/magazine slots, a kick plate or even a peephole.  The hardware also comes in many finishes which accents the door itself like bright brass, antique brass, satin nickel, and aged bronze.

Patio Doors

In Mount Vernon, most homes have patio doors.  Usually they lead to the backyard, sometimes on the sides of the home.   They let in more sunlight which can make your adjacent room seem more spacious.  They come with a screen to let in a nice breeze or for air circulation.

The sliding patio doors are made from energy efficient vinyl and like windows, are foam insulated in the framing and have argon gas in between the panes for extra insulation.  They come in many color combinations for the framing.  The handles colors come in standard white or almond, and then there’s brass, bright chrome, or black nickel.  You also have the option for adding a keyed lock or foot lock for extra security.

French patio doors are doors that swing in/out on a hinge.  They can have full view glass and like sliding patio doors, let a lot of sunlight in.  They are made from steel or fiberglass and can come in a 2 or 3-door unit and depending on your preference, you can have the right, left, or center door open.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are a great addition to a home in Mount Vernon.  They add style and add an extra layer of insulation to your home and protection for your entry door.  There are plenty of options for storm doors when it comes to hardware, colors, and screen/glass options.

Storm doors are made from aluminum and can come in half-view, or full-view options with screens.  They can come with removable glass during the summer/winter months.

You also have the options of having retractable screens that work whereas you move the sliding glass part up or down, the mesh screens which are on rollers at either the top or bottom of the door will roll inward to take the space that’s exposed to the elements.  Very Nifty.

Replacing Windows, Siding, and Doors in Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon IA is populated with artsy, cultured Iowans who also know that you don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  With that, if you’re looking at your windows, siding, and doors and it looks like it needs to be replaced, look no further than Feldco!  When it comes to looks and curb appeal, we’ve got you covered.  We also help when it comes to energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and cost savings.

Feldco has been serving the Midwest for over 40 years and many more years to come.  You can be sure that from beginning to end, products to installation is at the highest of standard.  Speak to a Feldco representative and get a free quote now or call 866-4FELDCO and get your home renewal project started.

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